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After yet another hiatus, we’re again back to finish what we started sans Chris (due to an illness). But the boys have delivered and covered everything FF, from the movies, to the games and everything in between.

[The Retrocast is on an indefinite hiatus at the moment - we plan on bringing it back in the future, so stay tuned, and enjoy the current episodes!]



We’re back on our regularly scheduled programming, and as such the Retrocast is back for another week. For all intensive purposes we have temporarily ripped apart the usual format we usually follow to make this all about Final Fantasy. James, Colin, Tim and Chris are again jostling for audio space as we discuss one of the most popular, contentious, discussed and generally controversial series of games in console history.

Be warned, this episode runs a little long…



After a short hiatus due to Colin-based injury, the Retrocast is back for yet another episode, and this time we’ve gone down the Adventure path. Your regular cast of nostalgic heroes are back, including James, Tim, Chris and of course, Colin, and this week our “Retro Hour” covers the little known Zelda-clone “Star Tropics”.

There seemed to be an interesting split between the Australian and American rivals this week, so for more information and episode linkage, hit the jump.


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Podcast: RetroCast #1
By: | April 22nd, 2009


We all get nostalgic once in a while. For some, its a great time to pull out the SNES and play some Zelda. For others, like us here at Gamer Limit, its an opportunity to do that, then talk about it. Welcome to RetroCast, the premier podcast about everything you used to play and have probably forgotten about. Join myself, James, along with Tim Turi, Colin Robinson, and Chris Carter, as we discuss everything from remakes to why the Simpsons arcade game was superior to Final Fight.

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