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Once a mere April Fool’s Day prank, SNK has gone and injected a dose of reality into its formerly fake Neo-Geo game Star Radish, a salad-themed vertical shooter.

The title will be released as a minigame within the next title from its Doki Majo franchise. The Doki Majo games are known in the English-speaking world as “Those DS games that involve poking a bunch of witches. Uh-oh, did I just say that out loud?”

Continue reading for a shot of the box art. Because you can.



Sonic The Hedgehog is known by nearly every gamer, some know the current hedgehog; a sorry excuse for a character, constantly appearing in games that struggle to be a mediocre experience. However many remember the spiky blue speedster in his prime, back in the days when SEGA was equal with Nintendo.

Even though the original Sonic game was a smash hit, Sonic 2 took all the good aspects, and doubled them. Sonic 2 is often regarded as the reason that SEGA kept up with Nintendo in the console wars. Read more… »


In honor of the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, I assumed it was only natural to start acquainting gamers with Batman games. The Adventures of Batman and Robin was a successful title from Konami, that was based off the hit TV series.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin was a platformer at heart, but had elements of racing, detective work, and even a few puzzles mixed in. Read more… »


Once upon a time Lucasarts made games that didn’t have the Star Wars name plastered all over them. It was a simple time, filled with laughter and bright colours, quick wit and intriguing puzzles. While it seems that time is long gone, we can still look back fondly upon these games, hoping that one day they will be revived in a blaze of glory.

Games like Day of The Tentacle, Grim Fandango and most importantly, the Monkey Island Series. The Curse Of Monkey Island to be precise, the 3rd superb game in the series,often regarded as the strongest out of all 4. Hit the jump to find out more!


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Retro Reunion: Actraiser
By: | April 19th, 2009


This Sunday’s Retro Reunion will be covering a classic game that didn’t get enough love; Actraiser. Coincidentally, Actraiser will be our game of the week on our new Retro podcast (to be released in a matter of days).

If you told me that mixing traditional platforming with a Sim City esque God game in the SNES era would have become an instant classic; I would have been skeptical. Against all odds, Actraiser manages to perfectly balance both genres into one unique package. Read on to find out if it’s your cup of tea. Read more… »


What do you call a cart that contains some of the greatest games of all time? Super Mario Allstars was gaming perfection, all wrapped up in a tiny gray cart. Anyone who bought a Super Nintendo owned this excellent piece of craftsmanship. It contained the best Mario games ever made, bar Super Mario 64, and some may say that it holds some of the greatest games the SNES ever saw. This was Mario’s prime, his top hour, before he sold out to the 3rd dimension, hit the jump to find out more.



That box-art is too cute. Any child growing up when Tiny Toon Adventures was at it’s prime very much remembers this very colorful show, and high profile movie. Much like Animaniacs (which is yet another classic SNES platformer), Tiny Toon Adventures wasn’t afraid of parodying mature themes despite it’s childhood demographic. It was only a matter of time until a high profile developer picked up this property, and turned it into a classic. Read more… »

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Retro Reunion: Earthworm Jim
By: | April 8th, 2009


The temptation to type out the entire theme song to Earthworm Jim is overwhelming, but seeing as it has little to do with the actual game I think I’ll leave it out. Everyone remembers Jim, the worm with the super suit, super gun, and super vocabulary. The Earthworm Jim videogame was developed by Shiny Entertainment way back in 1995. The game was originally developed for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis but was subsequently ported to a huge number of systems. The game appeared on the SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Master System, and years later, the Game Boy Advance; its also now available on the Wii’s Virtual Console.



Forget Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Shining Force is where it’s at. Shining Force II, one of the first strategy RPGs, was released in 1994 by SEGA. Mind you this was before SEGA went down the crapper. Way before. Shining Force was a good game, hell it was a great game, but somehow Shining Force II took all that, and doubled it. It’s superior in almost every way, thus the reason it’s one of my all time favourite games.



“Its morphin’ time!”

14 years ago those words used to send shivers down my spine, listening to them yesterday just made me queasy. Nowadays the Power Rangers suck more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but back then, if you liked the Power Rangers you were the coolest kid on the block. Oh yeah, I knew all the Power Rangers. Jason, Zach, Kimberly, Trini… and that Blue one. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was released on a load of systems, the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, and Game Boy all saw a version of this game, but the SNES version topped ‘em all. Read more… »


What do The Amazon, Transylvania, and The Moon have in common? They’re all robbed blind by Scrooge McDuck of course! Gone were prejudiced thoughts that Uncle Scrooge never actually earned his wealth; you got to risk your life personally to ensure he became the world’s richest duck.

DuckTales, Wooo hooo!