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The bigger the title, the sooner the information begins to leak. In what will be a contender for the best game of 2009, we’re all excited for Modern Warfare 2 around here. Although the embedded trailer promises a full trailer on May 24th, this short sneak peak will have to do. Hit the jump for the goods, and how good it is!



Square-Enix has published a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days on Japan’s Nintendo Channel. It shows some cutscenes and gameplay footage including the cooperative multiplayer. To my surprise, I saw some familiar faces that were playable in the cooperative mode.

Hit the jump watch the latest trailer. The trailer is about six minutes long, so you may want to grab a snack.



If you ever watched Batman And Robin and wondered whether you’d have gone ahead and kissed the deadly but sumptuous mouth of Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy, you may just be about to do the same all over again. This time, she’s not quite real, but she certainly looks rather good all the same. Hit the jump to watch the latest Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer, which introduces yet another deadly vixen to the mix.



Good day. Your resident Killzone 2 lover here to bring you news that the game will be made even better in the coming weeks, with the introduction of  ‘Flash And Thunder’, a juicy looking map pack featuring two locations taken from the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer that may or may not involve explosions and gunfire within a gritty environment.



PlayStation LifeStyle has released a supposed trailer for Team Ico’s next project titled Project Trico. The trailer follows a young boy and a very large griffin-like creature helping each other overcome obstacles in some sort of temple with the art direction of previous Team Ico games. It looks like a mix of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.



One of the most popular titles in video game history has been given a shiny new facelift for the second time in a year. Bionic Commando made the leap – or swing – from 2D platforming perfection to better looking 2D platforming perfection in 2008 and now the series has entered the world of 3D extravagance. Capcom has decided to show off just what the title is all about with this explosive launch trailer, which depicts the many environments that make up AscensionCity and how our protagonist Nathan Spencer – voiced by none other than Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle – causes destruction wherever he goes. Hit the jump and enjoy!



The last RPG under the Sega banner I ever played must’ve been Skies of Arcadia Legends for the Gamecube, and nothing from then until now. It looks like they’re getting back into it because Sega has released a trailer for Resonance of Fate, and without a doubt they have got one idea to focus extensively on a western market.



Atlus has developed a wonderful rapport with the gaming community. The spoils system (packaging extras into games), and the large amount of community interaction have created quite the bond between the publisher and the general public. I’d even make the contention that Atlus is the modern-day Working Designs.

Their latest effort, Knights in the Nightmare, is shaping up to look as unique as advertised, and luckily, this series of videos will help you understand how to play the game if you’re completely new to the genre. Hit the jump for the video, and what exactly Atlus thinks should be added to the defintion of “tutorial”. Read more… »

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Meet the Spy leaked
By: | May 17th, 2009


Wow talk about a Sunday Surprise, the latest Team Fortress 2 ‘Meet the’ has been leaked to the web, and damn it’s awesome. Check it out below.


Battlefield 1943 takes you back to WWII and throws you into the battlefield across the islands of Wake, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal. This new trailer features Pacific warfare in Iwo Jima loaded with ground combat and carpet bomb attacks from fighter planes. Hit the jump to read more and watch the clip.



No one likes to be teased, but it seems like everyone likes to tease. Today, Bioware released a new video, perhaps a type of trailer, discussing the new elements of Mass Effect 2. Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think.


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New Tony Hawk revealed!
By: | May 15th, 2009


A breaking preview trailer has just come out, revealing the “groundbreaking” new element in the latest Tony Hawk game.

Hit the jump for the quick trailer.