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settlers 7

Today Ubisoft announced that the long running city management PC game series The Settlers, will be getting a new sequel spring 2010. Dubbed The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, gamers can expect more of the same ‘explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate’ gameplay they’ve come to love.

Developed by Blue Byte, makers of Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery, Settlers 7 features a new graphics engine and improved AI with “more than a dozen AI profiles, each with unique behaviors.” Settlers 7 also includes several multiplayer modes and the potential for “user-generated and downloadable content.” Read more… »

Order of War

Publisher Square Enix, best known for their JRPG titles, has announced that its first western developed title, Order of War, will arrive September 22 in North America.

Developed by, Order of War is a PC RTS set during WWII. The title features two single-player campaigns, one where you play as the Americans fighting the Germans in France, and the other where you play as the German forces against the Soviets in Poland. There is also online multi-player featuring a whole slew of game modes including a Deathmatch and a skirmish mode. Read more… »