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Episode 3 of the newly renamed LimitCast is one of our best yet so far! Cloud finally has his Internet back, and tells us all about the inFamous demo. Paul Clark, the Reviews Editor also joins us and shares many of his opinions about the development side of things. We also introduce a new feature, and we’re excited about it!



We’re back on our regularly scheduled programming, and as such the Retrocast is back for another week. For all intensive purposes we have temporarily ripped apart the usual format we usually follow to make this all about Final Fantasy. James, Colin, Tim and Chris are again jostling for audio space as we discuss one of the most popular, contentious, discussed and generally controversial series of games in console history.

Be warned, this episode runs a little long…



After a short hiatus due to Colin-based injury, the Retrocast is back for yet another episode, and this time we’ve gone down the Adventure path. Your regular cast of nostalgic heroes are back, including James, Tim, Chris and of course, Colin, and this week our “Retro Hour” covers the little known Zelda-clone “Star Tropics”.

There seemed to be an interesting split between the Australian and American rivals this week, so for more information and episode linkage, hit the jump.



I just wanted to let y’all know that the “LimitCast” is still looking for a true name. We’re going to open it up to you, the listeners, to help us name our flagship podcast. Jump over to this thread in the forums to hear more about it. Now onto the important part…


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Podcast: Limit Down #1
By: | April 23rd, 2009


Gamer Limit is half-run by Australians, so why shouldn’t they get their own podcast? Jimmy and Colin are your hosts for the Oz version of LimitCast, creatively known as LimitDown.

The first of our three brand new GL casts, LD focuses specifically on the Australian gaming scene, occasionally featuring special guests from the local community including developers, publishers and more. We’ll talk about games at large of course, with a few other topics we think need to be aired.


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Podcast: RetroCast #1
By: | April 22nd, 2009


We all get nostalgic once in a while. For some, its a great time to pull out the SNES and play some Zelda. For others, like us here at Gamer Limit, its an opportunity to do that, then talk about it. Welcome to RetroCast, the premier podcast about everything you used to play and have probably forgotten about. Join myself, James, along with Tim Turi, Colin Robinson, and Chris Carter, as we discuss everything from remakes to why the Simpsons arcade game was superior to Final Fight.

Hit the jump for more on this episode and to stream, subscribe or download the ‘cast.



There comes a time in everyone’s life where changes are made, and evolution takes place. With some of the changes that have taken place on the website, the thought was that our flagship podcast would change as well. With a new host, and renewed energy we bring you the LimitBreak Podcast. Well, we were going to rename the podcast, and we ran into a bit of trouble. Jump in and allow me to explain!