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The Battlefield franchise has a lot of hardened fans, and the life of the series has transfered well onto the consoles. The “hardcore” in that group would say you couldn’t play it right without a mouse and keyboard, and they could be right. With Battlefield 1943 coming, and the esstablished populary of Bad Company, the rumor that Battlefield Heroes is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network is not at all surprising.


Battlefield 1943 takes you back to WWII and throws you into the battlefield across the islands of Wake, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal. This new trailer features Pacific warfare in Iwo Jima loaded with ground combat and carpet bomb attacks from fighter planes. Hit the jump to read more and watch the clip.



That’s right people, the wicked game Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic is being given away for free on the US PSN store. I hear it’s only for a week though so don’t miss the chance to pick up this fantastic game. Read more… »


Were you one of the poor saps who slept through the glory that is Bionic Commando: Rearmed? Well, your laziness and inaction is being rewarded with a price drop.  How’s 50% off sound?  That’s right, all the soldier grabbin’, Super Joe savin’ action can be your’s for only $4.99 on the PlayStation Network from now until May 21st.  If you’re not convinced, then check out how much we drooled over this retro face-lifted title!


Everyone here at Gamer Limit is excited at the recently announced Turtles In Time remake. It seems that footage of the game has been caught on a cell phone camera and put out onto the Internet. Hit the jump to check it out! Read more… »


Ah breaking bricks. A national pastime you can experience at bars everywhere, and in the 70s, every arcade you could find. Breakout started an unstoppable trend. What was it about an essentially modified version of pong that enticed so many people? I remember the first time I played Arkanoid when I was 4 years old; it was probably the first “frantic” title I ever played. So is Magic Ball different than all the rest?

Well, have you ever gunned down pirates with a machine gun before in a brick breaking game?! Read more… »


Geon Emotions is a unique puzzle game from Strawdog studios. You’ve never seen this combination before: its Marble Madness meets Pac-man! Filled with heart racing electronica tracks, and futuristic visuals, Geon is a one of a kind experience. Read on to find out if that experience is worth the price of entry. Read more… »