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Those of you who simply can’t wait for God of War 3 to come out on March 16th have two options.  You can either go out and purchase Dante’s Inferno to get your hack and slash, action adventure fix, or you can save your money and watch God of War 3 trailers to hold you over.

If you’re in the latter camp then today is a good day for you.  Sony just released a brand new trailer for the game on Gametrailers TV which shows a ton of never before seen gameplay.  Hit the jump to watch the video and prepare yourselves, because Kratos is in for one hell of a ride. Read more… »

Expanding on our news post from yesterday, Ubisoft unveiled the very first teaser trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Since the game is gearing up for a “Holiday 2010″ release, it’s safe to assume that production on the title is well underway.

While it doesn’t show much (do teasers ever?), the above footage is enough to get any Tom Clancy junkie pumped for the future.  And why shouldn’t they be?  Check out the awesome teaser after the jump. Read more… »

Dragon Age: Origins was a big game. Now, it’s getting even bigger, with the upcoming expansion pack, entitled Awakening. While this is very cool in and of itself, things have gotten even more exciting with the release of some recent trailers for the game, neither clocking in at over a minute long.

The Dangerous Children trailer after the jump seems almost like a survival-horror quest, while the Anders clip appears to be full of humor and badassery. Throw those two together in the same expansion disc, and the world of Dragon Age is looking better than ever. Read more… »

It doesn’t seem too long ago at all since we were all traversing the barren wastelands of Bethesda’s Fallout 3, helped in part by the continued release of DLC after the initial game, but the franchise hasn’t been sitting on its hands for very long.

A new teaser trailer (a fancy name for a video which shows you a lot of nothing very much) has been placed on the official website for everyone (so long as you’re over 18) to watch and debate on what they imagine will feature in the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas.


Last year I turned the world of video game unboxing videos upside down when I created my own personal unboxing video for the PSPgo.  Well it appears that those crafty game designers over at 2K Games have seen my incredible piece of cinematic brilliance, and have decided to one-up it with their own Bioshock 2 Special Edition unboxing video.

I must admit that the beginning of their video starts out as you would typically expect, with some random person boringly taking everything out of the box, but by the end they take it to a whole new level.  Trust me when I say you need to watch this, as it’s just pure comedic genius. Read more… »

If you’re old enough to remember playing games back in the 80’s, then at some point you probably played Sega’s classic arcade flight game After Burner.   If you’ve actually been to an arcade in the last four years there’s a good chance you stumbled upon the fourth game in that series, After Burner Climax.

The great thing about the After Burner series is it doesn’t matter if you’ve played the first or the fourth game, because they’re all exactly the same.  Now you can bring that lack of innovation home, as Sega is releasing After Burner Climax on PSN and XBLA later this year.  You can check out the first full trailer above, but be warned you might need a barf bag. Read more… »

I honestly can’t come up with any words that are worthy of describing the new Mass Effect 2 launch trailer Bioware has recently released.  To say that it’s epic, inspiring, or emotionally moving simply does not do it justice.  Hollywood doesn’t even put trailers together that are this good.

If you have never played Mass Effect, you need to watch this trailer.  If you have played it, but you didn’t like it, you need to watch this trailer.  Even if you know deep down in your soul that this is your most anticipated game of the year, and you don’t need anymore convincing, you still need to watch this trailer. Read more… »

This will be the third and final trailer for Zangeki no REGINLEIV that I post. For some reason, this game resonates with me and I find myself getting really pumped up for it. If you guys need a reason to get excited, maybe I should mention that it’s being developed by Sandlot, makers of the cult favorite Earth Defense Force 2017.

This video is the full trailer. In its four-minute length, it should tell you everything you need to know about the game. Zangeki no REGINLEIV is tailored for the MotionPlus but regular nunchuk style and classic control options are also available. There is a wide variety of weapons including rapid-fire magic staffs and bows that can launch homing arrows on multiple locked targets. Most importantly, there is re-confirmation of four-player online co-op.

So please! Tell me someone other than myself is looking forward to this!

A short while back, I posted a short trailer for Nintendo’s oddly titled Zangeki no REGINLEIV. Compared to the first one, this new one goes in a more humorous direction.

A few of the ginormous monsters you battle are compared in height to real-world creatures and objects. One is the size of a giraffe, another is the size of a yacht, and another is the size of Japan’s famous Himeji Castle. Then they go up from there. Dear God.

Zangeki no REGINLEIV lands on Japanese shelves on February 11. There is no word yet on a Western release.

A couple months ago Square Enix promised that on the 13th of every month, leading up to the March 9th release of Final Fantasy XIII, new information about the game would be revealed.  Well it’s January 13th, and today the developer once again delivered on their promise, this time with a new trailer complete with English voice acting.

If you think this is just another FFXIII trailer, you would be wrong.  Not only is the voice acting incredible, but it’s completely in sink with the characters’ lips.  This was a real shock for me, because I was expecting another badly dubbed JRPG.  Oh, and that song in the background is the new Leona Lewis single, “My Hands”, which is the theme song for the game. Read more… »

While most developers are still on holiday, the good folks over at BioWare are hard at work. How do i know this? Today the developer released a new ‘Developer Dispatch’ video discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Specifically this video discusses the design decision behind the game’s dark side characters. Apparently there are two Sith classes, the sorcerer-esque Inquisitor (think Emperor Palpatine) and the Lightsaber welding Sith Warrior à la Darth Vader. According to the video, the Sith Warrior  is you go to guy when it comes to direct confrontation. The Inquisitor, on the other hand, is better suited for the political war.


Nintendo’s bloody, Wii MotionPlus-enhanced slasher Zangeki no REGINLEIV has a new minute-plus trailer on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. In it, Japanese jibberish is spoken over scenes of ogre-slaying and Kill Bill blood fountains. Other than that, we still know little about this title.

I’m thinking this is gonna be another Sin & Punishment or Excitebots case, where Nintendo drops the game in the middle of the road, grabs a cup of coffee, and then forgets where it left the damn thing. Doesn’t bother me. It looks like a rip-roaring good time and I’ll check it out regardless.