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A somewhat lackluster update this week, but let’s face it – everyone is going to be far too engrossed in the phenominally entertaining Battlefield 1942 to really notice. The only noteworthy content comes from a demo of Trash Panic and some Ghostbusters DLC for LittleBigPlanet, along with the obligatory Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band DLC packs.

Read on for this week’s update in full.



Remember when Capcom said the “PSN date to be announced soon,” regarding Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Well, today Capcom made good on their promise by announcing that the super hero smack down will arrive August 13, two weeks after the Xbox 360 release.

Many suspect that the delayed PS3 release is due to a rumored retail pack. If the rumors are true, PS3 owners will have the option to pay $20, compared to the XBLA/PSN price tag of $15, for a DVD with exclusive wallpapers, an 8-page manual, one month of access to Marvel Digital Comics and 2,000 Capcom Unity points. Read more… »


In a recent interview, SCEE head of developer relations Zeno Colaco stated that Sony plans to create a special section of the PlayStation Store for PSP ‘snackable content.’

According to Colaco, “This initiative is about bringing the lighter, lower barrier content to the PSP that has been so successful in other categories.” Sony currently has over fifty studios creating low-cost, “instant gratification” titles. Read more… »


I consider myself to be a man of fairly average intelligence. I only wear a helmet when the occasion  calls for it, and the bus I rode to school was the traditional length. I test well, I received exemplary grades all throughout my educational career – so why is it then that I’m absolutely dreadful when it comes to puzzle games?

You would think that if I’m capable of determining the value of x, I’d also be able to form a row of blocks in Tetris, or group the matching gems in Bejeweled - but that’s simply not the case. Read more… »


Another store update has graced Playstation 3 owners this week, and, fortunately, there is little to complain about this time round. The undisputed highlight comes from the launch of the eagerly anticipated Battlefield 1943, but the update still manages to pack in a few other note worthy additions, such as the second donwloadable expansion for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and a couple of demos for Ghostbusters: The Game and Fuel.

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I just want to get this off my chest, I barely know anything about The Punisher.  What I do know is that I enjoy FPS and I am a big fan of bargain bins.  Let’s say the bargain bin was participating in a sporting event, I would be the guy on the sideline dressed head to toe in bargain bin paraphernalia.  We can take this logic and apply it to the downloadable market as well, because honestly, I love downloadable games.  There are a bunch of gems out there floating around in the virtual arcades that offer players more than they pay for.  Sadly, the opposite is true as well and some games are rushed or offer exactly what the price tag dictates, $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points or 1000 Nintendo points, and The Punisher: No Mercy is no exception.

Warning: This review covers an extremely violent and vulgar game and the content of this article is going to reflect that. Read more… »


My experience with pinball is limited to my childhood, where each table competed in an intricate quarter based food web that consisted of gumball machines, temporary tattoo dispensers, and Rampage. As a young boy with but a single quarter to spare, I would almost always dispense it in the machine that provided the longest distraction, which was invariably not pinball.

For me, my time at a table would rarely last longer than few minutes, and I would often leave it feeling cheated -success seemed random, and I was never certain what I was doing wrong. The high scores that displayed upon my inevitable failure did little to inspire me – their values were exponentially greater than mine, and altogether unreachable. Zen Pinball replicates this experience to the letter.



This week’s Store update is certainly a marked improvement over Sony’s previously pitiful offerings over the past few weeks. With 4 new donwloadable games, a demo and a host of downloadable content, there is little to grumble about. My personal pick however goes to the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift expansion pack, featuring some brand new tracks and vehicles to toy with, since it is one of my favourite racing games which has seen little DLC since its launch some 8 months ago. That’s my evening spoken for, then.

Check out the full update in the usual place.



Just a few hours ago we reported a listing of brand new achievements for Battlefield 1943, thinking that the release date would not be far off. It looks like we were correct in our assumptions. Next Wednesday and Thursday, the battle shall begin anew!

For your console’s equivalent of $15.00, you can enjoy four new maps, a brand new destruction engine, updated graphics, colorful locals, and lots and lots of killing.



Shooting stuff is the American way, is it not? Now then, don’t go starting a controversy! You know how we Americans love our first person shooters! Wanna know something else that sounds a lot like a gun? Fireworks! So now we have to decide: Will we shoot guns on TV, or shoot fireworks in the real world? Such a hard decision. Wait! Double XP all weekend?

Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty World at War are offering a double xp weekend in celebration of our independence! What better way to celebrate than by fighting real and imaginary wars on our televisions?



At the very least, Battlefield 1943 will release for Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network within the next two weeks. Rabbid fans are eagerly anticipating any confirmation on the release date, and perhaps this listing of achievements is enough to make them “feel better”.

Assumedly, these Achievements are very similiar to the PS3 Trophies. None of them are all that difficult, just time consuming. Check out the full list after the jump!



The entire backwards compatibility issue surrounding the Playstation 3 has been a burden to bear for a lot of Sony gamers. Some have bought a PS3, expecting it, and many have dug around for the older more expensive models that came with built in backwards compatibility. Perhaps the future is looking a lot brighter.