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Robert Ludlum’s novel based trilogy is, in my opinion, one of the best action series available. So alongside some fantastic films, they are famous for blinding their readers and keeping them in the dark, just like Jason Bourne himself, as he finds out about who he is and why he has such amazing abilities. Is the game as brilliant as the film series? Read on to find out.



Since 1977 every generation has in some way experienced an incarnation of Star Wars. It was only natural that the franchise would eventually cross over into the gaming industry. While some gave you the opportunity to fight with the space opera’s signature lightsaber, none truly captured the feeling of wielding the iconic tool of destruction.

When it was announced that the same company that was releasing The Force Unleashed was also developing a game specifically for the Wii, speculations were a plenty. At long last were we going to be able to duel with our friends with something more than sticks, or plastic toys? Kinda…… Read more… »


When you hear someone talking about JRPGs, you’ll think of Final Fantasy but more precisely, Final Fantasy VII (FFVII). Hate it or love it, you just have to admire what Final Fantasy VII did for the genre. It’s no surprise Square was going to release numerous FFVII titles, known as the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, after the success of Final Fantasy VII.  The big question is: is Crisis Core a worthy addition to the Final Fantasy VII Compilation? Read more… »


One of the year’s most anticipated releases is finally here, and fans are wondering if it will be the best in the series. It can’t be helped if Resident Evil 5 is compared to Resident Evil 4: both games are very similar in terms of gameplay, it would be impossible to ignore. So does Resident Evil 5 hold its own? Read on to find out what Tim and I have to say. Read more… »

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Gamer Limit Review: Kororinpa
By: | March 18th, 2009


Marbles! The fun little glass balls that everyone loves to play with, good for rolling, playing and throwing at people. Kororinpa is a marble game. Based on former classics like Marble Madness, you take control of a marble, rolling it through a number of labyrinth like levels. Each of the levels include tricky obstacles for you to navigate around.


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Tom Clancy’s HAWX Review
By: | March 18th, 2009


Flying Sims. Hate em’ or love em ‘Well all know them, they are the big boxes hidden underneath a huge pile of games or propping up your kitchen table. With manuals with dials, meters and graphs long enough to make an aeronautical engineer out of any one. HAWX although not a hardcore sim may be propping up kitchen tables around the world very soon. Read more… »


Kirby: Canvas Curse, known in Europe as Kirby: Power Paintbrush, is an extremely innovative game for the Nintendo DS. Kirby makes a triumphant return to the platforming genre with a game that’s sure to knock your socks off. However, while Canvas Curse is a platformer, it does not play like traditional Kirby games; it only uses the stylus.


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Gamer Limit Review: MadWorld
By: | March 17th, 2009


Fans of any media are no stranger to violence. In Michael Haneke’s film Funny Games, visceral off screen violence and repeated breaking of the fourth wall comment on violence as a negative form of entertainment. Chuck Palahniuk’s book Haunted has a group of writers create violent situations by sabotaging food supplies, and each other, in an attempt to become more credible; thus stating that in media, more violence means more entertainment.

Does MadWorld join this overdramatization of violence? With over the top characters, violence, and graphical presentation Madworld makes the statement “violence is fun” successfully, but not perfectly.



If you’ve strictly been playing on consoles for the past few years, you might not know about Peggle, which has been the virtual heroin for PC Gamers over the last few years. Fortunately, now’s the time to catch the addiction as Peggle arrives on the Xbox Live Arcade, brought to you by casual juggernaught, PopCap games. Read more… »


One of the biggest mistakes that Sony’s gaming division ever made came at E3 in 2005. Intended to showcase both the power of the upcoming PlayStation 3 console and a title owners could be excited for, the now infamous Killzone “gameplay” trailer was met with extreme reactions at both ends of the spectrum, through many mediums. The resulting shockwaves have carried through the four years that have since past. Read more… »


SRPGs (Strategy Role Playing Games) are few and far between. Most of them cater to the hardcore gamer, offering thousands of customized options, weapons and spells, which would scare off any casual fan. Band of Bugs seeks to debunk the “SRPGs are hard” myth, but the question is: is it worth the money? Read more… »


Since the release of Sonic Adventure 2 in 2001, Sonic the Hedgehog has been in a coma. His 3D outings have generated limited success on the consoles while his portable endeavors have garnered rave reviews because they mastered the formula the Sega Genesis made famous. After reading about Sonic and the Black Knight (SBK) in Nintendo Power last year, I eagerly anticipated its release, hoping that it would mark the removal of the anthropomorphic blue blur from life support. Read more… »