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With PAX East behind us and GDC in full swing, it is understandable that Capcom be on a tear of announcements and new content. With a little hop from Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2, over DuckTales Remastered, and back into the realm of Umbrella Corp, they deliver unto us a brand new gameplay video for the Resident Evil Revelations console and PC port.

Rachel, the blonde, squirrely-voiced Federal Agent with luscious locks ever covering her eyes, gets all the attention as she shows off her skills in Raid Mode. A climactic and quasi metaphysical video it is, as she winds up coming face to face with … well, you’d just have to see.


The PC version of Resident Evil 6 launched on Friday. To celebrate, Capcom released two minutes and 52 seconds of gameplay footage for The Mercenaries No Mercy mode focusing exclusively on the Left 4 Dead 2 cross content. Chock full of overwhelming zombie hordes and while-on-the-back firearm discharging, this video is meant to please fans of both series, as well as anyone who appreciates good zombie killing action.

In addition, Capcom has released screenshots of the PC exclusive mode perfect for anyone who just can’t get enough. Gamer Limit has it all for you. It goes without saying that after the jump, you will be seeing mature content. Discretion is advised.


Nintendo just released another new trailer for the upcoming 3DS game Fire Emblem: Awakening. This video shows off the character progression and class systems in the game. I recommend you watch this video as it shows how to get your characters to the more advanced classes.

Our review will go up later this week. Fire Emblem: Awakening will be released on February 4, 2013.

Up until now, gameplay videos for Remember Me have sampled the unique ‘memory remixing’ mechanics, missions, and scripted events to be expected from Capcom and DONTNOD’s upcoming action adventure. The latest Kid Xmas trailer, however, is all about how the main character Nilin can kick some tail.

It’s time for the Christmas show! If we can steal the words of the boss highlighted in this video.


Developer Might and Delight released a new trailer for their upcoming platformer, Pid. This one focuses on the various enemies and the strategy behind obliterating them. Inherently, they’re showing off how pretty the environments are. Pretty.

Pid follows the hero, Kurt, as he struggles to get off a planet full of evil robots and other baddies. Expect gravity defying puzzles and plenty of platforming goodness, set to release Summer 2012.

Sure, the highlight of this video is the ability to tear off a monster’s limb and beat him (or her) with it. Free-to-play MMO RaiderZ has so much more going for it, however. Take the fact that it has the Unreal 3 Engine under the hood.

This makes for a lot of detail and sheen, as would be expected from the engine that powers the BioShock and Batman: Arkham series’. Yes, there’s more!


“The Stilt Police, they live inside of my head. The Stilt Police, they come to me in my bed.” Well, not really, but they are in the brand new trailer for Arkane Studios’ Dishonored. While this trailer is all CG (no gameplay), Dishonored still looks promising.

Dishonored puts you in the role of an assassin in a dystopian, Dickensian, steampunk style world. To me it looks like its got flavors of BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, and Thief. And of course now I’m going to be singing that damned song all day… “The Stilt Police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh, no.”

Spanish game developer Pendulo Studios just released its newest title, Yesterday. To commemorate the occasion, they also released a trailer. Full of torture, alchemy, satanic worship and more.

At the end of the trailer, we’re left with the haunting words, “this is going to be fun,” but will it?


Moonshade is mysterious; Moonshade is deadly. At least, that is what she boasts. So fast you won’t even feel it, she says. So quiet … ah, enough of the hyperbole.

Moonshade is part of the assassin class in Certain Affinity’s upcoming action RPG for Xbox Live Arcade, Crimson Alliance. The final character trailer released today shows her getting her deadly on with rapid knife throws, magic blades and some out-of-screen knockouts. Of course, Gamer Limit has it for you. Of course, it’s after the break.


Meet Direwolf in the new trailer for Certain Affinity’s upcoming XBLA exclusive, Crimson Alliance. Like all other maladjusted wizards of yore, he was shunned, treated like a pariah. But that didn’t stop him from building up his wizard powers.

Oh no, it only fueled him more to a point where he can now kick wholesale ass. Gamer Limit has the trailer for you, of course.


How big is the sword? How about one that spans the distance between the moon and the earth? It’s something we’ve grown to expect from Capcom and Asura’s Wrath.

The latest trailer from gamescom has Asura going head to head against his former mentor, Augus. Before you click on to see said trailer, let’s get some legal out of the way: by clicking to read more you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old. Now, enjoy.


Bastion is an upcoming action RPG by Supergiant Games that hits XBLA this Wednesday, July 20. And it looks gorgeous. Seriously, you must’ve been living under a rock or without internet access if you haven’t heard of Bastion’s hand-painted art style and reactive narrator by now.

So give your ears and eyeballs a treat and watch the brand new launch trailer. Then read our review which will go live tomorrow morning.