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THQ’s Red Faction: Guerrilla is set on Mars. Does this story really need any follow-up or addtional content of any kind following that statement? OK, well seeing as you’re still reading, you should know that the demo for this open-world, third-person adventure is now available to all PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE users.


sacred2ii20001Hack and slash RPGs and I have a long history together, from the oldest of consoles up until now games like Sacred 2: Fallen Angel have always been one of my favorites in all of the available genres.



Kotaku reports in the upcoming issue of Famitsu that Capcom has finally named the main character for Dead Rising 2.  His name will be echoed throughout the halls of history as he battles the “alleged” 6,000 on-screen zombies.

Hit the Jump to find out what it is. Read more… »

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Killzone 2 DLC adds trophies
By: | April 21st, 2009


The upcoming DLC pack for Killzone 2 will also include 12 brand new trophies to obtain; all of which are Bronze. The two Maps: Wasteland Bullet, and Vetka Cruiser will have 6 trophies each, pushing players to explore new tactics and to try out different class types to get them all. Hit the jump to check out the trophy list. Read more… »


Gaming in high definition provides the best possible picture and soundf quality and allows us to play the games they were meant to be played. The Final Fantasy series has had a long history of amazing prerendered cutscenes and equally as beautiful real time graphics.

With the wait until FFXIII launches we can’t help but think how good these graphics can get.  The folks over at intermezzo ran a series of comparison shots of the Japanese demo on high end HD TV’s and the good old family analogue. Read more… »

brutal_legend12I’m not sure what it is about this game. There has been a slow, but steady amount of excitement growing for Brutal Legend. Starring Black Jack, it almost seems as if you’re going to be rocking and rolling with cavemen? I don’t know. The hype wagon just took another steady leap in the right direction with an announcement of the release date.


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Tekken 6, new trailer
By: | April 21st, 2009


The Tekken fighting franchise can be considered one of the best, it’s up there with the likes of Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, although it’s always been in 3D. Tekken 6, a game already out in the arcades, is set to be unleashed on home consoles later this year. Recently a new trailer has emerged, and it’s here to ask you one question; What do you fight for? Read more… »


The highly anticipated game; Batman: Arkham Asylum has finally had a price set for the UK Collectors Edition. This package is by far one of the coolest in videogame history. Hit the jump to see what you get, and to check out the price. Read more… »


In a lot of gaming sequels there have been links to the previous games, past stories you would need to catch up on. Sometimes you can feel slightly lost, and unable to feel fully into the game if you haven’t played any of the previous instalments. Luckily Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not one of those games. Read more… »


They say it’s the little things that count, right? Well, anyway, Killzone 2 developer Guerilla Games appreciates the sentiment entirely and so appears to have been working long and hard on fixing those tiny niggles that can so often spoil an online multiplayer experience.

Patch 1.24, the second patch for their fledgling title, is designed to cure problems such as players finding handy sniping positions outside of the map and others not being rewarded post-game medals correctly. Plus, there will be new top-end rankings, known as “Hardcore ranks”… Hmmm, sounds like something I want need. Hit the jump for the list in full.



With E3 approaching fast, it would only be right for the big players to get the ball rolling and begin announcing what we can expect from their respective shows this year. And, in an official PlayStation blog posting, Sony have done just that by dropping in not one, not two… but six — count ‘em six — titles that they will definitely be showcasing at the beginning of June.



Is your old black sixaxis PS3 controller dusty and neglected?  Do you yearn to feel the rumble under your thumbs, but are tired of the dull stock color?  Sony is here to sweep you off your feet with a shiny new silver Dual Shock 3 controller. Read more… »