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Gamer Limit Review: Skate 2
By: | February 28th, 2009


Long domination of the skateboarding sub-genre by the Tony Hawk licensed series came to a spectacular end when EA Black Box produced Skate. A refreshing new control system and different approach to point scoring made it – in many eyes – the best skating sim ever. The sequel: Skate 2 is now with us, but will it keep its audience interested without resorting to the incremental gimmickry that finally slayed THPS?



“You do not stumble over mountains, you stumble over stones. Step carefully over the stones and you will step over the mountains.”

Venture into the realms of gods and monsters as you step into the sandals of Jason in Codemasters’ action/adventure romp Rise of the Argonauts. The idea of merging the combat and atmosphere of God of War with the storytelling and dialogue of Bioware’s finest is an intriguing concept, and one I wish was achieved, as the game I played certainly didn’t fit that description. Read more… »

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Gamer Limit Review: Heavy Weapon
By: | February 27th, 2009


In a post Geometry Wars 2 world, there isn’t any real reason for the existence of other twin stick shooters. However Heavy Weapon, put out by casual game juggernaught Popcap Games, makes a good case for itself with its cute, yet gritty art style and unique focus on well… Heavy Weapons.



Retro Game Challenge is a title like no other: it’s is a mini-game collection that is worth playing for more than 5 minutes, it’s a trip down memory lane, and it’s a reminder of the past and just how far we have come. Of course, the real question is whether or not Retro Game Challenge is worth buying. Read on to find the answer.


Re-releases of retro games and retro remakes come and go like the wind. Often times, a developer will attempt to slightly reinvent an ancient franchise, and expect to get $10 per customer out of it. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a polar opposite of that trend. Former Capcom employees who worked on the original NES version served as consultants for Rearmed. The effort that was put into this remake could have equated to a $15 purchase, but Capcom ultimately decided to sell it for $10. Read on to find out why Bionic Commando: Rearmed has set the bar for retro remakes. Read more… »


“It’s a me! Mario!” Those are four words that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Mario is one of the biggest icons in gaming, and i challenge you to find a single gamer who doesn’t know who he is. From the moment we completed Super Mario 64 we wanted more. Super Mario Sunshine just couldn’t satisfy our thirst for Mario platforming.

But in 2007 Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy, and it was out of this world.



I cower behind a metal pillar in some unknown alien city, clinging to my last bit of health as an army of killer alien droids encircle my position, waiting nervously as my healing ability recharges, my slain squad-mates being of little use alive or dead . I’m wondering why I’m choosing to push forward in a game that is so unwieldy to control, at least during the battle sequences, that death seems so frustratingly routine.

Is it the Star Wars-inspired (or, for some, derivative) story, or the depth of role-playing, even with the inclusion of some useless character-classes? Read on to find out what I mean. Read more… »


For a long time before and after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, gamers have been speculating about the nature of the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable “episodes” the were to be added on to the package. The Lost and Damned is the first of two exclusive episodes for the Rockstar’s flagship franchise, and while it isn’t in a new city, and it doesn’t do anything particularly different from the core product, it is a brand new chapter in America’s favorite virtual city, and it is more of the fantastic game we’ve already come to love.



Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.  The title alone clues you into the quirky humor the web-based Homestar Runner cartoons are known for.  The series is also known for fondly poking fun at retro relics such as floppy disk-based PC games and the TurboGrafx, so it comes as little surprise that an ideal game version of the Strong Bad Emails cartoon would be based on the point and click adventures of yesteryear.  Does Telltale Game’s combination of old school gameplay and surreal humor strike an enjoyable balance in Homestar Ruiner, or will you feel burninated after playing?


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Gamer Limit Review: skate.
By: | February 25th, 2009


Skate, marketed as (skate.), is a skateboarding game developed by EA Black Box for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Skate was a smash hit and brought a fresh taste to the skateboarding game genre. For years the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series dominated the skate game market; hell it was pretty much the only game out there, then suddenly in 2007 EA released Skate and it completely blew us away.



[Editor's note: this review was written before the US game was released. Astro Tripper is now available in the US]

PomPom Games came straight out of their successful Xbox Live Arcade shooter “Mutant Storm”, and tried a new title the Playstation Network: Astro Tripper. In case you’re checking the US Playstation Store now, you won’t find it listed; it’s a European release only. Read on to find out how Astro Tripper stacks up in comparison to other Arcade shooters. Read more… »


Kingdom for Keflings really confused me when I first heard about it. Is it a strategy game? Is it a manic action game? Come to find out, it’s a God game. Similar to Black and White, or Spore, you guide your Kingdom to victory as a God on Earth. The difference between Keflings and the previously mentioned titles is your progression is one-hundred percent peaceful. What’s the result? A digital Zen garden. Read more… »