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Just a few months after Media Molecule claimed a sequel would be “counter productive” to the Little Big Planet community, a Sony exec has leaked news of a sequel. It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise since developers, and the like, will lie at the drop of a hat to keep something “secret,” but I’d assumed MM was above that, for some reason.

Then again, maybe their plans just changed. After all, a lot has happened since last November: Media Molecule was purchased by Sony, Playstation Move has been officially announced and detailed, and there hasn’t been a whole ton of support for the PS3 version of Little Big Planet since the PSP version was released. Perhaps it was just a perfect storm situation for either a sequel or a reselling of LBP as a Move launch title.


Seriously, what is Kingdom Hearts? I’ve played every game and remake in the series, and I still have no idea what Kingdom Hearts actually is. Is it an everlasting salt flavored ice cream stand? Is it a place for boy band voice actors to hang out? Hopefully we’ll find out in the upcoming PSP title Birth By Sleep, finally confirmed for a North American release this summer. Packed full of Disney goodness including the all new Lilo and Stitch, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White kingdoms, Birth By Sleep looks like it already has a lot more unique content than 358/2 Days.

Stay tuned this summer for the portable monologue-collection-of-quotes such as “I am nobody…but if I am nobody…am I somebody?” goodness.

Yay, another Lunar remake!  Let’s call this one… Silver Star Story Silver Star Story Complete Lunar Legend Silver Star Harmony. There we go.  While the PlayStation version was an enhanced form of the SEGA Saturn version (which itself was a slightly better port of the SEGA CD version), L:SSH for the PSP goes back to the original SEGA CD source and switches up the viewpoint, redraws the characters and environments, and adds new music and scenes.

If you’ve never played Lunar before, you should go get this immediately, as it’s one of the finest old-school RPG’s on the PSP.  If you’ve played the other iterations, however, your purchasing decision is a little hazier…


How do you fit obese royalty into your pocket? It’s a question that has bugged us at Gamer Limit for quite some time. Judging by Martin and Simon’s ex-girlfriends we thought they would have the answer, but sadly they weren’t princesses. Lucky for us that Fat Princess, the well received PlayStation Network title, has now been released on Sony’s PSP with the subtitle Fistful of Cake. Perhaps we’ll know now.

The original Fat Princess was a riotous online team game that, once it sorted out its early network problems, had a lot to give. Moving a game that relies so much on its online element to a platform that isn’t exactly famous for games of this ilk does appear to be a risk. So with that said, just how well does it weigh up to its beefier home console counterpart?


Those who have been hotly anticipating the upcoming Sony-exclusive racer ModNation Racers will be relieved to know that a release date of May 25th has finally been announced. A European date has yet to be confirmed, but SCEE have stated they are aiming to release it the same week as North America. If this is the case, we can presume it will be available May 25th if Europe’s traditional Friday release dates are anything to go by.

ModNation Racer’s innovative track creation and share facilities have gained a fair amount of publicity since its debut at E3 last summer, so Sony must be feeling confident about this one. Hit the jump for a lowdown of some pre-order exclusives that are to be bundled with the game.


When I first went to sit down with the PSP version of Dante’s Inferno, I made it a personal goal, for the duration of the game, to cast aside my knowledge of and respect for the source material. I knew without doing so, my brain would fall victim to a series of aneurysms that would ultimately lead to my untimely demise.

With my mental preparations set to defend against literature genocide, I dove into hell with really no expectations whatsoever. When I resurfaced, I was damn well pleased with the outcome. Read more… »

Over the past few years it seems that gamers have gained an odd obsession with zombies. Everything from hardcore shooters like Left 4 Dead to casual tower defense games such as Plants vs. Zombies have been over run with the walking dead. The latest game to feature these undead dullards is Age of Zombies on the PlayStation Network.

This downloadable title, playable on both the PS3 and PSP, is your typical top-down shooter, much in the vein of the old SNES classic Smash TV. You take on the role of Barry Steakfries, a generic mash-up of various action movie icons much like Duke Nukem, who is at odds with the mad scientist Professor Brain. At the start of the game Professor Brain sends a bunch of zombies though time in order to rewrite history. Of course our hero Mr. Steakfries can’t let that happen, so he jumps into the time portal after them. Read more… »

It looks as though the zany dungeon crawler Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman!: What Did I Do To Deserve This? released on the PSN network last year has run into legal problems with its chosen name.

According to a press release from NIS America, the company was accused of creating a conflict of interest with another unnamed IP holder. This conflict of interest forced a name change on NIS America’s part. Anyone want to take a shot in the dark as to who did the complaining?


This is the first thing from the mostly ridiculous Dante’s Inferno ad campaign that I’ve seen yet that makes me care about the game.  Why?  Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.”  Makes up for the fake protesters, the fake game, and encouraging game geeks to molest booth babes.



Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, billed as a re-imagining of the classic horror franchise, was released last year to decidedly solid reviews.  In fact, Gamer Limit’s own Andrew Kauz gave it an 8.5 in his review.

Given the relatively positive reception the game received, it seems that developer Climax Group still wants another shot at the series, which is published by Konami. Read more… »

Soccer! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist… Anyhow, football is in full force this year with the 2010 World Cup. One of the biggest events in sports, hosted this year in South Africa, is a big deal for, well, the world. Surprisingly enough, EA Sports is cashing in with its newest release: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

199 teams, 10 official stadiums and, the best part, more FIFA! And with an end of April release date on 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP, it is safe to say football fans will have their fix all year long. Bring on the World Cup! USA! USA! USA! Yep, I went there. Read on for more info. Read more… »


With pitchers and catchers arriving down in spring training just a a few short weeks away, Sony has announced that allstar catcher Joe Mauer, of the Minnesota Twins, will be the cover athlete for the PlayStation exclusive marquis baseball title, MLB 10 The Show.

To be honest, this really comes as no surprise. Taking a look at the young catcher’s career numbers (in just 5 short years), he’s an absolute beast, not to mention you can finally play as a catcher in this iteration of the MLB franchise title. Hit the jump for a more complete list of NEW features that The Show will bring to the table. Read more… »