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It’s Monday and that means another offering on Nintendo’s downloadable services. Usually we see more interesting titles hitting WiiWare while things like clocks and card games wind up on the DSi, but this week’s update bucks that trend. PopCap’s well-known tower defense title Plants vs. Zombies is now available on DSiWare. I suppose they need to do something to keep people interested in the DSi with the 3DS looming on the horizon.

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PopCap Games just announced the results of a new survey which found that one third of all the adults in the United States and the UK play games on their mobile phones.

That means if you lived in a house by yourself with an adult neighbor on either side of you, then one of you plays games on some sort of mobile cellular device. Chances are it’s probably you because you’re here reading Gamer Limit. Hit the jump for more info about the survey and the results. Read more… »

We all knew the iPhone adaptation of Plants Vs. Zombies was going to be a huge hit with consumers.  For one thing, almost anything PopCap touches turns to gold (Bejeweled, Peggle).  For another, it’s tough for people not to fall in love with PvZ‘s addictive strategic gameplay.

However, results that arrived yesterday add solid statistical fact to our assumptions.  Plants Vs. Zombies for iPhone is an absolute mobile phenomena.  As of yesterday, February 24th, over 300,000 iPhones have downloaded PopCaps latest release for the Apple device, with the number growing everyday.  Added to the fact that the game is now the fastest selling iPhone release in the first 24 hours of availability, and you have yourself a bonafide success. Read more… »


Video game company MumboJumbo today revealed that they are victorious in a $4.6 million lawsuit against beloved publisher PopCap games, renowned for titles such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Peggle.  The reasons cited for said lawsuit?  Fraud and breach of contract, among other things.

“The law allows you to do plenty of things to be successful in business,” said MumboJumbo’s attorney, Marty Rose.  ”However, it does not allow you to commit fraud or interfere with a company’s business relationships. The jury’s verdict is a clear signal that this type of business conduct is not going to be tolerated.” Read more… »


Did I mention “free”? You just cant beat the combination of Plants Vs. Zombies and free web-based Popcap games that I used to play in Middle School programming class nearly a decade ago. Its simply a match made in heaven!

Run on sentences aside, I think you need to immediately check this out if you haven’t already. Play the game right here, or hit the jump for some extra info! Read more… »