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World record ... Phil Day plays <i>Galaga</i> at home in Braidwood. His 3.44million score came after six months of training.

Phil Day of New South Wales Australia has sat down (or stood up for that matter)  for just over two days and destroyed the past world record score for the arcade classic Galaga with a massive 3.44 million score.

Hit the jump for a very interesting quote from the record beaker.


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And why not?

The game’s guts have been replaced with a 250GB external hard drive.  Just imagine all the NES roms you could stick on here!

It’s from Etsy, the Internet marketplace for all things homemade.  Hit the jump to buy your own and make all your friends jealous.


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You want your own NES arcade cabinet in your living room?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Make your own!

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In honor of the twenty-year anniversary of the Sega Genesis, Sega is giving the power back to its players.  That is, it’s holding a poll to determine which classic Genesis title will be re-released on Xbox Live Arcade next.

See the choices and learn where to vote after the jump!



James Larsson may be as close as the world comes to a mad scientist.  This British inventor has created automatic cat food dispensers (not devious), light bulb-testing devices (still not bad), and a machine that whips you when you lose a point in Pong.

Wait, what?  See for yourself.



Retro gaming has become cool, mainstream, and “hip”. People, bored and glazed over with the next “EA Sports 2xxx” clone, complete with new statistics and slightly improved graphics, now YEARN for a way to be re-introduced into the games of yesteryear.

Companies, knowing this, almost falling over themselves with glee, have now found a way to make bucketloads of money off dirt cheap licenses they couldn’t give away two years ago. Is this a bad thing? Hell no.

I decided to delve into the past and find those nuggets of retro-sploitation. This is RetroStyle. This is Radica Tetris.



Remember Super Mario Bros. 3?  Widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time?

Recently (as in this week, recently), someone discovered a new secret for this 20-year-old game.  No way, you say?  Way.

See for yourself.

If you are going to pick up an old game, you may as well go to pick up one of the greatest ever made. For those of you who have never encountered the game, that comment may seem a little strong, but for those of you who have, I’m sure you’ll agree it is spot on.

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and beat our way into the storage container of affordably priced digital entertainment, or, for those of you (unlike me) who don’t have as their homepage, the bargain bin, as we take a journey back to Psychonauts.



We have all heard the news by now of Michael Jackson’s untimely death as a result of a cardiac arrest this week, and, as the world mourns, his inspiring influence is indeed evident. Since he passed away at age 50, the day has been completely flooded with tributes, news coverage and his iconic music videos throughout, and a quick look on Amazon also reveals a predictable surge in Michael Jackson album sales – at the time of writing, the top 14 best selling albums of the day on Amazon are all from “The King of Pop.” The news even successfully massacred some parts of the interweb.

Whilst “Wacko Jacko” is highly regarded for his unparalleled musical talent, he has also had some influence on the games industry, including connections to SEGA. Read on as Gamer Limit looks back at Jackson’s influences and appearances in video games of the past.


timesplittersMany a moon has come and gone since the last Tales of the Bargain Bin, and for that I apologise to you, the loyal reader. But like a phoenix it shall rise from the ashes…hm, went to a weird place with that. So forget the woes of quantitative easing and all that expensive stuff and let’s jump straight into some cheap geekery with some good old fashioned Timesplitters 2.


Maniac 1

Maniac Mansion is an early Lucas Arts creation released in 1987 for the NES. Many have either never heard of it or forgot about it along with most of the 80′s pop culture.  But for a handful, this game remains as a pioneer of innovation and creativity that paved the way for the Lucas Arts franchise.  In fact, many of its distant memories remain in a fanboy culture. Read more… »


Between the mid 80s and early 90s, Amstrad were one of the largest manufacturers of IBM PCs on the market, especially in Europe and Australia. Considered a premium brand at the time, Amstrad lead the way in innovate products that suited specific elements of the market. Near the end of their golden years, Amstrad struggled to compete with their now growing number of competitors. Cheaper, faster, smaller and well, cheaper, Amstrad needed to push themselves out of the ordinary develop something extraordinary, especially for its time.

A product that appealed to both aspects of the PC market, and also revolutionary enough to save their market share. This product was the Amstrad Mega PC.