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Bad news Awesomenauts fans. Today I received word from Ronimo Games that the publisher, DTP Entertainment AG, has filed for insolvency. Jasper Koning from Ronimo says,”We’re unsure what this means for the game, but we’re working hard to try and resolve the situation.”

I reached out for comment, but so far there’s no word on whether or not Awesomenauts will launch as planned on May 1st on PSN and May 2nd on XBLA. I really hope they get this all figured out as it looks like it’ll be a fun, possibly insane, game. DTP Entertainment is a German company known for publishing games like Drakensang, Divinity II and Cursed Crusade.


It may simply be coincidence that my birthday’s in May and Ronimo Games’ Awesomenauts is coming to PSN on May 1st, but I choose to believe it’s a sign from the universe…an awesome sign. Better still, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it for free throughout the entire month.

Awesomenauts is what would emerge if you mixed eighties cartoons, platforming shooters, and MOBA games into a crazy, frantic blender. The game features 3 on 3 online and offline action with 6 different characters, upgrades, turrets, and bunch of other cool things. Awesomenauts will hit PSN on May 1st for $9.99 and XBLA on May 2nd for 800 Microsoft Space Dollars.

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Idylla Teeth of Naros

38 Studios’ wasn’t kidding around when they said they were going to support Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning after its release. They already put out The Legend of Dead Kel last month, and now today they revealed the latest bit of content coming your way: The Teeth of Naros.

Read on for more information about the aforementioned Naros chompers.



You guys have heard of Awesomenauts, right? If not, go here and check it out. I’ll wait. Now that you’re properly hyped, the game has official release dates.

According to a press release, North American PS3 users will be able to download the game for $10 on May 1, while worldwide PSN and XBLA users will have to wait until the next day. The game fuses MOBA style gameplay with 2D sidescrolling action with a nostalgic 80s flair. Sign me up, please.

thatgamecompany Journey PSN

Just a quick heads up to remind all of you that Journey, the latest offering by thatgamecompany, is out today on PSN as part of their Spring Fever event.

Journey is developed by the same company that made flOw and Flower, and it looks like this one too is garnering critical acclaim. Kyle previewed the beta and said he couldn’t wait for a chance to play the full game. Well, everyone gets a chance to play Journey today.

Amalur Dead Kel

Our review for new RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is coming later this week, but today developer 38 Studios announced a new batch of DLC for the game. The pirate-themed The Legend of Dead Kel will drop anchor on March 20.

Hit the jump for more details about Amalur’s latest DLC pack. Read more… »


Gamer Limit’s own Kyle MacGregor wrote about thatgamecompany’s Journey back when it was still in beta last year. Now the real deal has an official release date according to the US Playstation Blog.

On March 13 (and March 14 for EU) you can download Journey for $15. According to the post, Journey will kick off the PSN’s Spring Fever event just like how Flower did three years ago. The game is described as “an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s.”

[Source: US Playstation Blog, EU Playstation Blog]

Mass Effect 3

[Edit: the Facebook page says there are no codes left!]

Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Everyone who’s anyone knows that tomorrow is Mass Effect 3 Demo Day. It’s the day when St. Valentine himself defended the rights of lovers everywhere by making the Mass Effect 3 demo available on PC, Xbox Live, and PSN.

Spend tomorrow blasting Reapers and aliens apart with that special someone in your life. For those of you who can’t wait one more day, you can play a short Facebook game where you can win a demo code early.

Jak and Daxter

As part of yesterday’s PSN (excuse me, Sony Entertainment Network) update, the Jak and Daxter Collection is now available for purchase. It’s been over a decade since the original Jak and Daxter was released on the PS2, so now is a perfect time to revisit the series or experience it for the first time.

I never got to play the original trilogy on PS2 so personally I can’t wait to get this. The collection is also available in stores for those of you who don’t like digital downloads. Jak and Daxter Collection sports HD graphics, 3D support, and trophies for you to collect.

[Source: Playstation.Blog]

An army of penguins under the leadership of evil dictator Putzi is taking over Albatropolis and there’s only so much an underground resistance of Cardinals can do to stem the tide of Antarctic invaders. But from the sky soars a jetpack-wearing, shotgun-shooting, action-hero of a chicken, ready to rain death upon the ruthless aggressors invading his homeland.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken recently made its way to the PlayStation Network, but is this puzzle-platforming shooter worth your dollar in this crowded holiday season? Read on after the break to find out.


This review of Dungeon Defenders must begin with a short study of M. Night Shyamalan’s film, Lady In The Water. It’s a worthy comparison in its own way. Both game and film feature casts of characters who must defend their precious jewels from evil (in the film it’s a lady and in the game it’s an actual jewel).

One character in Shyamalan’s film also serves as a metaphor for the game as a whole. It’s Reggie the Guardian, that guy with one super buff arm and one regular arm. Translate that into Dungeon Defenders; from one side it seems to have true strength as a co-op RPG. Take a look from another angle, and it’s a rather bland tower defense title.


This is the second week of my personal, three week journey through blood and horror. Beginning with a review of the highly anticipated Dead Island, this month started off rather well. If you liken it to a plot in a good B-movie horror flick, this would be around the time we get a twist. Whether it’s a good one will surely depend on your point of view.

While horror films are lauded for their incongruous material, that’s not something you really want to see in a video game. Not when incongruity means poor design, lack of depth and self mutilation. On that note, I have to say I feel my review of BloodRayne: Betrayal is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.