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Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing! Try to keep your feet right on the ground. When you’re Super Sonic Racing there’s no time to look around! We’re just Super Sonic Racing! Running to the point of no return…”

Wait, what? This isn’t a sequel to Sonic R? Sort of is? ….What, Mario Kart? Oh, I get it. You mean it is like Mario Kart. Well, for Sonic enthusiasts hoping that the blue blur was going to get back into racing old school style, go ahead and be absolutely dissapointed. At least there is a trailer for the brand new Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, right?



With all the fuss regarding the premise of Dante’s Inferno (the video game, not the amazing poem, so stop freaking out you historians, poets and poetry lovers!), it was always going to be interesting to see whether the game woud actually shape up to be worth it. While this trailer is pretty short and the content is nice to look at, one can’t help but wonder just how gripping and deep the title is going to turn out. This all looks a little too humorous to me. Hit the jump to check it out.

NSFW Warning: Giant tits are involved.



Yesterday, we informed you that Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 would be playable at next month’s GameOn! London expo. As it turns out, it looks as if E3 will be granted the same pleasure too. I say “pleasure” because, judging by the video after the jump, the game is looking rather special indeed.



The last Mega Man 2.5D trailer simply showed us the iconic Metal Man stage in Capcom’s hit NES game, Mega Man 2. But now, this project is starting to get very real, and extremely tantalizing. The newest trailer shows Mega Man and Proto Man engaging in CO-OP gameplay.

Prepare to be amazed. Again.


It has almost been a year ago, at E3 08, since we heard much about Sony’s MMO, The Agency. This new CG trailer is “not actual gameplay” which is a nice disclaimer. However, the bland characters are really not nice at all. Hope they’ve got more in store.



Actress Annie Potts reprises her role as Janine Melnitz for the upcoming video game Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It is not much more than your typical trailer, however it re-emphasizes the amount of work that has gone into the title regarding bringing back the original cast.

As you’ll recognize in the trailer, Annie Pots does an excellent job bringing back the sass, class, and attitude of Janine Melnitz. When they say, “Who you gonna call?” She is the one to answer.



It is so easy to forget the little guy. As the Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 all prepare for the ghastly invasion, the little handheld that could is getting ready to chug out its own version of Ghostbusters The Video Game. Bustin will make you feel good, even while you are on the move.

The trailer does not really show a lot of up close gameplay footage, but from what we can make out, it looks pretty nice. Also it is obvious it takes its graphical style from the Wii version of the game.  It’s labeled coming soon, so it will likely not see the same release date as its big brothers. Still not afraid? Check out the trailer!



A new trailer for the upcoming hostess seducing game, Dream C Club, has been published and put up on Xbox Live Japan. Once again the trailer neglects the gameplay mechanics and just focuses on jiggling breasts and panty shots.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.



This explosive new trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is just about enough to wet the appetite of any fan and make him scream out for more! E3 is coming, and I’m sure it will be a highlight. You’ve probably already hit the jump and watched the trailer, I’ll shut up now!



Platinum Games has published another exciting trailer for their upcoming action game Bayonetta. The trailer gives us a little more taste on the plot where Bayonetta seems to be the only Umbra Witch remaining, as well as some gameplay footage that shows her battling against demons and riding a motorcycle.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.



Crimson Gem Saga, an upcoming Atlus developed  RPG for the PSP is sporting a fresh new trailer.  Just in time for its release next week, the new video showcases the game’s breathtaking animation and dynamic battle sequences.  For swords made of lightning and beautifully drawn battle scenes, hit the jump. Read more… »

If you haven’t played the original Bad Company then I highly recommend you do that. But first, hit the jump and experience a fairly intense multiplayer trailer for Bad Company 2. It looks like working together is going to be brought to a brand new level.