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The handheld games market has been invaded by the iPhone over the past year or so. No longer, it would seem, can gaming companies trust in the quality of a product without attempting to think outside the box, if only just a little.

According to “music industry sources” speaking with, Sony could be about to launch a music download service for the PlayStation Portable.



Let me share a big secret with you. All of the ratings boards around the world that tell you how old you should be to play certain games also have a tendency to leak out a lot of information. Guess what? That’s how we found all about Secret of Monkey Island having a chance to come to the Xbox 360.



PlayStation LifeStyle has released a supposed trailer for Team Ico’s next project titled Project Trico. The trailer follows a young boy and a very large griffin-like creature helping each other overcome obstacles in some sort of temple with the art direction of previous Team Ico games. It looks like a mix of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

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A lot of rumors and ideas have blasted throughout the Internet from the time Bungie departed Microsoft to venture out on their own. “Who would develop the next Halo? ” ran through many a gamer’s mind ever since. While there are some that say Halo 3 should have been the end of it, there are still plenty of gamers out there who want to see the world of the Spartan explored further.  That being said, according to Gamasutra, an entire team is being built for another sequel.



The Battlefield franchise has a lot of hardened fans, and the life of the series has transfered well onto the consoles. The “hardcore” in that group would say you couldn’t play it right without a mouse and keyboard, and they could be right. With Battlefield 1943 coming, and the esstablished populary of Bad Company, the rumor that Battlefield Heroes is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network is not at all surprising.



Yesterday morning we reported that a PS3 Slim is in the works. A lot of people cried “fake”, but a little more information has surfaced to continue to substanciate the rumor that there is indeed a new model of the PS3 coming to light.



There’s nothing like a juicy rumor to get the… well, juices flowing, is there? Sony have constantly denied having a slimline PlayStation 3 in development, much like they denied the existence of a new PSP. Unfortunately for them, much like what has happened with the PSP debacle, photos apparently depicting some form of PS3 Slim prototype have surfaced on a Chinese website. Here we go. Again. Hit the jump to see more shots for yourselves.



Beyond Good & Evil is a legendary game, with a huge fanbase the sequel is highly anticipated, however all we’ve had until now are a couple of screenshots and little information regarding the game itself. However some video of a game has been floating around the Internet, could this be Beyond Good & Evil 2? Read more… »


Hate it or love it, the survival horror game Dead Space released to widespread critical acclaim last year. Naturally, it would be a waste for Electronic Arts to not follow up with a sequel, right?

Well, as it should happen, while a sequel hasn’t been officially announced, maybe the wait isn’t going to be all that long.



A recent report from ThatVideoGameBlog has sparked the rumor that the inevitable 7th Call Of Duty game will be traveling past World War 2 (about time!) and to a much more… relaxed time in a not-so-relaxed place.



With the recent influx of media I find this rumor hard to believe. The credibility of the source is hard to refute, and it looks like Batman: Arkham Asylum could be delayed until Holiday 09.



It hasn’t been officially announced yet, however, earlier this morning was taking pre-orders for Guitar Hero: Van Halen.  It also had an ultra specific release date of July 28, 2009. However, this has since been taken down and replaced with the usual Guitar Hero titles.  What is that sneaky Activision up to this time?

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