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James Hetfield

I’m led through the white corridors of the backstage area, a longhaired, clipboard-wielding, headset-wearing guy showing me the way to the stage. The lights are blinding, a large crowd is gathered and I’m ready to rock the place….



I was perusing the Internet Movie Database when I found this.  That’s right…Castlevania, the movie, is slated for 2011.  I don’t know about you but…every video game movie I have sat down to watch, has been crap.  I say crap, but I am really only being family friendly.  I thought that I might be a bit too negative, maybe I have just given up hope that a decent video game movie would slip through the cracks (Silent Hill was “ok“).  So, I decided to click on a few of the people involved, and since there isn’t a cast listed yet, I clicked on the writer. Read more… »


For gamers, it’s worrying to think that our golden age has passed. We look back at all of the glorious gaming nirvana of the earlier systems and still, to this very day, lament the passing of some of the greats. Across all mediums, it’s obvious that the ninties was not only the growing stages of gaming, but they were the best days too. Nostalgia is a tough beast. Some say that it clouds our vision, because we tend to tie strong emotions of our childhood with the games we used to play. I don’t agree. Read more… »


Rick made a good point in his Sunday Soapbox. Games need a “casual” mode so everyone can enjoy them. However, the vast majority of hardcore gamers enjoy a challenge. In 2004 our prayers were answered: Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox resurrected difficult gaming. But with every Ninja Gaiden, there’s a “Devil May Cry Special Edition”. Want to know what I mean? Head inside for answers. Read more… »


As I sling my M-82 assault rifle around to my back and exit the war-torn battlefield, a strange feeling of dread engulfs me. It’s been a good day, I’ve left plenty of soldiers riddled with bullets, blown a fair few sky high with a well placed grenade or two and revived a dozen comrades, enabling them to once more join me in fighting the good fight. I’m satisfied enough to return to my quarters and sleep easy.

But, unlike other days over last three weeks, this time I leave the smoke and screams in my wake knowing that it will be a matter of weeks rather than hours until I return. I’ve built up a solid bond with my team mates of late, really taking in the experience and learning who I can expect to have my back when I’m in trouble and who I should be keen to follow in order to stay alive and rack up some key victories. Read more… »


If there’s one thing that truly gets my goat as a gamer, is that the treatment of the Australian market is absolutely appauling. Ever since the creation of the PAL standard, and this countries subsequent lumping into it, we’ve been destined to the backwater of the western gaming economy. Not for any lack of trying though, I’ll tell you.

Australia is one of the most successful video game markets in the world. Over $9BILLION was spent on games and consoles last year, more per capita then any other country, including Japan. Yet, companies still treat us as an offshoot of Europe, purely because 15 years ago our TVs and their TVs displayed the same signals. Why is this? What’s the excuse now?



For my first Sunday Soapbox I planned to write about…Well, actually I didn’t plan anything really, so here goes the addled mind of an Englishman infront of a keyboard.

As a law-abiding citizen I’d like to see the government that watches over me and tucks me into bed at night as a friend, and I suppose I do see it as a friend. Albeit a friend who I feel I have to bang my head against the wall every time I hear it speak about me (a member of the games industry and gaming community, not myself personally, that would be weird.)


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Sunday Soapbox: Elevator Music
By: | March 22nd, 2009


Hey guys, welcome to my first Sunday Soapbox. Occasionally mine will be my own personal little rants, specifically about things in games that annoy the hell out of me. What am I going to talk about this week? Elevators! Some love em, some hate em. Trust me when I say that I loathe them with all my soul. There are a number of annoyances when it comes to elevators in games and I plan to cover the two that annoy me the most. Waiting for, and Waiting in. Read more… »


Like quite a few of you out there, I’m a man in a committed relationship. And like most of you in similar situations, me and my partner have little to no shared interests. As my writing here on Gamer Limit would reveal to anyone, one of my primary hobbies is playing videogames, I buy them, love them, and to a certain extent, live them. Naturally, I’d want to share this aspect of my life with my girlfriend, just as she is so intent to get me vested into the universe of Twilight (shiny vampires? No thank you).

The first few strokes my her indoctrination were made of the most obvious choices. Her Nintendo DS was arguably barely a step into real gaming. Mario Party DS was about as much of a game as taking out a pen and drawing circles on a piece of paper, but she loved it nonetheless. I may not identify a DS Mario game as being a contender for Game of the Year, but she liked it, and that fact was enough for me.



The Gamer Limit Sunday Soapbox is a Sunday-only set of Gamer Limit articles straight from the minds of your favorite writers and editors. Think of the soapbox as a blog post or diary entry that we want you to see. Content will will be limitless, ranging from feelings about what we’ve been playing, to reactions to a piece of news.

Keep in mind that these aren’t your standard news, features and previews that you’re used to, and significantly more grounded in opinions and personal feelings. As such, you’ll be getting a much deeper look into the minds of the staff here at GL. Read more… »