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The Last Guy is a top down side-scrolling game in which you play as a zombie in a red cape trying to herd a conga line of screaming civilians back to a spaceship.  Meanwhile, you have to avoid other zombies who range from super fast giant bugs to rolling eyeballs. Sound strange? That’s because it is, and yet it’s one of the more unique and charming titles on PSN.

There isn’t really a storyline to speak of.  A purple ray struck earth and turned everyone outside into zombies, and everyone else is trapped inside and needs to be rescued. You play as a zombie from the Himalayas.  For reasons unknown, he wants to lead the normal humans to safety as opposed to eating them. Read more… »


There was one surprise announcement that was missing from Sony’s E3 Press Conference, and that was the announcement of a new Jak and Daxter game. A little bit of investigating, and some help from Google Translator has confirmed that there is some sort of title in the works.

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After last week’s pitiful Store sacrilege, this week’s update is an improvement, but still nothing to write home about. Noteworthy updates include Zuma, a new downloadable puzzle game, and the long-awaited Solstice costume for LittleBigPlanet. This week also marks the second anniversary of Super Stardust HD, which has been slashed down to a mere £1.59 for one week only in celebration.

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It looks like the hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans that only stay loyal to the Playstation brand will have their opprotunity to break into cars, steal/sell drugs, and just shoot even more people than before.

Let’s face it, Chinatown Wars is still one of the highest rated games on the Nintendo DS, but it only sold around 89,000 copies of the game. Can you blame Sony for wanting to try that again?


bomberman ultra

Hold on to your blast cap kids, Bomberman is back!  Bomberman Ultra is the third original title to hit the virtual arcades since the launch of Bomberman Live! on the Xbox Live Arcade, and it’s almost completely identical to the aforementioned title.  Developed and Published by the age old Hudson Soft, it offers players an intense eight player online experience, a four player (and four CPUs) local living room showdown, tons of different modes, costumes, maps, and power-ups.  Priced at a meager $9.99, it offers tons of gameplay without sacrificing the classic charm.

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Following last week’s substantial offerings, this week’s update comes as a disappointment when compared to the European Store’s previous few weeks of glory. Other than the obligatory and over priced DLC for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there are very few table scraps worth picking through.

A listing of this week’s shameful store update can be found after the break.



On Thursday, the European PSN store was updated with a little known, and underhyped addition – Vidzone.

Not a game, or part of any other Playstation system or Network, Vidzone is an interesting PAL only addition to the PS3 application suite. Why? Because it’s offering up high quality, streaming, full screen music videos at the low, low cost of absolutely zip.

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A Blu-ray disc version of the best selling PSN title PAIN is to be released next week on June 24.

PAIN was a very unique title, previously only available as a download on the PSN, whereby the object was to inflict as much sadistic brutality as possible on a hapless character, by using a slingshot to propel them into various pain inducing objects, such as buildings, cars or even bystanders amongst many other things. Events were subsequently chained together, as you had to keep the momentum up in order to score the most points, so there was also an element of challenge, too. And who could forget those hilariously exaggerated rag doll physics?



The people over at One Last Continue managed to dig up a juicy find from the ESRB website, they found that Final Fantasy Tactics has now been rated for the PSP and PlayStation 3.

What does this? It means it’s pretty damn likely we will see a FF:T release soon on the PSN.



Shooter fans are always looking for a good “game-on-the-side” whenever they get bored of their big budget titles. Often times, they’ll come in the form of modifications (mods) to popular games such as Half Life, but it’s rare to find them as full-fledged downloadable titles.

CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is best described as a “budget” Unreal Tournament-like shooter. Currently, it’s available for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network for a reasonably priced $10. Read on to find out if CellFactor champions in a new wave of “original, full games” on the console digital marketplace. Read more… »


If you find that your copy of Prototype is telling you that your hardrive space is limited, and you know there is no way that you’ve run out of space then there is a fix just for you, albeit somewhat annoying.



An interesting new addition to the PSN is set to materalise tomorrow in the form of VidZone, a new music video streaming service exclusive to European territories. Once launched, it will arrive pre-packaged with a strong wealth of content, with a reported 10,000 videos available to view. These videos can also be arranged into custom playlists for ease of use.

After a simple download from the Playstation Store, VidZone will sit neatly at the top of the music category within the PS3‘s integral XMB menu. With several major and independent record companies in tow (including Sony BMG, would you believe), VidZone’s seeds are soon to be planted and can only grow from here. Let’s just hope it grows a trifle faster than Home. Read more… »