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Not so long ago, you may remember the outstanding promotional video for the new Ferrari which did a very good job of getting me excited for the eventual release of Gran Turismo 5. But now it’s Toyota’s turn, as GT5‘s latest teaser video stars the newly unveiled FT-86 concept car.

It doesn’t quite match the cinematography of the aforementioned Ferrari video, but it does reveal a couple of new fine details about the final product. For instance, did you notice that in some shots the driver’s face can be seen without a racing helmet?

Also, unlike the previous video, we get a sample of the game’s audio – I hope the engine and tyre screech sounds that were featured here turn out to be in the final game as they are far superior to that of Prologue’s.



The full list of cars that will be available in the PSP version of Gran Turismo has just been revealed.

While it doesn’t look like Porsche made the cut, there will be two Lamborghinis, two Ferrari’s, and the famous Bugatti Veyron available for all the racing junkies out there.



Blur may have been pushed back into 2010, but that is no reason to dismay, Gamer Limit are here with an interview with the developers, Bizarre Creations, to brighten up your day as September draws to a dreary close.

We spoke to Ami Langton, Studio Communications for Bizarre, so hit the jump to find out what those lovely people from Liverpool are up to.



The age old phrase “where on earth will they go next?” has seldom been as prevalent as it has for the Colin McRae series. Back in 1998 the original Colin McRae Rally was a hit with the masses, bringing rallying into the eye of the mainstream at a time when 3D racing games were only just starting to gain recognition. It enjoyed great success in its run of 6 successive releases, but the future of the series was put in jeopardy after McRae was tragically killed in 2007, a mere 4 days after the latest game, Colin McRae: DiRT, was put on the shelves.

Despite concerns that this also marked the death of the Colin McRae games franchise, here we are two years later with DiRT 2, still intact with the McRae embroidment that was given full consent by family members.

The talented developers of Codemasters have retained a reigning reputation for developing high quality racing games over the last decade, with genre staples such as Race Driver and, of course, the long running Colin McRae series. It’s fair to say that expectations have been riding high on DiRT 2’s soggy suspension. After all, it’s taken on the task of representing the late Colin McRae, but does it do the rally legend the justice that he rightly deserves?


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GT5 damage applies to all cars
By: | September 27th, 2009

Ferrari damage

Following a hands on report from IGN, it looks as if damage will be applicable to every car in GT5 after all.

Previously, the developers implied that only race cars will suffer damage, but this is still partially true as the damage applied to the remaining cars will be seemingly limited to bodywork scratches. Racing cars however will include detachable panels, but every car in the game will still have mechanical damage. It was also confirmed that damage is still work in progress, so hopefully the final product will have a more extensive damage model when GT5 is released next March.

You have to wonder though – is this limited damage a result of time constraints or the manufacturers refusal to allow their cars to be damaged so thoroughly? With Forza 3′s damage modelling also coming under fire, I’m going for the latter. You can make up your own mind however by watching a new gameplay video of GT5′s damage after the break.


Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

The only thing faster than Sonic is the speed at which his latest games make it from the shelves and into bargain bins the world over. But somehow I always manage to muster up a degree of nostalgia-fuelled optimism when Sega announces that the blue critter will be making yet another appearance on our consoles.

Following in the footsteps – or rather tyre marks – of the ultra successful Mario Kart, it appears Sega wants a slice of the mascot-based carting pie. And, dare I say it; their latest hedgehog-filled slice of gaming pie is actually looking rather delicious – as Gamer Limit brings you the latest screens from the upcoming Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.


A tribute video showcasing the new Ferrari 458 Italia has been released, which serves the double purpose of advertising Ferrari’s new motor and Polyphony’s stunningly realistic graphics engine. But that’s not all, as the developers of the upcoming Forza 3 have also come up with a tribute video of their own for the same car.

And that is all that needs to be said on this occasion, other than the fact that the videos are breathtakingly beautiful in every way.

You can salivate over the remaining tribute after the break. Let the fanboy’s war over which looks superior commence!


Rush Rush Dreamcast box banner

Sega’s last foray into the hardware world debuted on 9/9/99.

Ten years later (plus a month, whatever), and a new game is getting set to be released: Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Hit the jump to see the trailer!



In what has become a rigorous advertising campaign, another fresh batch of trailers for Need For Speed: Shift have cropped up, presenting us with an up to date look at what is to be expected. The first trailer shows us the new Renault Megane in action, whereas the second pits numerous supercars against each other in a series of staged car battles.

Need For Speed: Shift will be roaring into stores September 15th.

You can view these new trailers after the break, complete with static American voiceover.



In one of the erm, “classiest” moves yet for a publisher, Codemasters have launched a new flash game to promote their soon to be released racing title Dirt 2.

The “game” involves inking a set of giant silicone breasts (they look fake, I can spot these things), using a surprisingly deep collection of stencils. Well surprisingly deep for a promotional flash game. Want to see my effort? Be aware it’s not really safe for work. Read on to see a big pair of GamerLimit branded globes.