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Star Wars day is here again, prompting this gamer to reflect back on all the franchise games that have been published throughout the years. First memory takes us all the way back to the late 1980′s playing the titular DOS wire frame shooter in the morning hours before having to be shuttled off to school. Some of the other Star Wars games don’t bring back the same pleasant memories.

Instead of a celebrating with a list of all the Star Wars titles that have graced PC, console and arcade screens throughout the years (which I’m sure has been published elsewhere today), lets focus on one in particular – Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.


The “trap” genre isn’t all that popular these days. Other than the Deception series, Trap Gunner, and the more recent Orcs Must Die!, there really aren’t a whole lot of venues to placate your inner sadistic torturous voice.

As a result, I’ve resurrected the Retro Reunion series to share what I feel is one of the best games in the niche sub-genre of trap-dom . Strap in and prepare to relive moments from the PS1 classic, Kagero: Deception II. Read more… »

Some dismiss it as mere myth; others believe it was part of an elaborate conspiracy fabricated by Sony to improve the credibility of its inaugural console. Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret, friend: the Sega Saturn did exist. And it was good!

Yes, it may have been the ginger kid of the console world, but the unpopular system saw some fantastic exclusives that have sadly been relegated to the dusty space beneath our memories along with the console itself. Well, I’m here to grant one such title a final encore before the curtain closes on it for good: allow me to introduce Mr. Bones (stop giggling in the back). Read more… »

In an attempt to avoid doing what would be expected from a retrospective Sonic review, I thought I would start things off by actually praising Sega’s beleaguered mascot rather than cynically pulverising the poor thing into a bloody pulp. Indeed, while it is difficult to ignore the copious amounts of tripe Sonic Team have developed over the recent years, there was once a time when the spiky blue hedgehog reigned supreme by offering a speedy alternative to those who were bored of Mario’s arguably pedestrian gameplay.

What really wowed the public was the game’s sense of speed – there were death defying loops, springs, speed ramps, corkscrews and special stages galore all of which made up for an electrifying experience. It was the character’s unprecedented sense of speed which really appealed to the more mature gamer, effectively making Sega a significant contender by the time Sonic 2 was released.


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Retro Reunion: Paper Mario
By: | November 19th, 2009

Paper Mario Box Art

[Every Thursday is Retro Day here at Gamer Limit. We seek out the greatest moments of yesteryear simply for your pleasure, so be sure to check back each week to relive the glorious days. Feel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

I have a confession to make: I am not the biggest fan of Super Mario RPG. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the game by any stretch; it was beautiful, a neat concept for combat, and was an excellent game for a younger crowd. However, I don’t personally see the draw to it that other people do.

On the other hand, we have the Paper Mario series, which does a lot more to make an experience that’s truly memorable. It also has a unique aesthetic, while taking the combat of SMRPG to new heights. On top of that, the story and dialogue, while not epic, is at least fun, humorous, and entertaining – even if you’re an adult.



Halloween is here, and so I thought it would be a good idea to have a reunion with a classic horror game of the past.

When it comes to survival horror and Resident Evil, the two will never be separated, despite its evolution. Although Capcom’s previous title, Sweet Home, was the true pioneer of the genre, and Alone in the Dark had created the recognizable framework that later titles would copy, it is Resident Evil that represents the “everyman” of the genre.

The game’s creator Shinji Mikami was originally tasked with making a survival horror game set in a haunted mansion. However, he thought that things needed to be more visceral in order to have a more significant scare impact. Mikami, inspired by George Romero’s films, therefore decided that zombies would be a more appropriate enemy than ghosts.

The resulting blend of extreme violence and lateral thinking was named Bio-hazard. Unfortunately, Capcom realized that they would find it extremely difficult to secure a trademark under that title. Resident Evil was thus born, and it arrived on the PS1 in 1996. Hit the jump for more fond memories. Read more… »

Maniac 1

Maniac Mansion is an early Lucas Arts creation released in 1987 for the NES. Many have either never heard of it or forgot about it along with most of the 80′s pop culture.  But for a handful, this game remains as a pioneer of innovation and creativity that paved the way for the Lucas Arts franchise.  In fact, many of its distant memories remain in a fanboy culture. Read more… »


Sonic The Hedgehog is known by nearly every gamer, some know the current hedgehog; a sorry excuse for a character, constantly appearing in games that struggle to be a mediocre experience. However many remember the spiky blue speedster in his prime, back in the days when SEGA was equal with Nintendo.

Even though the original Sonic game was a smash hit, Sonic 2 took all the good aspects, and doubled them. Sonic 2 is often regarded as the reason that SEGA kept up with Nintendo in the console wars. Read more… »


In honor of the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, I assumed it was only natural to start acquainting gamers with Batman games. The Adventures of Batman and Robin was a successful title from Konami, that was based off the hit TV series.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin was a platformer at heart, but had elements of racing, detective work, and even a few puzzles mixed in. Read more… »


Once upon a time Lucasarts made games that didn’t have the Star Wars name plastered all over them. It was a simple time, filled with laughter and bright colours, quick wit and intriguing puzzles. While it seems that time is long gone, we can still look back fondly upon these games, hoping that one day they will be revived in a blaze of glory.

Games like Day of The Tentacle, Grim Fandango and most importantly, the Monkey Island Series. The Curse Of Monkey Island to be precise, the 3rd superb game in the series,often regarded as the strongest out of all 4. Hit the jump to find out more!


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Retro Reunion: Actraiser
By: | April 19th, 2009


This Sunday’s Retro Reunion will be covering a classic game that didn’t get enough love; Actraiser. Coincidentally, Actraiser will be our game of the week on our new Retro podcast (to be released in a matter of days).

If you told me that mixing traditional platforming with a Sim City esque God game in the SNES era would have become an instant classic; I would have been skeptical. Against all odds, Actraiser manages to perfectly balance both genres into one unique package. Read on to find out if it’s your cup of tea. Read more… »


What do you call a cart that contains some of the greatest games of all time? Super Mario Allstars was gaming perfection, all wrapped up in a tiny gray cart. Anyone who bought a Super Nintendo owned this excellent piece of craftsmanship. It contained the best Mario games ever made, bar Super Mario 64, and some may say that it holds some of the greatest games the SNES ever saw. This was Mario’s prime, his top hour, before he sold out to the 3rd dimension, hit the jump to find out more.