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It’s no surprise that after a lukewarm PSPgo reception, genius Hideo Kojima had to say something positive about Sony’s handheld device to control the damage. This time,  Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is taking the spotlight. While we do know that Kojima has made a substantial effort in involving himself with Peace Walker, apparently there’s this one unknown feature that’ll blow our minds to smithereens.

Jump inside to get the scoop on the latest and greatest from the world of nano-pumped vampires and white-haired, female-looking half ninja robots.



Obscure: The Aftermath, originally on Playstation 2, has been ported from system to system, and now, the series has found it’s home on the PSP handheld.

Everything you may know and love from the original has been brought into this portable installment: great environments that help shape the tension, sweet co-op action, challenging puzzles, and the occasional scare. But where in the survival horror timeline does this game fall? Can it be best identified as innovative or outdated? Read more… »

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After the Playstation Portable’s first dismal year on the market, I don’t think many people expected it to ever have any sort of serious impact on the industry.  However, here we are five years later and Sony has just released the fourth and probably most significant version of the system: the PSPgo.

What makes this new portable gaming machine so important is that it marks the very first time a game company has released a device based solely off of digital distribution.  Making history doesn’t matter though if the system is badly designed with poor controls.  This begs the question, does the PSPgo deliver as a pure gaming machine, or should it be left on store shelves to sit and collect dust? Read more… »

Taito is at it again: as if you couldn’t get enough shmups, Darius Burst is hitting PSPs on December 24th in Japan. Honestly, the graphics are looking pretty slick, and the trailer shows a good balance between mild bullet hell and power-up based combat.

For more information on the shoot ‘em up genre (shmup), feel free to check out one of our past articles!


While the loveable duo’s last adventure released over 4 years ago on the PS2, Jak and Daxter are finally coming back on November 3rd! Titled Jak and Daxter: The Last Frontier, the game will continue the story from Jak and Daxter 3.

Additionally, this game will only be released on the PSP, the PSN (for the PSP-Go) and on the PS2.



Critter Crunch has finally arrived this week, and is a must-have for those who enjoy puzzle-type games. The final Fallout 3 expansion packs have also made it to the PSN, as well as DLC offerings for IL2 Sturmovik: Bird of Prey and Dirt 2. Lastly, the newest edition of Pulse is out this month, as well as your usual fare of game trailers, themes and Rockband/Guitar Hero downloadable tracks.

The PSP update is quite small however,  with NBA 10 THE INSIDE and NBA LIVE 10 being the only PSP games released. It’s a surprising update as while the EU store continues to get many new PSP games every week, the US seems to have stopped already in its second week. This in turn does not bode well for PSP-Go owners.



Last week, a blog post on Capcom Unity accidentally revealed a list of five Capcom games headed to the PSN as well as their release dates.

Previously available only on UMD, the recent launch of the PSP-Go is likely the cause for these games being converted into the digital format.



Today online retail giant launched a new PlayStation Network store allowing gamers to buy downloadable content for their PS3 and PSPs.

Amazon’s PSN store includes numerous full games and downloadable content, however not all items from the actual PlayStation Store are there. Rock Band tracks, for example, are not available in Amazon’s store. Read more… »


After trialing a few different schemes, Walmart has finally decided to start selling used games throughout its many stores. Only time will tell if this service will be worth it, but I don’t think that the major game retailers will be too pleased at losing more revenue to used game services.

To check out further conditions and news about the scheme, just hit the jump.



The full list of cars that will be available in the PSP version of Gran Turismo has just been revealed.

While it doesn’t look like Porsche made the cut, there will be two Lamborghinis, two Ferrari’s, and the famous Bugatti Veyron available for all the racing junkies out there.



For those of you who loved LittleBigPlanet on the PS3, the PSP version has finally received a release date as well as its official NA cover art. You’ll be able to grab a copy of LittleBigPlanet on November the 17th, so get ready to play, create and share all over again on the PSP.

To see the cover art and more information about the game, just hit the jump.


Today is a landmark day in the history of video games.  For the first time ever a major video game company is releasing a system that is based purely off of digital distribution.  I am of course talking about the new Sony PSPgo.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion, I have created a video of me unboxing my brand new PSPgo for the very first time.  I also take the opportunity to compare the size of the system to that of the iPhone 3GS and the Nintendo DS Lite.

Don’t take my word for it though.  Click the video above to see for yourself.