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Does anyone remember Legend of Dragoon, that old game on the original Playstation that was heralded as “The Final Fantasy 7 Killer?” It was almost as if Legend of Dragoon saw exactly what Final Fantasy 7 did with its story, but failed to understand what made the individual points of FF7′s plot any good. This is exactly the same feeling I got when I played Suikoden Tierkreis: a game that goes through the motions of Suikoden games without understanding how to pull them off in a way that has any significance. What’s peculiar about this, though, is that Suikoden Tierkreis is not a cheap knock-off – it’s a genuine Suikoden game!



Managing one’s own theme park is a dream job for many an entrepreneur. The reality is that most of us will never have the opportunity to do such a thing. Thrillville: Off The Rails gives you a chance to not only manage a park, but ride all of the rides. Is it a park-goers dream game, or will you want to get off of the ride just halfway through?



The world of Sega has changed drastically in the past ten years. Without a doubt the change from making consoles, to becoming a third-party developer and publisher was a difficult thing to do. Luckily they brought with them a plethora of games and franchises to feed into the consoles of today. Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is a conglomeration of over forty titles that, without a doubt, are some of Sega’s best from back in the day. Read more… »


The ominous fog, check. The hiss of your radio, check. The creepy nurses who you remain probably more attracted to than you should mention in polite conversation, check. These Silent Hill staples remain ever present, but how does Silent Hill: Homecoming compare to the rest of the series famed for its take on nightmarish survival horror?


“Alma”, the psychic child/adult from the first game is back to haunt your dreams and scare you into turning the lights on. F.E.A.R. 2 was branded by many major magazines and publications as the “sleeper hit” of 2009.

Many saw it’s tense gameplay and promising trailer footage as new territory in regards to first person shooters. Does F.E.A.R. 2 succeed in meeting these expectations? Well, yes, and no. Read more… »


Reliving high school is a nightmare that most adults do not even want to think about. I mean who wants to go through being picked on by the jocks, being dumped by your sweetheart, or embarrassing yourself by bad clothing choices? Who wants to have to pop painful pimples or study for another test? No one. Bully: Scholarship Edition is the best high school experience that you might ever want to relive. Let’s see if it makes the grade, shall we?


After the Socom series represented the Playstation online experience on the Playstation 2, Sony released the first installment of the series on the Playstation 3 in the the form of Socom Confrontation; but the question that many gamers from the Playstation 2 days will be asking is ‘Does Socom Confrontation really live up to the experience they all loved back in day?’. Well as a massive fan of the series and especially the online mode, I hope to answer this question throughout the review. Read more… »


What’s worse than being buried behind stacks of dirty dishes for less than minimum wage and no respect?  Try having your heart ripped out, being systematically hunted by zombie cyborg assassins, and your sister willfully becoming one of them. This is the plight of the nameless Dishwasher from SKA Studios latest game.  The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai may have been the winner of Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play game development contest in 2007, but does the finished product get the blood pumping or leave you checking for a pulse? Read more… »


Apocalyptic story-lines in games are quite popular these days, and Frontlines: Fuel of War is no different. The world is either going to be hit by a nuclear bomb, run out of food, be ravaged by incurable disease, or in the case of Frontline: run out of gas. Through the gaming lull there is a huge back catalog of first-person shooters available for the Xbox 360 at bargain prices. Frontlines is one of those games. Perhaps we can handle one more corny story as long as the rest of the game is good, right?



Gamers of all shapes and sizes have thirsted for a charming, and easy to pick up game since the inception of gaming. Pong’s charm was in it’s simplicity, yet a gamer with quick reaction time who studied the ball’s direct movements could easily become a “Pong Pro”. Popcap is no stranger to the casual formula, enjoying the honor of one of the most sucessful games of all time: Bejeweled. In 2007, Peggle took the world by storm.

In just two years, Peggle has been ported to the iPod, Xbox 360, hosted a sequel (Peggle Nights), and can now be found on the Nintendo DS. Does Dual Shot sacrifice some of the charm of the original game in favor of portability? Read on to find out.



Whenever a video game is made that is based off of a movie, the world lets out a collective sigh. In some very shallow ways the game tries to have some of the movie’s feel. No, it is not in the visual department or combat, it’s through swearing and being vulgar; for example calling the easy difficulty called “Pussy” is how the developers decided to let movie “feel” come through. Other than the characters in the game resembling the actors in the movie, there’s not a really connection between the two. This easily could have been “Stranglehold 2: Now Featuring Curving Bullets”.

If you were hoping that Wanted: Weapons of Fate would keep the same unique, badass, and very “get out of the box” feel that the movie had, you’re going to be disappointed. Read more… »

Free games. Everyone likes free stuff, and we all like games. So, naturally it would be logical to assume that we also like free games. Trouble is, as the saying goes, “nothing’s free” — and to a point, it’s true. To compound the sad realization that nothing’s really free, most “free” things are typically not worth having. However, there are a few exceptions that prove the rule, and I’m going to talk about one of them today. Read more… »