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The whistle is blowing loudly, because the hype train is about to leave the station. The conductor and engineer, Mr. Cliffy B, is on board and ready to bring the Internet, and all of Gears fandom with him.

1 vs 100 Live has provided for some unique perspective into the gaming community, as the host often interviews some of the favorites among the industry. On a recent episode, Cliff Blezinski, had “no comment” about Gears of War 3. It does not exist, remember?

However Cliff did have a few comments to make in the realm of the “what if”.



According to GTPlanet, rumour has it that the long awaited fifth entry to the coveted Gran Turismo series could well be on its way by the end of 2009. The tentative release date remains a closely guarded secret however, as GTPlanet merely point to an “unofficial but extremley reliable source” which states that a 2009 release date is near certain, but Amazon’s speculation of a December 29th release remains incorrect.

Keep your engines revving for August 18th however, as the release date is likely to be unveiled during Sony’s conference at the GamesCom Cologne.


PS3 Slim

Back in May we saw some alleged pictures of a PS3 slim in production. Time passed, and Sony denied any idea of a price drop or a redesign of their latest console.

Now on the German, a listing of a PS3 slim accompanied with a picture has only fueled the rumor fire.



Back in December 2008, Gamasutra reported that Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios could be working on a new game staring the most famous mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse.  This top secret project, referred to as “Epic Mickey”, is supposedly a collaboration between the Austin-based game studio, Disney Features Animation, and Pixar.

While plenty of games starring the iconic mouse have been made in the past, this new one stands out from the crowd due to its rumored steampunk look and style.  Kotaku has apparently done some digging and discovered a large collection of concept art, which they believe to be from the game.  To check out this incredible looking art, and to find out more about this rumored game,  hit the jump.



Because we’re all curtain-twitchers who love a good bit of gossip to help us through our day, here’s one for you: Microsoft are planning to launch Project Natal next year.

Just what shape the technology will supposedly take is so far unclear, although it is possible that Natal will be built into a brand new version of the Xbox 360.



Yet another entry to the Guitar Hero series is on the horizon. Aptly named Guitar Hero 5, the latest installment is set to include 85 songs from 83 artists, which have all now been revealed, albiet not quite officially according to the source.

Check out the reportedly complete soundtrack for Guitar Hero 5 after the break.



It’s time to get that rumour wheel spinning again, as hopes for a release of the “PS3 Slim” are ripe once again. This time it is pointing towards two Taiwanese manufacturing companies that have reportedly been awarded contracts to build the new slimline model, with half of the orders going out to the Taiwanese group Foxconn and the other to Pegatron. Even better, it is said that the units are expected to commence shipping in early July in order “to cope with expected summer vacation demands.” Could this mean that the PS3 slim will be officially released this summer?



Whoa there! We thought Mass Effect was all but a dead horse, but it looks like Bioware might be trying to squeeze in a little bit more revenue from the first adventure of our spaced-out team of warriors.

Here’s the skinny: Mass Effect was added to the Games on Demand listing for the Xbox 360, and promptly pulled. For the few moments it was up there were some interesting tidbits of information that leaked out.



We’ve had it with the people who make these track listings for rhythm/music/band games! Does no one at all use any form of common sense when creating them? The list for The Beatles Rockband has been released and there is no Yellow Submarine! Not only are we dissapointed that this song is lacking inclusion, but we are also disheartened that the list is so short! Check it out after the break, and feel our loss!

(Update) Harmonix has confirmed that this leaked list is not the final track listing for The Beatles Rockband.



Without going too much into the back story of this (just posted a story about Kojima!), a mysterious listing has just been spotted on Games Press. Hit the jump to see what it said!



In my younger years as a gamer, E3 was not the biggest place to learn about Nintendo. It was their annual Spaceworld event. It was here that they would reveal many of their new consoles, handhelds, and major game releases. It is being rumored that some sort of big event, not exactly Spaceworld is going to happen again.



The sales of Wii Fit are absolutely through the roof, and much more than we ever could have expected. It is no wonder that Nintendo is looking to capitalize on their succsess and create another Wii Fit.

If Nintendo is determined to bring to us a better press conference this year, it will be interesting to see how they balance between the casual and hardcore gaming communities. Or, will they find a way to embrace both?