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Christmas is about to plague us all, and so to celebrate the PSN store has been blessed with a smattering of stocking fillers, some free and some not so free. Highlights include some playable demos for Bayonetta and Topatoi, some downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 and Operation Flashpoint, along with some generous free gifts for Need For Speed: Shift, Eyepet and LittleBigPlanet. Speaking of which, there is also a playable demo of the newly released PSP rendition of LittleBigPlanet.

And yes, you guessed it, there’s also the rudimentary overdose of Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band DLC.

Check out the full listing of this week’s update after the break.



Gran Turismo 5 may feel like it’s an astronomically long way away, but enthusiasts will be pleased to learn the news that the GT Academy 2010 commences on December 17th.

What’s exciting however is how the competition, whereby players in respective countries will compete against each other for the best times, will work, as it is essentially a free playable demo of Gran Turismo 5. The demo will feature a tuned version of the Nissan 350Z on a specifically customised track, which GTPlanet believes will be a portion of the Indianapolis GP Circuit.

The top 20 players of each country will  be invited to a national final event, which will then be narrowed down to an elite top 20 for the GT Academy. Successful entrants will then get an opportunity to hone their skills out on the track for real in an intensive driving course at Silverstone.

A list of eligible countries can be found after the break.



Oh look, it’s another lackluster load for us poor Europeans on the PSN Storefront. As our American cousins will no doubt be gorging over Thanksgiving, we have been left with very few pickings, with the likes of playable demos for Comet Crash and Mushroom Wars, some downloadable content for Borderlands and Fallout 3 and a limited edition (read: overpriced) virtual t-shirt for LittleBigPlanet to munch on.

Nevertheless, as always, the full update can viewed after the break.


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Noby Noby Jupiter!
By: | November 22nd, 2009

Don’t have any idea what the above title means? Thats ok: your ignorance will probably save you from tons of nightmares.

The PSN sensation Noby Noby Boy contains a rather cool feature: every time you eat objects, and report them to “Girl”, the entire world has a chance to unlock new planets and locales: just recently, the community unlocked the planet of Jupiter. Even though a multiplier was added to gamer’s scores so they’d reach it faster, it’s still nice knowing you’re part of something bigger than yourself! Read more… »


Rejoice! Things have started to improve after the last few pitiful offerings on the PSN Store, as this week there’s the playable delights of Critter Crunch and PS1 classic Metal Gear Solid, along with LittleBigPlanet for the PSP and some downloadable content for Dragon Age and Beatles: Rock Band. Oh, and a playable demo for a game that came out 3 months ago.

Also, don’t forget that the new 3.10 update is now live which includes the long awaited Facebook integration if you happen to be nerdy enough to display your gaming achievements to all and sundry. The new European movie store is also finally here – it only took over a year after the yanks.

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Madden NFL Arcade

In a recent press release from EA Sports, the official release date of Madden NFL Arcade was announced.  And what better time than Thanksgiving weekend?  Beer, turkey, and football is all a human being needs.

“Just in time for Thanksgiving Day Football match ups, Madden NFL Arcade will be available on Tuesday November 24th on PlayStation Network and Wednesday, November 25th on Xbox LIVE Arcade.  Enjoy an all-new way to play Madden – a fun, pick-up-and-play, 5-on-5 football game for both casual and diehard NFL fans.”

Along with the release date, the full roster for all NFL teams was released.  Hit the jump for the long roster list. Read more… »


It’s another light load this week on the storefront, but who honestly cares? Everyone is too engrossed committing airport massacres in a certain war game. Argh, that’s yet another post clogging up the homepage that mentions that game. Oh well.

For those like myself who don’t have such distractions (yes I’m waiting until Christmas), this week’s shallow PSN update can be found after the break.



Status update! As if it didn’t already hold enough dominance on people’s inane interweb lives, Facebook will also soon be infesting your PS3 if these leaked screenshots are to be believed.

The images, accidentally published on the official PlayStation website, clearly depict a new Facebook icon integrated into the XMB, along with additional hints of the ability to edit gamercards and a new XMB based photo browser. Coincidentally, a new 3.10 firmware update has also been rumored for release on November 19, but Sony has stated that there will be further information “very shortly.”

You can find the diminutive screenshots after the break. Could this be Sony’s first steps for catching up with Microsoft’s nesting in the social networking family tree?



It’s an unremarkable update this week for the European Playstation Store, unless you are enticed by NBA 2K10 which is the only available playable demo. There’s the usual raft of DLC including some free goodies for Brutal Legend and LittleBigPlanet to celebrate its first anniversary, but not much else. Still, there’s always Party Time with Winnie The Pooh.

You can view a full lowdown on this week’s content in the usual place.


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Trine patched to v1.05
By: | November 2nd, 2009

Trine Header

Trine is great (as you can see).  But games always have SOME kind of problems, even with thorough beta testing.

Luckily, the prevalence of systems being “connected” allows for some very easy (and required) patching.

The last level of Trine is apparently REALLY hard.  So hard, in fact, that developer Frozenbyte adjusted the difficulty a bit for n00bs.  But wait, there’s more!



[The contest has just received a two day extension due to the lack of entries! Get to typing, people!]

Got a thing for ‘Shrooms? Fancy your chances at commanding legions of Mushrooms? Well you could be in luck as Creat Studios has given us three copies of Mushroom Wars to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your “all time favourite CONSOLE strategy game” is.



After last week’s glaring omission, the playable demos for Ratchet and Clank: A Crank in Time is finally available to patient Europeans, featuring last week’s Crank demo previously available for America, along with an all new demo featuring, yes you guessed it, Ratchet.

Elsewhere, Halloween is on the horizon which is reflected by some of the content on offer, including DLC for LittleBigPlanet and Pain, along with some scary treats for Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. There’s even some DLC for the newly released DJ Hero, as if these weekly store updates weren’t already overrun with overpriced tracks for music games.

Hit that jump for a full rundown on this week’s update.