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Who wants to adopt a PSP Go? Previously, you would have to have more money than sense to consider such an obligation, but now you can own one for the more reasonable price of £148.99. All you have to do is live in the UK and visit your local HMV retailer – not to sound like an intrusive advertisement, but that’s £76 off of the RRP! Wow!

It’s a similar story for Dj Hero, too, which has been slashed down to just £69.99.

These deals are not likely to last long, so it would be advisable to trek down to HMV if any of the above are on your Christmas list while stocks last.

Edit: at the time of writing the PSP Go has reverted back to £199.99.



Today publisher Ubisoft announced that a new Prince of Persia game will be released in May 2010, just in time to arrive along side the feature film based off the game franchise.

According to the press release, players will return to the “Sands of Time storyline” in the new game, dubbed “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.” The new title is currently in development for “consoles and hendhelds.” While the rest of the details are a bit sparse, Ubisoft did state that the new game will feature “many of the fan-favorite elements from the original series as well as new gameplay innovations.” Read more… »


Today Konami Digital Entertainment announced that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a remake of the original PS1 Silent Hill,  will arrive December 9 of this year.

For those of you who don’t know, Shattered Memories isn’t just a remake, but rather a reworking of Silent Hill. The awkward combat elements have been removed, leaving players to rely on their wits, a cell phone and a flashlight to guide them through the spooky puzzles. Read more… »

Chinatown Wars

When it was launched earlier this year, Chinatown Wars was met with biting bewilderment for one reason: it was exclusive to your sister’s brightly coloured (and most likely plastered beyond recognition with hateful Pokemon stickers) Nintendo DS, a console more renowned for cooking sausages than slaughtering pedestrians.

But then something even more remarkable happened. Not even the harshest of critics could defecate over it, touting the game as a supreme adaptation which pushed the DS beyond its crude capabilities. Unfortunately, everyone was too preoccupied with cooking sausages, resulting in a disappointing sales slump. And so, after being rid of its DS exclusivity binds, here we are now with Chinatown Wars on the PSP. Read more… »

Arctic Edge

With two critically acclaimed games under its heaving bonnet, the MotorStorm series has become one of the most reputable racing games for the PlayStation 3, thanks to its unique brand of automotive anarchy. And now, after the success of last year’s MotorStorm Pacific Rift, the franchise has taken an interesting detour into the depths of your pocket, the PSP.

Does Arctic Edge follow in its big brother’s tire treads, or does it suffer from frostbite in its transition to the PlayStation Portable platform?



Today Sony announced that Slant Six’s PSP tactical shooter SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3 has been delayed to January 12, 2010.

Sony originally announced that SOCOM would hit November 24 a few weeks ago. Since then the announcement was removed with no explanation. To find out why the game was delayed, read on. Read more… »

Half Minute Hero screenshot 2

From the creators of the 80s-tastic Retro Game Challenge comes XSEED’s latest foray into 8-bit historical homage: Half-Minute Hero, the world’s first thirty-second RPG.

Instead of the meandering pace of most current (and past) RPGs, HMH throws a unique curveball at you: each quest (level) must be completed in thirty seconds or less. It forces the game to be frantic and fast, but is it fun?

Yes. Yes it is. In the words of Half-Minute Hero‘s Time Goddess, “Has any RPG ever let you advance the story by saying no?”


Pixeljunk Monsters PSP

Q-Games, the developer of the hugely popular PixelJunk series on the PS3, have recently commented that they’re not happy with the amount of piracy happening on the PSP. Having only just released PixelJunk Monsters: Deluxe on the PSP three weeks ago, they stated that “they don’t think they’ll be porting anything else” as there is a “lot of piracy” cutting into their sales.

While there is still hope for Q-Games releasing further games on the PSP, at this point in time the future looks grim.


Halo 3: ODST tops the charts

After a short delay, the NPD Group has finally released the software and hardware sales data for the month of September. With a 1% increase over last year’s sales, the month of September was certainly an impressive sales month for both Halo 3: ODST and the Playstation 3 console.

Despite the fact many feel Halo 3: ODST felt more like an expansion, Halo fans proved, once again, just how important the Halo series is to the Xbox 360.

Hit the jump for the full breakdown of September’s NPD numbers.


Truth be told, the debut trailer from Star Wars’ new Battlefront: Elite Squadron doesn’t show much. In fact, it almost shows nothing but a brief, shiny-looking CGI cutscene for fans to take a peek at. LucasArts are pretty honest when it comes down to it, they even note that these sharpshooting visuals aren’t the actual gameplay footage; how nice of them.

If 33-second trailers involving space Stormtroopers are your thing, scoot inside. Read more… »


Well folks, it seems like while HIPB (which sounds like a new life threatening disease) was all set to get a digital distrbution release, publisher NIS wants to scrounge up some support for a UMD version. But make sure you act now! Because on the official Nippon Ichi Software storefront, the RosenQueen Company, it says you have until “high noon” mid-December.

I’m a pretty big fan of NIS, so I think it’s really sad that they’re making a big fuss over a measly 1,000 units. So, if you want to support your friendly neighborhood (?) Eastern developer, feel free to drop twenty bucks, and fight digital distribution one UMD at a time. Holy Invasion of Privacy, described in my own words, is like a mix of Dig Dug and SimAnt (yea, that was perfect).

LEGO Indiana Jones 2, scheduled for release on November 25, is the follow-up to your girlfriend’s favourite console game. You’ll play through setpieces taken from the fourth film, while again re-living the first three Indy flicks.

Seemingly questionable, the developers have reassured us that the adventure from LEGO Indiana Jones has not been recycled. Copied and pasted or not, Indiana Jones 2 will this time allow gamers create their own levels via a map builder according to their every whim.

Swing from tree to tree, do a backflip and jump right in for the developer walkthrough.