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After E3, many of us are excited to see the finished products of many of the unbelievable games that were shown on the show floor, behind closed doors and press conferences. I know for sure that around my house one game in particular has been getting alot of attention and play time. Turns out this game is already out and could be described as the gateway drug into gaming. Peggle fever has arrived.



Okay, I can only speak for myself when I write this; but drinking is awesome. Drinking is even more enjoyable when you are with a group of your buddies, all laughing and making jokes about penises in your intoxicated state. What could make this scenario even better? The answer is videogames; however some games are far better suited to drunken people than others. Not only are they more fun to play when drunk, but they can lead to hilarious situations often involving injuries such as broken bones or a Wii-Mote in the bum.

I’ve spent some time mulling this over and thought up some games which should be inducted into a new gaming genre: the Drunk and Dangerous genre. Check them out inside! Read more… »


The mantra “co-op makes everything better” is true to a certain extent, but gamers and developers have not yet scratched the surface on the benefits of quality cooperative gaming. In 2008 publishers such as Treyarch, Valve, and Behemoth provided us with three examples of incredibly enjoyable cooperative gameplay.

My favorite three so far? Well…



It is a commonly established fact among gamers that we are fiercely defensive of our favorite games. Such loyalty leads to countless message board flame wars and fanboy crusades over which game did what the best. These “debates” never lead to any sort of satisfying conclusion, each side turning a blind eye to the opposing argument; or as much of an argument one can make when fumbling between 1337 speak and heinously butchered English.

With the advent of Final Fantasy XIV at this year’s E3 convention, heated discussions of this rather stubborn brand have sprouted up across the internet. This time players of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI have engaged in a futile, yet seemingly unending dispute of what this new MMORPG from Square-Enix will offer fans of these vastly different games.



Its been a little over a week now since E3 officially ended. I am not sure if it was the best event I have ever seen, considering it was my first visit, but I can say that a lot of effort was put forth by every company to impress everyone on the show floor.

There were hundreds of HD TVs hooked up to some of the hottest games in extremely overdecorated booths. Now that I finally got the bags out of my eyes, and clarity has been restored, its time to put down my experience on the good ole e-paper. Read more… »


Most recently Nintendo have started a new trend, they call it: New Play Control! This is where they take a GameCube game, strip it down and re configure it to the Wii-mote and the such, and so far it’s working pretty well.

We’ve already received wicked reincarnations of Pikmin and Pikmin 2, the two Metroid Prime games on the GC, and a few others. Truth be told the GameCube didn’t do fantastically, especially when competing with the powerhouse that was the PS2, and Nintendo can use these games as a way to promote the less loved games of that generation.

I’ve compiled a little list of 7 games that I would love to see come to the Wii as part of this awesome series. Hit the jump to check it out! Read more… »


Sims 3 Getting Down and Uncensored is a news article I posted about a week ago.  Ever since, it has been increasing in popularity each day.  Many have read it, and many have been gracious enough to provide their thoughts.  Some of the comments are humorous, some are against the idea of hacking censor bars, and others think it is a great addition. Read more… »


Any gamer who has played WoW for any particular length of time would know that it’s easy to have an on and off relationship with the game. The berth of regular new content, new features and the general poking by current addicts is usually enough to tempt the casual player to re-install and reactivate.

Blizzard’s clever marketing team knows of these “swing players” and has some nastily effective tools at their disposal. The buddy system, which allows a current player to quest along a new player and earn 3x experience for 60 days, is one that, truthfully, managed to pull me in for a month or so.

But can WoW really draw you back in, permanently? Or is it really just one of those lonely game experiences that holds some strange appeal.



Ahh Duke. For so many years we have mulled over how you might have entertained us in your next outing. From hundreds of screenshots, teaser and trailer videos, umpteenth reworkings of the theme and countless new on-liners, we have tried to piece together what may very well grace our screens. Since DNF was announced,  everyone’s favourite bubblegum chewing, politically incorrect, muscle bound one liner became something of a myth inside his own legend.

So I ask, if DNF was released, would it be everything we were promised?



Living in Australia has its ups and downs. Nice weather, cool accent and nice beaches to name a few. But living as a gamer in Australia isn’t the most accessible pastime. Not only are games AU$110 on release but usually get here 1-2 weeks later, sometimes even months. Then there’s the censorship nonsense. My passion for gaming has always pushed me that extra mile in keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in this ever expanding industry. One of my rituals each year is waking up bright and early (usually around 4am) to tune in and stream all the E3 antics live.



In my last Sunday Soapbox, I discussed the merits of the title “Gamer”, and the qualifications required to carry it. Reader responses were varied, but a running theme defined the title by means of duration – the amount of time devoted to the hobby determined one’s eligibility. Like some perverse, sedentary flight school, we’re requiring a number of hours behind the joystick before a gamer earns their wings – this begs the question: With all these hours invested, what do we have to show for them? Or perhaps more importantly, what do we sacrifice in favor of games?



From your standard racing to the typical shooter, video games are beginning to incorporate specific locations into there design.  For me, this is something that is important because I’m deeply rooted into one of the most iconic cities in the world.  The dazzling lights, $5 dollar black jack, replicated worldly landmarks, a mobster history, and of course, gambling are just a few of the many elements that give my hometown the title… Sin City. Read more… »