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This week I’m joined by Chase Cook, Paul Clark, Shawn Evans, and guest Nick Simberg as we digress on the topic of game reviews. We consider the inevitability of bias, preconceived notions, and even developer handouts, but most importantly we respond to your comments on last week’s pre-show discussion – so listen in!

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Join myself, Chase, Chris and Shawn as we discuss some of our favorite games of 2009 and the past decade.

Later in the show, marvel at the terrible misogynistic underbelly of the cast as we try to wrap our heads around in-game relationships, and Chase’s inability to satisfy fictional women.

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Join myself, Chase Cook, Paul Clark, and special guest Shawn Evans and as we build up our holiday spirit via a session of unexpected optimism. This week we crush respond to our listener’s Christmas wishes while also sharing a bit of our own and utilizing every opportunity to tear each other down.

Tune in for some comments on Chase’s controversial Spirit Tracks review, Paul’s early impressions of The Saboteur, and various discussions on innumerable gaming topics and titles.



After a brief hiatus, the Limitcast returns with a very special episode. Recorded live just moments after the conclusion of Gamer Limit’s Piece of Heart charity gaming marathon, this episode serves to recount the highlights from the event and ensure that a certain guy on guy lap dance is never forgotten.

Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, and Nick Simberg as they huddle around the microphone for a bit of in-the-flesh action, joined remotely by Paul ”Charlie bit me!” Clark.



Join Josh, Chase, Chris, Paul and special guest Alex Yue as they trudge through the misty bogs of gaming culture. This week our discussion is centered around a very controversial topic – the survivability of PC gaming. We discuss the past, present, and uncertain future of the PC platform while sharing our concerns about the unnerving PC version of Modern Warfare 2.

Hilarity ensues as we lure Shawn Evans onto the show to discuss his experiences with MW:2 in a LAN environment, and eventually confront him regarding a number of embarrassing facts.



This week, Kevin Miller joins Josh, Chase, Chris, and Paul as they discuss their favorite developers, and they reasons for why the favor them. We spend a hefty amount of time on listener comments, so tune in to catch our responses to your picks as well.

Later in the show, we hit on what we’ve been playing, which diverts into to arguments regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.



Welcome back ladies and gentleman!  It’s just about time for the league of extraordinary gamers to convene once again.  What’s on the docket this week?  For starters, Josh finished his man training, and I have to admit, the results are amazing.  Although, I’m not quite sure where he got all that sun from.

Anyway, we have a terrific show planned for you guys so click that read more button for Josh’s new look and our topic of the week. Read more… »


Join Josh, Chase, Chris, Paul, and special guest Chris “The Nuts” Matulich as they hike down the ever-winding trails of gaming culture.

This week the crew attempts to switch it up by hitting the primary topic, freedom in games, during the first part of show – but despite our best efforts to stay on task, Dragon Age: Origins slips its way into the discussion. Regardless, we hit up your user comments right off the bat – so listen in.



The Limitcast returns as special guest Curtis Takaichi joins Josh, Chase, Chris, and Paul on their epic journey to locate the gaming promised land. This week Paul details his experiences at Eurogamer Expo, having played such titles as God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Left 4 Dead 2, MAG and many others.

Stay tuned later in the show as the crew attempts to wrap their collective minds around the interpretation of games as art. Do they qualify? Does it matter? Will Chase ever be a worthwhile human being?

The answers to these questions and more, just after the jump.


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The LimitDown iDEF Special!
By: | November 1st, 2009


We’ve been gone for a while, but the LimitDown has returned; now with extra Australian* flavours and preservatives.

The original circus performers; James Pinnell and Colin Robinson, have decided to share their beer cache with Simon Jones, producing what can be only described as a dynamic trio.



Tune in to this week’s Limitcast as special guest Shawn Evans joins Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter, and Paul Clark as they mine deeper into the core of gaming culture.

Early in the show, Josh and Chase discuss their hands-on impressions of the recently released PC version of Borderlands, Paul talks up Tropico 3, Chris laments at being late to the party on Uncharted 2, and Shawn shares his thoughts on the PSP Go.

After the break, marvel at the cast’s inability to remain on topic as they attempt to cover this week’s juggernaut of a topic: Difficulty in Gaming.



Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter, and special guest Shawn Evans as they continue their exploration of the dank, dark, and potentially haunted caverns of the gaming industry. We start the show off with an in-depth discussion regarding everyone’s favorite interactive blockbuster: Uncharted 2, and fan(s) of Paul Clark will be pleased to learn that he makes a heroic (although tardy) appearance this week to enlighten the rest of the crew on his experiences in the world of Brutal Legend.

Stay tuned later in the show as we discuss some outrageous fantasy game crossovers – a segment that is highlighted by Shawn making the most ridiculous suggestion possible. We also hit up your comments from the pre-show discussion, and even digress on the popularity of zombies in media.