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Nihon Falcom’s Ys was revolutionary when it first came out back in the 1980s and set the standard for modern RPGs. While the series have been well-received in Japan, it was largely ignored by western gamers. This is why not all of the Ys installments have made it outside of Japan. Hardcore fans of Ys have been patiently waiting for more Ys title, but until then, they will have to settle for remakes.

Atlus brings us a remake of the first two Ys in one single cartridge for the Nintendo DS which seems to be the ideal place for classic RPG remakes. This isn’t the first time the first two Ys have been remade, which the booklet attests to. How does this remake fare? Is this remake really the definitive version, and does Ys retain its charm after all these years? Read more… »


The methodology is simple, take one game founded on the PC and start hacking bits off until it fits on a console.  This is akin to a crazed child attempting to fit a round peg into a square hole. This is not the first time such a premise has been tried, and judging from previous efforts the attempt to reinvent a game for the console is not one that is easy to pull off.  So how does Sid Meier’s Civilization: Revolution fare when the war drums beat and the game marches off the desk and onto the television?



When it comes to shooters, it’s hard to imagine innovation.  It’s like trying to bring something new to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  From 1942 to Ikaruga to Geometry Wars, we’ve essentially done the same thing; exhausting all manners of color and direction.  The conceit of “Big Bang Mini,” for the Nintendo DS developed by the French Arkedo Studio, lies in separating the two things that shooters require of a player: shooting and dodging.

Much like siblings, one doesn’t easily imagine splitting up the brother and sister of shoot and dodge because status quo says “we are ship, ship does all.”  But imagine that you’re a flying pixel that has to dodge oncoming traffic, and you can shoot from anywhere, like casting fireworks from an infinite amount of backyards.  Low and behold the idea behind this entirely touch-based, spectacular shooter.  Read more… »



Get those stop watches ready for a new Gamer Limit feature ‘’ Read, Download, Play’’, in which we will review iPhone/iPod touch games in short 30 second bursts!

This week’s game: Rolando(Developer Blog)


gardeningmamalogowideOne of the greatest times in my young life was in late April when my father and I would drag out the old tiller, tuning it up, and churning the ground. The little plot of ground we harvested from every year brought many hours of hard work and great father-son bonding. Perhaps those fond memories of days past encouraged me to try out a copy of Gardening Mama. Guess what? It is all about flowers. Read more… »

larryheaderIn today’s society dirty jokes are a dime a dozen, and if I told you one now you will have likely already heard it. Leisure Suit Larry is the ultimate dirty joke. Yes, the writing is incredibly dirty and the gameplay is a joke in itself, but the game isn’t completely without merit. (This game is perverted, and the review shall reflect that. Read with caution.)



Seriously, what average RPG player was dying to pick up The World Ends With You? Based on its aesthetic, it appeared to be a game about things that would probably alienate its usual target audience – that is, running around in the streets of a big city while being cool and trendy.

Developed by Square-Enix and Jupiter, TWEWY is not only one of the most refreshingly original RPGs from S-E in a long time, but perhaps one of the most original RPGs in a long time, period. Thankfully, it sounds like the game has caught on really well. Read more… »

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Gamer Limit Review: Sonic Rush
By: | April 16th, 2009


“Sonic! He can really move! Sonic! He’s got an attitude! Sonic, he’s the fastest thing aliiiiive!” I can’t remember the last Sonic game that could be accurately described by those lyrics. Most Sonic the Hedgehog games nowadays are strangled with gimmicks, be it swords or werehogs, you can be sure they’ll throw something in there that will more than likely ruin the game for you. As compared to its predecessors, Sonic Rush contains one key difference, Sonic Rush is good.

Scrap that last sentence, Sonic Rush is GREAT. Anyone who thought that the Sonic franchise died with the Genesis can now proceed to eat their words. This game is proof that SEGA has the potential to bring Sonic back from the brink, before he becomes a distant memory in the hearts of gamers.



There are a plethora of video games that have never seen American, European, or Japanese soil. While many may believe this an atrocity there are certain factors that keep these games at bay. Whether its cultural differences or money issues, publishers usually have a valid excuse. Other times, they seemingly do it for no reason. Games like Mother 3 and Terranigma are popular titles and their ancestors (Earthbound and Illusion of Gaia) were popular in America, yet they never made it outside of Japan and Europe (Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan).

Perhaps the limited success of the TurboGrax-16 in America would have contributed to this, but I say that the lack of games, like Rondo of Blood, is what ultimately finished the system. Thanks to Sony, the long lost Castlevania has finally seen worldwide release. Castlevania: the Dracula X Chronicles is a remake of Rondo of Blood, along with extra bells and whistles. Utilizing 2.5D graphics and old school gameplay, this new version is a testament to the original, even if its age shows through.



Resident Evil 5 has just rocked the worldwide sales charts, and now is looking to give you more bang for your buck with it’s new Versus mode DLC (by “your buck”, I mean $5 for PS3 owners, or 400 Microsoft spacebucks).  An overwhelming amount of people have looked at this content over the coming months and have said “will stop and shoot versus really work?”

Well, don’t fret, because the Versus content actually includes two modes: Slayers (which allows up to 4 people to compete for points, killing AI units), and Survivors (which is a full-on player versus player mode). Read on to find out how both modes measure up. Read more… »


Epic heavy metal band Metallica and the Guitar Hero franchise both share a lot of similarities.  People tend to either love or hate them, not leaving much room for gray in between.  Both have had members of their teams split off and form their own successful projects, like Harmonix to Rock Band and Dave Mustaine to Megadeth.  Fans claim that though they still love them, the earlier stuff was better (pre-Guitar Hero: World Tour, pre-Black Album).  Both have been accused of being greedy money grubbers with Activision’s brand saturation, and Metallica’s famous Napster trials.  Now Metallica and the Guitar Hero franchise share another thing in common, each other.  The two juggernauts have crossed paths and are now one, but is the whole greater than the sum of its parts, or are these rockers past their prime? Read more… »


With the recent release of Prince Of Persia on the PS3 and XBOX 360, we all fully expected some sort of loosely made port to the DS or PSP. And for better or worse, we got one for the DS. The Fallen King is a 3rd person action adventure developed by Ubisoft Casablanca, it’s an official spin-off to the Prince Of Persia game now running in your consoles. Prince Of Persia: The Fallen King allows you to play as the new Prince on a new journey, and once again, he’s not alone. I guess it’s time to fight Ahriman again… dammit…