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Many arena games have come and went across a multitude of platforms. Although hardcore fans of the genre will find plenty of intricacies to soak up over the course of many months, the problem with a number of them is the fact that casual fans have nothing to do outside of multiplayer.

Although TowerFall: Ascension doesn’t have online capabilities, it still has plenty of legs even if you’re going at it alone. Oh, and it’s also a damn good arena game. Read more… »

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Review: Super Motherload
By: | December 7th, 2013

Digging games are truly a unique genre. They provide a sense of wonder and despair that’s hardly found in other titles, and the addicting nature of wanting to find out “what’s at the bottom” is practically unparalleled. Although the PC platform is filled to the brim with them, they hardly ever travel over to the console side — and never at the launch of a new system. But here we are with Super Motherload on the PlayStation 4, with four player co-op nonetheless.

But while Super Motherload gets so much right, a host of design issues and a general lack of pacing bring it down a bit.