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An ESRB listing popped up for a new game called Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and instead of denying it, LucasArts goes ahead and backs up the ESRB and confirms that the game is in development.



Crimson Gem Saga, an upcoming Atlus developed  RPG for the PSP is sporting a fresh new trailer.  Just in time for its release next week, the new video showcases the game’s breathtaking animation and dynamic battle sequences.  For swords made of lightning and beautifully drawn battle scenes, hit the jump. Read more… »


The folks over at Electronic Arts have just released screen shots for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. This new Joe game is set to released around the same time as the movie. Do you think we’re ready to be thrust back into the world of G.I Joe? I suppose we’re about to find out! Hit the jump for the boxart!



The handheld games market has been invaded by the iPhone over the past year or so. No longer, it would seem, can gaming companies trust in the quality of a product without attempting to think outside the box, if only just a little.

According to “music industry sources” speaking with, Sony could be about to launch a music download service for the PlayStation Portable.



Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II is an arcade flight sim for the PSP that aims for mediocrity, but a bevy of frustrating issues keep it from achieving even such a modest goal.

While it does have a few redeeming factors, the package as a whole feels largely uninspired, and at times, slapped together. Furthermore, it often sacrifices entertainment value in favor of an ill-conceived concept of ingenuity. Read more… »


Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the ultimate nerdgasm fighting game is coming west-side soon enough and to top off the awesomeness of the game, Square have decided to make the box-art reversible. Unfortunately both sides are equally awesome so it’s difficult to choose! Read more… »


Dissidia: Final Fantasy is arguably the most anticipated game for the PlayStation Portable because it’s pretty much every Final Fantasy fan’s wet dream. If you were planning on picking up a PSP when the game releases, well here’s some good news. Sony has announced a new PSP limited edition entertainment pack featuring Dissidia.


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Gamer Limit Review: Patapon
By: | May 14th, 2009


After listening to all of the hoopla surrounding Patapon, I decided to give the little bugger a try. I remember seeing it waiting on a shelf for an unsuspecting buyer under the allure of its kiddish demeanor to purchase it.  Wondering if it held more than fancy looks myself, I popped the bad boy into my PSP and began my journey in search of “It.”  After about twenty minutes, I realized that the developers had successfully blended real-time strategy and rhythm mechanics into one of the most entertaining and alluring titles on the handheld. Read more… »


Have you ever walked down the street, caught a glimpse of your own reflection in a shop window and thought: “I’m a freakin’ bad ass. I got a blonde high top, a vest, half a pack o’ bubble gum, an’ enough attitude to take on an army of pigs”…? If the answer to this everyday question is a resounding “yes”, you may want to try out to become the real-life version of the ultimate blonde, vest wearing bad ass. Lose the bubble gum and you may be in with a shot, dude.



Kotaku has reported that the Latest issue of Famitsu that the PSP will be getting the latest rendition of Game Art’s Classic RPG, Lunar: The Silver Star.  Originally released for the Sega CD, the first Lunar (and its sequel) have seen remakes on the Sega Saturn, Playstation One, and an interesting Game Boy Advance version.

Hit the jump for the Famitsu screenshot.


Earlier this year, Atlus has announced both Persona and Growlanser will be remade for the PSP. Before Persona’s release, Atlus has released numerous pictures, videos and soundtrack samples. Growlanser, on the other hand, only had few screen releases and one trailer. The game is going to be released this week, and my curiosity rose, asking myself where are the gameplay videos?

Luckily, the wait for gameplay footage of the PSP version is over. Hit the jump to watch the video.



LucasArts continue to bridge the many gaps within the Star Wars universe, via various mediums. Arguably, these gaps don’t need filling, but filled they are nonetheless. Their latest adventure, Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, takes its style from the Clone Wars cartoon series, and promises two-player coop action.