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Gust has published a new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 role-playing game, Atelier Rorona. Just like many Gust developed games, it features animated cutscenes. This trailer shows us a little bit of battling along with item synthesizing which is the series’ main focus.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.



Sit back and relax. Not much to say here other than “here’s another sweet video from the developers of an up and coming MMO”. This time, it shows off Hutta: the homeworld of The Hutts (remember Jabba? I bet you didn’t think he had an entire planet of slug family members).



After finally seeing Tim Schafer’s new action-adventure obtain a publisher, we were treated with screenshots galore and a release date.  Now, prepare yourself for Brutal Legend’s official story trailer, courtesy of Gamertrailers. com.  “For those of you about to rock…we salute you.”

Hit the jump for the goods.


Tekken 6 is sure to be one of the top fighting games of the year, although it may have its work cut out for it with Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 making a comeback. But Tekken has always had a strong fan base so I’m not worried. New gameplay from the console version of the game is up, hit the jump to check it out! Read more… »


The original Army Of Two was not received well amongst reviewers, even in multiplayer the game was pretty abysmal. I am still confused as to why a sequel is even being made, but it is. Army of Two: The 40th Day will probably be arriving sometime this year, and posted up some gameplay footage in an apparently new trailer. Hit the jump to check it out. Read more… »


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was one of the best games on the PS3 at its time of release. Personally, I still play it today and have got the platinum trophy. One question that has always been asked after the sequel was announced was: Will Uncharted 2 have multiplayer?

Now that the embargo on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been lifted, Naughty Dog has finally revealed some of the answers on the game. It turns out it, that it will feature multiplayer. Read more… »


Let’s Tap is a new Wii game from the mind of Yuji Naka.  Instead of focusing on pure motion controls gamers will set their Wii-mote on a box, and use varying degrees of tapping to play the five mini-games.

Hit the Jump to watch the trailer.  Warning: This video oozes with happiness and catchy music. Read more… »


Codemasters today released gameplay footage of their upcoming off-road racer FUEL. Differing form games of its type – Motorstorm and PURE, for instance – FUEL is packed full of the kind of weather conditions that you wouldn’t consider leaving your house in, let alone flying around on a quad bike in.

What’s more, it’s all presented in a giant sandbox. Sometimes literally. Hit the jump to check it out!



Publisher D3 has released the debut trailer for Dream C Club. If you never heard about the game before, let me give you a quick rundown. The game is set in a hostess bar. You work during the day in order to make money and spend it at various hostess bars. While at the bar, you try to get the hostess drunk and seduce her. She’ll eventually reveal some secrets or insecurities. Somewhere around there, she’ll get up on stage and sing karaoke.

The debut trailer ignores the gameplay features and focuses on the hostesses singing karaoke. Hit the jump to watch Dream C Club’s debut trailer.



If you are a fan of Japanese anime and shooting the hell out of people with gorgeously rendered giant heads, you’ll be thrilled when you see this trailer for Cave’s upcoming Xbox 360 port for side-scrolling, look-at-us-we’re-cute-girls-kicking-ass shooter DeathSmiles – probably the best name for a game in history.

Hit the jump to check it out.


Ever since the announcement of Softmax’s Magna Carta 2 for the Xbox 360 back in 2005, information has been scarce. No news, videos or images. Now we finally get a glimpse of the game at Microsoft’s Japanese press event.

The debut trailer for Magna Carta 2 was shown at the event and a batch of images were released. The visual book is shown at the end of the video which seems to be the pre-order bonus. I hope the visual book is a pre-order bonus here in the west (if it gets released here) as I’m really loving the artwork. Hit the jump to watch the debut trailer and images.


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Prepare…for Nightmares!
By: | April 21st, 2009


Well I don’t know if a new Strategy RPG by Atlus is quite that scary, but I can pretend it is! Atlus has just released a new trailer for Knights in the Nightmare, and personally, I think it’s action packed. I can certainly dig the art style, and the narrative techniques remind me of Odin Sphere; which only means good things.

Hit the jump to view the trailer, but don’t blame me when you go knocking on your parents door tonight. Read more… »