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Hello and welcome once more to Gamer Limit’s Sunday selection of the week’s news highlights. If you’re endulging a little too much in the Easter festivities, fear not! We realise that the amount of chocolate you’ve consumed may hamper your ability to navigate that mouse around as you’d wish. That’s why we’re doing all the work for you, so you don’t miss a single tidbit, trailer, easter egg or rumor.

Kicking us off this week, we have some news from a bunch of 2s! Judging by this gameplay footage, Bioshock 2‘s Big Daddy is awful at Kiss Chase. Meanwhile, a Killzone 2 map pack was previewed and Assassin’s Creed 2 got a teaser site and boxart, which does nothing but confuse with the complicated stealth blade configuration our hero appears to have going on there. Read more… »


Hello and welcome to The Week In News, our brand new slice of roast beef Sunday goodness, in which we take you through a selection of highlights from the week in gaming – Sunday is the day of being lazy, afterall. So let Gamer Limit do the work for you.