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Hot on the heels of Sony claiming that the God of War III zipper technology was “too gory for the internet,” Raven Software is worried that the violence in X-Men Origins: Wolverine may “mislead” moviegoers. In a recent chat with Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, Raven Software project leader Dan Vondrak shared his concerns about the game’s six bladed bloodfests.


Bauhaus University student Martin Lih’s custom Flash application that emulates spray painting was discovered about 10 months ago.  Back then, it was simply an impressive looking customization of Nintendo’s Wiimote, but now the student has developed a network in which artists can digitally save and share their art. Read more… »


What’s worse than being buried behind stacks of dirty dishes for less than minimum wage and no respect?  Try having your heart ripped out, being systematically hunted by zombie cyborg assassins, and your sister willfully becoming one of them. This is the plight of the nameless Dishwasher from SKA Studios latest game.  The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai may have been the winner of Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play game development contest in 2007, but does the finished product get the blood pumping or leave you checking for a pulse? Read more… »

gamerlimitac2Ubisoft Montreal’s 2007 hit Assassin’s Creed caused enough of a stir in the gaming community that a sequel was always inevitable. A brief teasing glimpse of Assassin’s Creed 2 is now available for viewing pleasure over at their official site.


Capcom sends word that new RE5 multiplayer mode “Versus” will hit both PSN and Xbox Live Tomorrow.

“We are happy to announce that the wait for new Resident Evil 5 content is almost over!  The new online multiplayer Versus mode will be available to download on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7, 2009.  For 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network, Resident Evil fans will be able to go up against each other for the most terrifying Versus mode to date.”

Get some more info on the new mode after the jump.



Worms has finally crawled its way onto PSN, bringing along some significant improvements over the original Xbox 360 version.

If “additional retro-styled landscapes, a wide array of team voices, additional graphic features & effects, a much more responsive physics engine, 1080p support and four additional weapons including the much loved Holy Hand Grenade, Super Sheep and Concrete Donkey” seem to take your fancy, it might be time to log on to the store.



Are you one of the many who scrambled to acquire a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV arcade joystick and failed miserably?  Dream Arcades has your back with it’s brand new wireless joystick.  It’s a beefy, sturdy looking controller, and something you should definitely keep your eyes on for more info.  Also, check out Dream Arcades for more info. Read more… »


Today, on the Capcom-Unity blogs, s-kill posted an “unreleased” Resident Evil 5 trailer.  “You’ve played the game, now see the trailer!,” says s-kill.  This new preview showcases a couple unfamiliar areas from the game, battles with enemies where you couldn’t battle them before, and some awesome music.  Click continue for the full trailer.



When I was a lad and cheery of smile I was promised a future where we’d all be flying around in our own personal transporters, walking electric dogs on floating treadmils, and eating our fourteen course calorie-free banquets with mints and a cigar follow-up in one convenient little white pill.


ffdisThe Final Fantasy: Dissidia trailer is out. Why you need a trailer for a fighting game that is already out in Japan is very unclear to me. Either way if you need something to tide you over until the game releases in the US this summer or September for Europe, just watch this to your hearts content.


darkvoidBear McCreary, the composer responsible for the music of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica, has been taken on by Capcom to churn out the tunes for their upcoming title Dark Void. Though Battlestar Galactica may only live on in your ultra-deluxe season box set (release date TBA), perhaps McCreary’s new Dark Void score will tug at your nostalgic heart strings and ignite fuzzy memories.  Click continue for the composer’s account on how the deal transpired.


modernwar2Did you know that Activion likes money?  I know, I know, you’re saying, “but we all like money, Tim.”  No.  Activision like it a lot. So much so, that they will not be satisfied if their new Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty sequel sells equally as well as the previous two blockbuster entries in the series.  No, Activision wants Modern Warfare 2 to go down in history.  Click continue for more financial optimism.