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In this day and age, its really hard to find a good, solid, challenging game. Although many old school 2D style games like Super Meat Boy and Tempura of the Dead pop up from time to time, they’re few and far between amidst an endless sea of shooters and 3D action titles.

Fortunately, NIS enjoys sticking to their roots quite often, and gave us the insanely difficult (actually, just plain insane) Prinny series.


Blimp: The Flying Adventures is not a terribly deep or substantial game. It’s a twenty level downloadable Steampunk 2D version of Crazy Taxi with bombs available for the PS3, PSP and iOS devices. If that sounds like your cup of tea hit the jump for the full review.


In case that title is in any way unclear, A Space Shooter for Two Bucks a PlayStation Minis game that is a shoot ‘em up, set in space, and it will cost you $1.99. That is, unless you are a member of Sony’s elite, in which case the game is free. So if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, pick up that PSP or DualShock 3, go to the PlayStation Store and hit download. The rest of us plebeians will have to cough up the two dollars.

The real question is “Is it worth your money?” Find out after the break.


Amongst the rest of this week’s massive PlayStation Store Update, everyone’s favourite new phone game, Angry Birds, is hitting the PS3 and PSP as a PlayStation minis game. Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s offerings from Sony.


The time has finally come! Gamer Limit is ringing in the new year with of the best games 2010 had to offer. The Gamer Limit staff has nominated and selected the top games of 2010. Plenty of great games joined the libraries of the PlayStation 3 and PSP systems this year.

The nominees for Gamer Limit’s Sony Games of the Year include: Heavy Rain, Dante’s Inferno, God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, Valkyria Chronicles II, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. But, who won? You’ll need to hit the jump to find out.


From the makers of Zombie Tycoon and Young Thor comes … A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! This PlayStation minis title is making its way to PS3 and PSP via the PlayStation Network for the low, low price of – yes, that’s right, $1.99. For PlayStation Plus subscribers the title will be absolutely free when the game launches next week.

The game is pretty much what you would expect, which is entirely fine by me. The PlayStation Network really could use some more good shmups. So if you could use a little more alien blasting in your life, be on the lookout for A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! on December 21st.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

It’s amazing for veteran video game enthusiasts of the 16-bit era or older like me to look back on the development of franchises that continue to endure the test of time. Some franchises like Mario or Metroid soar gloriously beyond their roots. Other franchises seem to be coughing and sputtering towards their graves; unfortunately Phantasy Star Portable 2 is one of these. Phantasy Star Portable 2 shows that despite some incremental gameplay tweaks, the formula is stale and nothing we haven’t seen before. What results is a lackluster game at best with the multiplayer being the only spot of reasonable fun.

It almost feels insulting to bring up the story for how squandered the single-player narrative is. Three years after the events of Phantasy Star Universe the Gurhal System’s lack of resources is putting it in great peril. The world is saved by the development of a new form of interstellar travel that lets Gurhlians migrate to the depths of space. As your mercenary team, Little Wing, travels into the great beyond you encounter old and new threats that form the bulk of the story. The story doesn’t take a back seat so much as it just gets left behind in the dust, as Phantasy Star Portable 2 drives off without a clue of where it wants to go.


If there’s ever an argument for there being no such thing as a bad idea, it’s Kingdom Hearts.  Back in 2001, I’m sure Final Fantasy and Disney sounded awful to some people.   The Kingdom Hearts series found its way into the PlayStation 2 with two excellent and memorable installments.  The two Nintendo handheld title in the series detailed a midquel and a prequel that made attempts to change up the gameplay formula with varying success. This time on the PSP, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is back in Sony’s territory and comes full circle in returning to the fast paced hack and slash gameplay that made the series fun.  Birth by Sleep opts for significant tweaks rather than a full-blown gameplay redesign with excellent results.

The secret cinematic at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 set off an endless stream of ideas and theories of the mysterious circumstances that led the series to where it is now.   Ten years prior to the first Kingdom Hearts the series focuses on a trio of students named Ventus “Ven”, Aqua, and Terra.  They train in the Land of Departure to become Keyblade Masters – guardians of the worlds who maintain the balance between light and dark, a pivotal theme in the series.  Upon the disappearance of one of their Masters, Xehanort, strange creatures known as the Unversed begin invading worlds.  Ven, Aqua and Terra all set out for their own reasons and thus begins a series of events that set Kingdom Hearts in motion. Read more… »

Today Sony revealed some details about its new, free incentive program called PlayStation Rewards.

Granting gamers numerous goodies such as avatars, themes, and more, the Playstation Rewards system is based on gamer participation. Other benefits to this reward program include the opportunity to enter “sweepstakes and giveaways,” the first of which includes an “all expenses paid trip” to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.   Read more… »

Ever since Sony themselves admitted the PSPgo was a “test”, I can’t even take a shred of PSPgo news seriously. In true hilarious “Go” fashion, Square Enix has just announced that one of the biggest PSP releases this year, Birth By Sleep, will not be available on the Playstation Network. For those of you that aren’t familiar with how the PSPgo works, it forces users to play games solely through means of digital downloads – which means go owners will literally be unable to play the hard-copy only game unless they buy another PSP.

It’s not quite clear if Square Enix themselves are responsible for withholding the game, or if Sony has decided to avoid publishing it on their network. Either way, it’s terrible news for “Go” fans, who already have to deal with one to two week late digital releases for a handful of PSP releases. Read more… »

The problem with most third party video game accessories these days is they all feel like cheap pieces of plastic that were made for kids.  This makes little sense when close to 75% of all gamers are over the age of 18 and the average age is 35.  These sensible adult gamers demand a higher quality product, and that’s where the new premium brand CM4 steps in.

CM4′s mission statement is to create a line of video game accessories that they themselves would use in their everyday lives.  I’m talking high quality sophisticated accessories that not only do the job they’re designed for, but do so with style.  Their first batch of products is the Catalyst line, a collection of soft cases for the WiiMote, Nintendo DSi/XL, and PSPgo.

I’ve recently gotten my hands on the PSPgo slim cover and I’m here to tell you all why this is the only case you need for wherever your travels take you. Read more… »

I haven’t been a fan of Shin Megami Tensei games for a terribly long time (maybe about a year), but in that time I’ve played as many entries as I could get my hands on. With Persona 3 Portable, I’ve found a greatly enhanced version of an already enjoyable adventure.  From battle mechanics to the option to play as a female character, P3P has taken great strides to appeal to returning fans of the series, as well as open itself up to new players, and the results speak for themselves.

Featuring a ridiculously long story arc, topped with equal parts dungeon crawling and social simulation, Persona 3 Portable offers an experience that players cannot help but remember long past the day they put the game down.  While not everyone may like what it has to offer, the game is more than any interested player could ever ask for, and stands to be a staple of the PSP’s RPG library.

So what can players expect after dropping full price for the title?  Keep reading and see!