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Review: Stick it to the Man
By: | December 15th, 2013

It’s not every day you see a game centered almost wholly around comedy. Although the Monkey Island games practically solidified a new sub-genre of adventure games, there aren’t a whole lot of laugh-centric titles that hit the market these days.

While Stick it to the Man may have one of the strangest titles I’ve ever seen and some questionable design choices, it still offers up a barrel of laughs, and then some.


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Review: Tearaway
By: | December 7th, 2013

I don’t know what it is about Media Molecule, and their ability to craft some of the most endearing worlds ever created. Despite my minor issues with LittleBigPlanet, I didn’t stop playing for months [years] on end, because I couldn’t get enough of Sackboy and his universe.

In that same vein, Molecule’s Tearaway is an absolutely lovely game. I just wish there was more of it. Read more… »

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Review: Killzone: Mercenary
By: | September 4th, 2013

Killzone is a franchise that just won’t stop. As an answer to Microsoft’s Halo, Killzone games don’t come very often, but when they do, they tend to do well. In fact, you could say that about most major Sony franchises on consoles, as they tend to take care of their big name properties when it’s time to unleash them.

But the portable realm is a completely different story, and so is the Vita. Although some games have been powerhouses so far (Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games of the generation), the Vita needs all the help it can get. First party Sony franchises on portables don’t always end well, but I’m pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised with Killzone: Mercenary.

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Review: Soul Sacrifice
By: | May 13th, 2013

As soon as I saw the first footage of Soul Sacrifice, my eyes lit up. A Monster Hunter-like, with a Dark Souls vibe, created by the legendary Keiji Inafune? On paper, it sounded like one of the best ideas of all time.

Of course, not every idea actually plays out how it should, and some amazing concepts end up in the bargain bin of life, forever doomed to “woulda coulda shoulda.” Soul Sacrifice is not one of those throwaway games.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a pretty unique prospect. It arrived in Japan in 2011 as the first videogame follow-up to the popular manga and anime series, and now, two years later, it’s ready for an international release.

As a mix of both RPG and action concepts, describing Black Rock Shooter: The Game is fairly difficult. One thing is for sure though — the experience is the very definition of “niche.”


Aveline will have a few more toys to play with when Liberation launches soon on the PlayStation Vita, as a few cross-play items have been unveiled by Ubisoft. If you link up Liberation with your copy of Assassin’s Creed III, you’ll unlock a special New York mission, as well as Connor’s tomahawk, and the “French Agile” multiplayer character.

You’ll also earn an ammunition pouch upgrade, but it seems as if you need the PlayStation 3 version of the game to utilize this promotion. Personally, I can’t wait to try this out. For the first time, an Assassin’s Creed game is getting the console experience on a portable, with a fully fledged female assassin. There’s tons of reasons to be excited this October 30th.


Retro City Rampage is beyond crazy.

In the first five minutes of the game, I re-created the opening scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, I did battle with all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I procured commando training from Solid Snake.

Again, that was the first five minutes. There’s much more craziness to be had for hours beyond that.


It looks like PSone Classics have finally come to the PlayStation Vita, but watch out! Very few games will actually work if you download them through the PlayStation Store directly from your Vita at this time. Instead, you’re basically going to need to transfer them from your PS3 to your Vita, which sadly means you need a PS3.

In order to do the transfer, download the game through your PS3 and leave it in “bubble” form (uninstalled). Plug in your Vita and go to the Content Manager. Select the game (and hope it is compatible) and transfer it to your Vita. You can also transfer saves this way.

Note that not every game is compatible, so don’t rush off to just buy any PSone Classic assuming it’ll work on your Vita. Full user reported lists can be found here and here, since Sony isn’t content with giving their fans an actual list outside of nine “officially” supported US games (The EU has 100 and Japan has more than that).

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Review: Gravity Rush
By: | June 20th, 2012

If you have been following the Playstation Vita in some way, shape, or form, odds are you have seen something regarding Gravity Rush.

Nearly every Vita ad or coverage spot has mentioned something about the super-hyped game, mostly due to the fact that the concept art is nothing short of astounding.

A year and some change later, and it’s finally here. So is it truly a system seller? Read more… »

Konami has officially unveiled the release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the Playstation Vita in Japan. The game will feature HD graphics for both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 (of course!), utilize the Vita’s touch controls, and is set to launch on June 28th.

Unfortunately, there’s no news yet on whether or not the US will get the previous version of the HD package they were offered, which includes Peace Walker on top of 2 and 3. In Japan, the original HD set only included 2, 3, and a PSN code for 1. Come this Summer, fans will have two ways to play Metal Gear Solid 3 on the go!

Last years hit platformer Rayman Origins is set to hit Sony’s latest portable this month. While it doesn’t add any significant extra features outside of racing your friend’s ghosts or a zooming feature, it’s still the same great looking smooth playing title that’s featured on major consoles.

I was able to see the Vita version recently in action, and it really feels like one of the first authentic “console experiences” featured on a handheld – it’s that smooth. Origins is also set to hit the PC on March 30th!

[Update: LKS for PS Vita will be playable at TGS. The title is said feature full touch based controls, a new story, dynamic weather, and an overhauled visual style with more realistic proportions.]

Well, I guess I’m going to have to get a PlayStation Vita. Word comes from adriasang that a sequel to Marvelous Entertainment’s Little King’s Story will be reveled in next week’s Famitsu. Apparently, the game is called The King, The Demon King and the Seven Princesses: New King Story (translated) and will be heading to the PS Vita by way of Konami.

The Wii original was a fantastic experience, but I figured chances for a sequel were nil. Apparently, a bankrupt developer and modest sales aren’t enough to keep this one from spawning a sequel. I don’t really care how it’s happening, but I’m glad it is.