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In a move that is as refreshing for the industry as it is frustrating for Playstation 3 owners desperate for some  sci-fi RPG action, Bioware have announced the sequel to Mass Effect but have failed to mention any plans for a release on Sony’s system.

Bioshock, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear… wait, actually, no. Just a few examples of games that have made the transition from one console to the next – usually becoming multi-platform rather than jumping ship completely is the preferred option. To imagine an industry that breeds loyalty between developers and consoles is certainly an exciting one. Mind you, the financial situation we are currently in more or less dictates that developers must expand in order to survive, making Bioware’s decision to maintain the series’ Xbox 360 and PC exclusivity all the more intriguing and inspiring.


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Gamer Limit Review: MadWorld
By: | March 17th, 2009


Fans of any media are no stranger to violence. In Michael Haneke’s film Funny Games, visceral off screen violence and repeated breaking of the fourth wall comment on violence as a negative form of entertainment. Chuck Palahniuk’s book Haunted has a group of writers create violent situations by sabotaging food supplies, and each other, in an attempt to become more credible; thus stating that in media, more violence means more entertainment.

Does MadWorld join this overdramatization of violence? With over the top characters, violence, and graphical presentation Madworld makes the statement “violence is fun” successfully, but not perfectly.



One of the biggest mistakes that Sony’s gaming division ever made came at E3 in 2005. Intended to showcase both the power of the upcoming PlayStation 3 console and a title owners could be excited for, the now infamous Killzone “gameplay” trailer was met with extreme reactions at both ends of the spectrum, through many mediums. The resulting shockwaves have carried through the four years that have since past. Read more… »


If you believe what you read on most forums and mainstream game media, the Playstation Network is touted as the best model for online console gaming. The reasons are many – the marketplace is easy to navigate, the content is priced properly, there’s a wide open space to interact with other gamers, and so on. Most of these justifications are perfectly sound and completely valid. I’ve enjoyed dancing in a line in the middle of the PSN Home movie theater with the best of them.



Yesterday a new trailer came out for Batman Arkham Asylum showcasing the stealth elements of the game, surprisingly it doesn’t look too bad. Maybe it could be the game to redeem Batman?



The upcoming DLC for Call of Duty: World at War will be released this month on the 19th. This heavily anticipated DLC (also known as Map Pack 1) will include 3 new multiplayer maps; Nightfire, Station and Knee Deep. Also included is a new zombie mode map by the name of Verruckt. The pricing for this DLC is still unconfirmed at the moment. Read more… »

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Crash Commando Review
By: | March 9th, 2009


PSN games are some of the most unique, innovative and fun games I’ve played on a console. They are quite arguably the best games the PS3 has to offer. The next PSN game I was interested in was Crash Commando which reminded me of Soldat. There was no demo available for the game, so I had to take the risk of buying the it before trying it out. Was Crash Commando worth taking the risk? Read more… »


Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire,  Gimme that which I desire, Ooh! Tis Probably the best way to describe the upcoming over-top racer known as ‘Fuel’. Fuel is one of the few racers that has perked my interest in the last decade. Today over on GameTrailers a weather effects exclusive got released, and boy does it look awesome. Check it out below.



As we head into 2009, we already see some heavy hitters coming our way. With Killzone 2 closing in and Resident Evil 5 stirring up plenty of controversy, we certainly have our hands full for quarter 1. So to slow things down a bit, I took the time to assemble a list of what I feel to be the genre-pushing releases this generation. Enjoy!



PixelJunk has been very busy when it comes to developing games for the Playstation Network. All of their works are something completely unexpected. If you looked at PixelJunk Racers and expect it to be a straight racing game, you’d be mistaken: it’s actually a mini-game collection! The question is, “is it fun”? Read on to find out. Read more… »


The Japanese sandbox game is back, and it’s looking more awesome then ever in it’s latest trailer. Check out the lengthy trailer below which shows the massive amount of minigames that are included within Yakuza 3.



The Playstation 3 is a classy machine. Not only is it, arguably, the most powerful console on the market and a player of the coveted blu-ray disc, it’s also rather pricey. That last point basically indicates to the general public that it is a great piece of hardware and, if you have the money, you wouldn’t go far wrong with buying one. The trouble is, people aren’t exactly flush these days, and Sony could do well to learn from a company like Electronic Arts who know first-hand the effect that the unstable global economy can have on business. Read more… »