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Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a pretty unique prospect. It arrived in Japan in 2011 as the first videogame follow-up to the popular manga and anime series, and now, two years later, it’s ready for an international release.

As a mix of both RPG and action concepts, describing Black Rock Shooter: The Game is fairly difficult. One thing is for sure though — the experience is the very definition of “niche.”


Muramasa: the Demon Blade developer Vanillaware is back with a new, turn based RPG called Grand Knights History. The upcoming PSP title is releasing in Japan next week and I’ve had  my eye on it for a while now.  Unfortunately, so far the only footage of the game has come in the form of short gameplay clips — until now.

An actual real-life trailer has appeared for your viewing pleasure and in typical Vanillaware fashion, it’s looking gorgeous. Hopefully, Marvelous Entertainment will bring this one stateside, but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. If not, at least Sony has the decency to make their consoles region free, unlike some people.

The trailer and an all-new gameplay short await you after the break.


At the peak of a 12 year working relationship, Sony has acquired Sucker Punch Productions, makers of the inFamous and Sly Cooper series. Both sides have expressed nothing but excitement about the deal, which will have all future products release under the Playstation monicker.

On the consumer side, it will be as if nothing has happened. Sucker Punch titles have consistently been exclusive to the Playstation brand. Yet, there are more subtle forces at play that may prove to be less than favorable.


Bomberman ULTRA is free with with your Plus membership this week…which pretty much everyone should have unless they missed out on the Welcome Back deal. If you like 3D fighters, the Powerstone Collection is currently half price at $4.99. In other news, the Uncharted 3 Beta opened up to the public if you want to check that out.

Other than that, the week’s full update awaits after the break.


Sony is offering PlayStation Network users free games as a part of the Welcome Back program. Unfortunately, the offer is ending this weekend. Sony’s been pretty generous, offering up to four free games on account of taking so long to re-secure their online service after that “unauthorized intrusion”.

If you want to get your hands on titles like Little Big Planet,  Super Stardust HD, inFamous, Wipeout HD, Modnation Racers, and Killzone: Liberation for free you should turn on that PSP or PS3 before Sunday July 3rd.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Lots of big news this week! Beyond Good and Evil HD has finally made its way to PSN. PlayStation Plus Members get access to the “free” Uncharted 3 Beta. Duke Nukem Forever is now available in demo form.  And there’s plenty of great PSP deals thanks to the new Dual-Pack deal.

Information on all this and more awaits you after the break.


As bizarre as that title looks, it’s not really symbolic.  Dissidia 012 is just the prequel to the original Dissidia, which brought Final Fantasy protagonists together in one big fighting fan service throwdown.  It wasn’t a triumph among fighting games but its reasonable success was in following the philosophy that if you’re going to make a fan service game for your customers you might as well give it dynamic combat, a great soundtrack and lots of unlockables.  A second round of fan service might be pushing it, though.  Dissidia 012 would need to rise to the challenge by offering a lot more than its predecessor.

Does Dissidia 012 stand up as a follow-up in its own right?  Let’s take a look.  After all, what better way to celebrate the passing of E3 with a game that came out in March?


While at Gamestop today to pick up Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, I spotted the fabled “PSP Dual-Packs” that were announced a few days back.

Weighing in at the low price of $14.99, the three current packs aren’t too shabby, given how pretty much every title in there is considered a Western classic. Personally, I wish that both Syphon Filters were included in one set, but hey, that’s how they get ya!

If you have the itch to pick one of these up, you can also get them digitally, which I highly recommend if you’re going to be buying a Vita (UMDs in all likelihood will not transfer over, but PSN downloads will).

Alien Zombie Megadeath, a new Killzone 3 map pack, three new PSP minis, a host of deals and bundles and more are now available via the PlayStation Network this week. The full details await you after the break.


There it is ladies and gentlemen. The NGP is officially named the PS Vita. Vita, meaning “life” in Latin is easily the worst product name I have ever heard.

While this has been rumored for a while now, all of us here at Gamer Limit have hoped that it wasn’t true. But, despite the poor name, the features and games shown during the Sony press conference were quite promising. And at $249 for the Wi-fi version and $299 for 3G, it falls right in line with one of its competitors, Nintendo’s 3DS. Sad to think that is an acceptable price for a handheld these days. Oh economy, how I hate thee. Hit the break for a full breakdown of the PS Vita.


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Sony welcomes you back
By: | June 4th, 2011

Yesterday, Sony released the Welcome Back program. Because the PlayStation Network was down for so long, Sony would like to apologize and offer users free games and additional content. Sony is offering PlayStation Network users the opportunity to download two titles for their PSP and/or PS3 (for a total of free 4 games).

Additionally, Sony is offering a free 30 day subscription to the PlayStation Network Plus service, while current PSN Plus members will receive a 60 day extension of their membership. For the full list of free games you can nab with the Welcome Back package hit the jump.


After a long period of downtime due to hacker attacks, Sony has finally managed to start bringing its PlayStation Network services back online. Along with this news, Sony released a short video from company president Kaz Hirai, where he lays out his plan to restore select services in phases. Here’s what will be coming back online:

  • Sign in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity services
  • Online gameplay across PS3 and PSP
  • Friends list
  • Chat functionality
  • Trophy comparison
  • PlayStation Home
  • Access to third party services such as Netflix
  • Music Unlimited for current subscribers