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The Team Fortress 2 WAR update has been the largest update to TF2 yet, with both the Demoman and the Soldier receiving new unlocks and a bloody war in which to participate, not to mention the massive community contributions that went into making the WAR update a successful one.

In addition to updating the game, Valve ran a propaganda contest for the artists of the community to submit their best works. After receiving a whopping 11,000 entries, the team finally had a chance to go through them and pick out the cream of the crop. While the winners have already been announced, the runners up show just how hard a decision the TF2 team had when it came to picking out just three.


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Apologies: Server Movement
By: | January 31st, 2010

Many apologies for the lack of content as of late; Gamer Limit has been moving from our old, sluggish and generally craptastic Chicago host/datacenter to our shiny, new and speedy LA datacenter.

As a result, we’ve had a few issues with transfer, DNS propagation and a bunch of other technical issues. Everything should be completely resolved within the next few days, so please bear with us.

Look forward to a significantly faster site and forums at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for your patience!

Oh my god, Xexyz?!

Oh, Hexyz Force: A similarly difficult-to-pronounce game title, but one that has the potential to be just as awesome as that little-known NES game. Announced today by Atlus, Hexyz Force is an upcoming PSP RPG set to be unleashed upon North America in May, promising “one of the most narrative-driven portable RPGs of all-time.”

Well, when you put it like that! Read on to get all of the details on what could be a great addition to those RPG-starved North American PSPs.


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Battlefield 1943 is $7 today
By: | December 31st, 2009


Go buy it?

Pardon my hesitance. Hell, Battlefield 1943 is a lovely little downloadable title, and I tossed a bunch of time into it, running like an idiot across huge maps, driving jeeps into tanks and somehow being surprised at the results, and attempting to take down tanks armed with nothing more than a pistol. All great fun, I assure you, but in a world that now knows the glory of Modern Warfare 2, I can’t help but think that the online community for this is somewhat lacking. But at 600 MS points ($7.50), it might be worth a shot – just don’t expect to play this without some buddies.

Actually, this sale takes me back to the day of my first Battlefield 1943 match, and the hilarity that immediately ensued. Hit the jump to cue the Wayne’s-World-style flashback sequence – one that might just sway your decision.


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Modern Warfare 2: Mythbusters
By: | December 28th, 2009

It seems like every day there are more and more glitches popping up in popular games with outcries of, “Screenshot or it didn’t happen!” and other such cries for proof. The Defend The House Clan, or DTHClan for short, is stepping up to the plate with a series of videos surrounding popular “myths” in the latest addition to the Call of Duty family.

The video explores such things as knifing mirrors in the barber shop and exploding planes with the Predator missile from the game. Some of them are quite outlandish, while others are easy to believe and can finally put the rest the cries of, “That’s not true, because it didn’t happen to me.”



Last night Sony announced, via PlayStation blog, that a new Eye of Judgment game is heading to the PSP.

Dubbed The Eye of Judgment Legends, the digital collectible card game is slated to arrive sometime this Spring. Like it’s big brother on the PS3, EoJL “combines card trading, magic and adventure.” Read more… »

Grabbed Pills

Well, those people who still maintain that Left 4 Dead 2 is an expansion are about to be really confused, as Valve today announced the first of its DLC add-ons for the popular zombie apocalypse simulator.

The ironic part? It’s expanding by looking backward, tapping the four survivors from the first game for encore appearances.

But that’s not all–not by a long shot. Check out the rest of the post below to get the gory details.



Rejoice! Those of you who have ploughed countless hours crafting interactive masterpieces in LittleBigPlanet will soon be able to do so with up to three other people.

So will this lead to collaborative construction or concentrated chaos? Read on for the full list of updates.


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Site Updates Today
By: | November 8th, 2009


Updates to our server software will be occurring over the next 5-6 hours. So if something looks broken… it most likely is.

Feel free to whine after the jump, normal service will resume asap.



The Independent Festival’s award-winning puzzle game World of Goo is celebrating its one year anniversary with a new kind of sale: name your own price.

That’s one way to kill a recession, inflation and competition at the same time.  Read on to find out how YOU! can get your very own copy for whatever price you want to pay. Read more… »


Just when you thought modding couldn’t get any more awesome, along comes this… a fully functional GB and NES built into a NES cartriage.

Check out more pics/details after the jump.



“You’ll always be the King of this town”

While I get told that by numerous ladies on a Saturday night, it is also the tagline for the first trailer of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

So if you really want to see it then read on, because it’s just after the link… like right after it.