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This week’s Store update is certainly a marked improvement over Sony’s previously pitiful offerings over the past few weeks. With 4 new donwloadable games, a demo and a host of downloadable content, there is little to grumble about. My personal pick however goes to the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift expansion pack, featuring some brand new tracks and vehicles to toy with, since it is one of my favourite racing games which has seen little DLC since its launch some 8 months ago. That’s my evening spoken for, then.

Check out the full update in the usual place.


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Sunday Soapbox: PSP No-Go?
By: | June 28th, 2009


When I first clapped eyes on the initial images of PSP Go, I was considerably unmoved. And now it seems that retailers are becoming equally pessimistic about the launch, having forecast a retail disaster earlier this week. Things are not boding well for PSP Go.

As reported on Gamer Limit, these independent retailers are becoming concerned by an apparent lack of interest towards the console, after it failed to attract any pre-orders whatsoever. And it’s not hard to see why.



There was one surprise announcement that was missing from Sony’s E3 Press Conference, and that was the announcement of a new Jak and Daxter game. A little bit of investigating, and some help from Google Translator has confirmed that there is some sort of title in the works.

Hit the break, and we’ll list out the details we’ve confirmed just for you!


Sure, Sony says that people in the UK are willing to shell out the lofty $249 price tag for the PSPgo. Assuming we buy into that optimistic little morsel, Sony may still find themselves without much success in the UK if the retailers don’t stock the system. Read more… »


Everyone loves free DLC. Zeno Clash has some coming this weekend, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 has had it for weeks now, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm seemingly has new free content every week.

Now, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce joins their ranks. The highlight of the new content is a new epic quest involving the legendary Lu Bu (maybe you’ll get to pursue him this time). Hit the jump for the full press release if you’re so inclined. Read more… »


It looks like the hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans that only stay loyal to the Playstation brand will have their opprotunity to break into cars, steal/sell drugs, and just shoot even more people than before.

Let’s face it, Chinatown Wars is still one of the highest rated games on the Nintendo DS, but it only sold around 89,000 copies of the game. Can you blame Sony for wanting to try that again?



Ask me what my favourite game series is and I’ll tell you Metal Gear Solid. Ask me my favourite MGS game and I’ll tell you, without a blink, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. A new rival is set to join the series, with the PSP taking another bite of the action.

“I’ve learned something… I’m not living unless I’m in battle” – Big Boss



If you’re an Atlus Faithful, meaning you subscribed to Atlus’ newsletter, then you might have received an e-mail concerning the Persona PSP remake today. Atlus will once again spoil Persona fans with a nice bonus. Along with the bonus, the e-mail confirms a September release.


In a move that just seems right somehow, Sony has announced that God of War star Kratos will be bringing his famously cheery disposition to the PSP fighter Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, due out this summer. “Constant consultation” between the franchise devs at Sony and Namco Bandai’s Project Soul team has resulted in their managing to “really nail down Kratos” according to God of War III director Stig Assmusen.

Kratos-lovers should note that the glowering god will feature a moveset and assets drawn from God of War II rather than the upcoming sequel. Not that it matters, because now we can see who’s got the better chain-linked blades: Kratos or Ivy. Continue reading for the trailer.



Beginning on the first day with Sony’s press conference, I’ve been left in awe by the sheer amount of titles for the PS3 and PSP being displayed across the show floor. With 35 PS3 exclusives expected by the end of the year and a total of 364 games gracing Sony platforms – many of which highly-anticipated – some may claim that the “Best of E3 Award” deservingly belongs to them. And I couldn’t agree more, particularly after demoing the new PSP fighter, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny.



Out on the floor on E3, many people could be overheard saying that 2009 is truly the year of the portable, as the sheer volume of titles being released over both the PSP and the DSi (not to mention the announcement of the PSP Go!) are nearly overwhelming.

Some garner more attention than others, and yet one shines brighter than all the rest, bringing together some of the most celebrated characters in videogame history for the first time ever: Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Read more… »


After finally getting to hit the show floor, following the stellar announcements at the press conferences, I made my way to the Atlus block. Feeling my inner excitement for one of my favorite publishers/developers I dove right into one of their highly-anticipated remakes.

Persona PSP is slated to release in Fall 2009 (I pestered, but no official date yet), and its a going to be a refurbished version of the original with cinematics, voice acting, and a graphical upgrade. Dated gameplay, however, keeps the game from being anything but a fan service. Read more… »