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After all the hype and hooplah concerning Modern Warfare 2, it is hard to find a place in our hearts for anything else right now. That is, until we realized that there is still plenty of World at War to be played.

Tomorrow, Treyarch releases a brand new set of three maps, and a new zombie map to entertain the masses. It will cost you 800 Microsoft Points (or $10.00 USD) and you will be rewarded with new achievements, and rays of sunshine throughout your day! Hit the jump for a brand new trailer for Shi No Numa, Zambi Swamp. it’s wicked.



This weeks Playstation Store update has been a bumper E3 special, offering a plethora of E3 related game trailers along with a smattering of new playable and downloadable content thrown in for good measure.

Check out this week’s mammoth update in full after the break.


Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise has announced several upcoming releases for the current generation at this E3 conference. Yet the news doesn’t stop there. Today Konami states that the original Metal Gear Solid will be coming to the Playstation Network quite soon.



Grand Turismo for the PSP has been announced. Creator of Gran Turismo says the PSP Go may be small, but the game is big.

  • Sixty frames per second!
  • 800 cars, 35 tracks, 60 layout variations of the tracks!
  • Single Player: Standard races, mission challenges, drift challenges, time challenges.
  • Full size Gran Turismo experience.
  • Utilizes the ad-hoc mode enabling you to race with up to four players.
  • Trading and sharing of cars between your garage and the garage of other players.
  • It is fairly difficult to gather all the cars alone, so get with your friends!
  • On display at the show floor. GamerLimit will have impressions up!



I’ve got a slight feeling that Wolfenstein 3D will not quite have that same amazing charm that it did the first time I played it. Killing the Nazi regime is fun and all, but I don’t know if it is quite the same as it used to be.

All 60 levels of Wolfenstein 3D will be hitting both consoles on June 4th, and it will give gamers something else contructive to do besides hit refresh over and over to check out the latest news for E3. One of the unique things is a slight twist they’ve put on the game, and I personally think it is a smashing idea!



When Battlefield 1943 his the digital shelves sometime later this month, it is going to come with a very unique feature build in to encourage gameplay. EA issued a community challenge that, when unlocked, will reveal a fourth and final map for the game: Coral Sea. The challenge? Achieving forty-three million kills on Xbox LIVE and PSN.

The new Coral Sea map will be an air superiority map, and therefore “airplanes only”. Dieing for more? Check out the press release and then just anticipate this game like the rest of us: with a lot of drooling.



It’s that time of the week again, where PS3 owners either rejoice or grumble at the latest weekly offering of downloadable content on the Playstation Store. This week’s update contains a satisfying range of content, including two full games, CellFactor and Inferno Pool , and two playable demos of Crash Commando and CellFactor, as well as a substantial batch of DLC, including the usual stream of overpriced downloads for Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band and Little Big Planet.

Check out the full listings after the break.



There are those days when you sit back and reflect on a headline you’ve just typed and wonder: “what the…?”

This is one such occasion that I have looked at a collection of words for a few seconds and tried to make sense of what is going on around me. Is this really something I should be bothering my life with? “Yes” is the answer to that, because sometimes it’s nice to make no sense of something. I can’t make head nor tail of Noby Noby Boy, quite literally. But that’s why I love it so. And, apparently, so do many others – he’s just got to Mars! Hit the jump for a mindf*** of a video.



In 2004 the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em exploded into popularity.  Doubtless you’ve been invited to poker tournaments by friends, learned the game, and gotten over the financially frivolous fad.  However, developer Wideload Games has decided that the poker craze doesn’t need death, it needs rejuvenation.  The name of the game here is playing with virtual money and cheating recklessly.  Is it worth gambling your download dollars on? Read more… »


If you thought Capcom had recently released and announced more Resident Evil than you could possibly handle, well…you’re probably right. Even so, Capcom’s recent announcement shows no signs of slowing down the barrage.

Even though the original Resident Evil has seen a souped up new Gamecube remake, not to mention an upcoming re-release of said remake, that doesn’t seem to cut it for Capcom, as they’ve announced yet another port of the old classic.



Good day. Your resident Killzone 2 lover here to bring you news that the game will be made even better in the coming weeks, with the introduction of  ‘Flash And Thunder’, a juicy looking map pack featuring two locations taken from the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer that may or may not involve explosions and gunfire within a gritty environment.



The PSN Store has continuously been releasing quality products that help fill the void between official Playstation 3 releases, even offering such classics that demand attention by all gamers alike. Some may stand the test of time, but most must suffer the curse of mediocrity. Some strive to meet that desire for simple addictions, while others vie for innovation in a merging of genres, and if you’re looking for an in-depth story, gripping and significant RPG elements all packaged nicely together in a puzzle game, then Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is not quite right for you.

However, if you’re into Bejeweled and any of its clones, or are a fan of puzzle games in general, then PQ:G may offer a refreshing twist for series veterans, as well as those new to the puzzling phenomenon. Read more… »