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With the announcement of some stellar titles arriving on the PSP this year, it would appear that owners of the device finally have a good reason to charge it up again and book a long train journey. With the idea of creating a cutesy LBP level during rush hour headaches-ville and ripping through Motorstorm’s snowy, mountainous terrain while sitting on the toilet firmly processed in our brains, it seems only fitting that we discuss which games should also be brought to the device.


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Sony Online Exceeds 20 Million Users
By: | February 25th, 2009


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that the number of registered accounts on PlayStation®Network worldwide have exceeded 20 million as of February 2009. Read more… »


So there is life in the old girl yet. Just as rumors run riot about the possibility of a new PSP coming in the not-so-distant future, Sony pull a card out of their sleeve and a rabbit out of a hat. That’s right, LBP and Motorstorm are both heading to the PSP this year.



Atlus USA has just announced that a remake of the first Persona is coming to North America on the PlayStation Portable. Persona is a rare game and will cost you a grip of money over at Ebay and Amazon, so people who just recently got into the Persona franchise can now have a chance to play the first installment at a reasonable price. Read more… »

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Unbound Saga Announced
By: | February 7th, 2009


On the 6th of February Vogster Entertainment announced a brand new game for the PSP, available via PSN download. Unbound saga is a 3d style beat’em up, set within the confines of a comic book world.



Anyone who’s been itching for more Kingdom Hearts since number two was released nearly three years ago has had little to hope for since the announcement of the sequels/prequels for the DS, the PSP and mobile platforms. Tidbits of information have slowly leaked from Japan, none though that have revealed much other than whats been seen in official trailers.



Gundam Battle Universe is the fourth iteration in the Gundam Battle series of games for the Playstation Portable, and easily surpasses the previous three in terms of content, depth and fun. Gundam Battle Universe is a stunningly addictive action-combat game that can be played in either a third person or first-person perspective, where players assume control of giant humanoid mechs, called mobile suits, in battle after gut-wrenching battle. It is also the single best game to land on the Playstation Portable. Read more… »