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Ever heard of PlaySEGA?  I hadn’t either, until like five minutes ago.  Apparently, it’s this new (still in beta) browser-based service that lets you play old SEGA games!

The catch: you have to pay for a subscription.  The good news:  it’s only $14.95 for three months, and you get this sweet controller with your paid subscription.  Where do I sign up?


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The Japanese have always had different standards when it comes to nudity and sexuality in their interactive media, as exemplified by the recent announcement of Love Death 4, a game in which “that certain part of the male body” plays a starring role by way of a USB camera.

In the U.S., video game nudity (especially full frontal) is, to put it lightly, discouraged.  The ESRB’s double standard of “violence is OK, but sex is a no-no” has been a cornerstone of the ratings system since its conception.

Recently, however, the nation’s media has become more violent, more vulgar, and more sexually explicit.  This shift to a moral-less society did not happen overnight.  It all started with a little system called the Atari 2600…


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Remember back in June, when someone picked up a copy of the Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge off eBay for the low, low price of $17,500?  Only twelve copies of that game had ever surfaced.

Now, a Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 cart has surfaced on the popular auction site.

This is the last existing copy in the world.  The auction ends in two days.


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Retro Reunion: Secret of Mana
By: | September 24th, 2009

Secret of Mana
[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics. Feel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

I have always been a Sega fanboy. My first console was the almighty Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for all you Yanks out there), and since then I have drooled over – if not owned – every Sega system that followed.

While I didn’t realize it at the time, I have always been fond of fantastical RPGs, despite my distaste for turn-based fighting systems. Sega was unable to provide me with enough role-playing fodder, and I wasn’t of legal age to start laboring for console-purchasing-cash. So, instead, I had to rely on relatives for my lengthy forays into the world of Nintendo RPGs. And it was there that I fell in love with a little developer known as Square.


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Retro Ad Of The Week: Game Genie
By: | September 24th, 2009

Game_Genie_Game_Boy[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics!]

Another week, another piece of tasty nostalgic pie to stuff down your throat and satisfy those occasional cravings.

Why buy a SNES on eBay when you can just spend 30 seconds watching an Ad?


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Monkey Island 2 remade in Cryengine
By: | September 21st, 2009

monkeyislandYou read that right, this is not a fault of the emergency broadcast system. A group of loyal, and clearly somewhat obsessive, fans have recreated various parts of Monkey Island 2 utilising the Cryengine level editor.


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Retro Reunion: Vandal Hearts
By: | September 17th, 2009

VandalHeartsRetro[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics!]

Vandal Hearts has to be one of the goofiest experiences I’ve ever had with a video game. As a strategy RPG, it’s competent, but nothing really stands out about it.

The story, on the other hand, is ridiculous, filled with the most absurd dialogue you can imagine. It also might hold the world record for the most usage of Deus Ex Machina I’ve ever seen in a narrative. Read more… »


Following last week’s bizarre and frankly nightmare-inducing taste of the olden days, Gamer Limit is back with a new ad for your viewing pleasure. Although, by new, we clearly mean horrendously old. Read more… »

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New Pac-Man world record holder
By: | September 14th, 2009


For the sixth time in history, a new Pac-Man world record has been achieved. Since Billy Mitchell achieved the perfect score on Namco’s classic title ten years ago, four other gamers have stepped up to the plate and earned the title of “Fastest Pac-Man High Score Getting Dude”.

Well, now Ohio native David Race has the honor of being the fastest gamer to complete a perfect score in Pac-Man.



[Every Thursday, Gamer Limit gives you a blast from the past with either its Retro Reunion or Bargain Bin series]

It’s a sad truth that some of the best games ever made never really manage to sell a lot of copies.  These diamonds in the rough eventually find themselves sitting in the bottom of bargain bins all across the world, waiting for some lucky soul to pick them up and discover their true greatness.  One of these games is the highly acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil.

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier Studios and released back in November of 2003 for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and PC; BG&E was hailed by critics as one of the best games of the year.  Unfortunately, it did not resonate well with the public and posted horrible sales figures, quickly dropping off the charts into oblivion.  Since then, the title has garnered a cult following of beloved fans who adore both the game, and its incredible cast of characters.

Read on to find out more about this extraordinary bargain bin title, which deserves your attention. Read more… »


Do you remember back in the days when gaming was a simpler time? You went to the shop, bought a cartridge, came home and played? Any gamer would be lying if they said a little bit of them didn’t yearn for those golden years.

Nostalgia is important. We here at Gamer Limit know this, and, well, we’re here to help. We’ve managed to get our hands on a exclusive cache of original, recorded, gaming advertisements from the US, Japan, Australia, and even a couple of obscure or banned ones too.

Every Thursday we’ll upload a new one for your viewing pleasure, thus giving you, if only for about 30 seconds, a little visual taste of the past.


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Sega’s last foray into the hardware world debuted on 9/9/99.

Ten years later (plus a month, whatever), and a new game is getting set to be released: Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Hit the jump to see the trailer!