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There are not too many games about bugs, or even more specific, Arachnids. So as a nice change of pace, Rainbow Studios has provided a new Wii game, which is coincidentally a nice change of pace for them and on the console which is also a nice change of pace. Enter Deadly Creatures, the action adventure game in which you explore the world as a Tarantula and a Scorpion. So is this breath of fresh air actually good? Read on to find out.



The Paper Mario series is quite an interesting one. The original Paper Mario stood as a faux sequel for Super Mario RPG. At this point Mario was still new to the world of Role Playing, and Paper Mario for the N64 was just the ticket he needed to worm his way into another genre, especially with Mario RPG’s release being limited worldwide. With Super Paper Mario being the 3rd game in the Paper Mario series, Mario’s found his feet and planted them firmly, right on top of a Goomba.



Mega Man is one of gaming’s longest running and most recognizable series.  Capcom has succeeded in nearly every effort with their blue bomber because they have been able to rejuvenate the basics of the game without deviating too far from what made Mega Man 1 fun back in 1987.  Capcom has come full circle with Mega Man: Powered UP on PSP, as they revisit the original Mega Man game and enhance it with a face lift and additional content featuring a level building/ sharing system.  Do these improvements create a more accessible Mega Man experience for everyone, or does the kiddy veneer only succeed in alienating anyone over age 10?


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Crash Commando Review
By: | March 9th, 2009


PSN games are some of the most unique, innovative and fun games I’ve played on a console. They are quite arguably the best games the PS3 has to offer. The next PSN game I was interested in was Crash Commando which reminded me of Soldat. There was no demo available for the game, so I had to take the risk of buying the it before trying it out. Was Crash Commando worth taking the risk? Read more… »

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Halo Wars Review
By: | March 8th, 2009


If you find yourself instantly suffering from a case of the stupid fingers whenever attempting to play one of those real time strategy games on a console, Ensemble Studios and Microsoft have something for you in the form of Halo Wars. The magic formula? Increase the streamlining, increase the style and get rid of as many menus as possible, all this accumulates into a great package for Halo Fans and real-time strategy fans. If you’re both, you might just find Halo Wars nothing short of magical.



Eden is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s platforming, it’s art, and it includes a full house techno soundtrack. It’s an experience. Read more… »


Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a 3rd person shooter developed and Published by Capcom. It was released in 2007 for PC and XBox 360, then re-released for the PlayStation 3 in 2008. The planet Earth’s conditions have become too hostile for human survival, there was no other choice but to leave and s. We chose E.D.N III. tart new on another planet. E.D.N III is a perpetually snowy planet, populated by the Akrid, who forced humanity to abandon E.D.N. III using their sheer numbers and with the element of surprise. But we humans don’t give up easily.



When you think of sticking your fingers in someone’s nose, balancing a broom on your hand or shoving false teeth in an old woman’s mouth you most certainly don’t think of videogames. Well you might, if you were thinking of WarioWare. Wario is back and has knocked Mario of the party game pedestal never to return. Forget Mario Party, WarioWare is where it’s at, and Smooth Moves feels right at home on the Wii.



PixelJunk has been very busy when it comes to developing games for the Playstation Network. All of their works are something completely unexpected. If you looked at PixelJunk Racers and expect it to be a straight racing game, you’d be mistaken: it’s actually a mini-game collection! The question is, “is it fun”? Read on to find out. Read more… »

witswagersmainscreen3Ah, board game video games. Every once in a while a sucessful table top game will come along and attempt to win family’s hearts through a television instead of a “typical” family game night. Wits & Wagers manages to balance questions that range from “impossible” to “I know that!” in one entertaining package. Read more… »


Marcus Fenix, Tomas Sevchenko, The Master Chief, that dude from Call of Duty 4; all familiar heroes of modern action games. As the starring character of his new shooter Blood on the Sand, we can welcome a new entrant into the annals of action heroism, one Mr. 50 Cent… well… kind of…



Space: the final frontier. Let’s face it: outer space is awesome. The reality, the possibility, everything about the universe beyond our small blue planet is infinitely compelling and interesting. And the vehicle we use to traverse this great expanse of pulsars, nebulae and impenetrably dark black holes—science fiction—has infinite reach. Enter the universe of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and prepare to take those bold first steps beyond the Oort Cloud.* Read more… »