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While the idea of being able to demolish everything in one’s path is, undoubtedly, a tantalising prospect for an excitable gamer like myself, the way in which it is implemented within a game will always go a long way to either making or breaking the overall experience. THQ’s Red Faction: Guerrilla is a title that boasts such capabilities in abundance, but the question is: Can it travel beyond what is quickly becoming its main selling point? This demo, treating us to an entire mission’s worth of game play, gives us a fair idea as to what we can expect when the game releases in June.



We all waited for Capcom to finally announce the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for XBLA and the PSN.  Now that the wait is over, they have unveiled what the new MvsC2 is going to offer, and Sony’s official Playstation blog had a surprise up it’s sleeve.   PS3 owners in North America will be able to download the demo on April 30th, with UK owners given access shortly after.

That’s right, this Thursday you can finally curb that 2D fighting appetite.

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The intro movie to Killzone 2 is simply amazing the first time you watch it.  The charismatic speech from Emperor Visari booms through your television speakers as you feast your eyes on the glorious visuals of the game.  However, once you’ve seen the intro you’ll surely skip it every time following.  That is, unless you recently downloaded a update for the Killzone 2 which forces you to sit and watch it. Read more… »


A recent Bethesda press release reveals that Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke is set to voice the lead role in their upcoming military game, Rogue Warrior. Rourke’s tough-as-nails voice will be bringing Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko to life, the author and main character of the novel on which the game is based. Read more… »


Sony’s exclusive super-human sandbox title inFamous has been given a release date of May 29, having had its originally planned June release brought forward - a refreshing move, bucking the trend of most other AAA titles that have ever been produced.



Valkyria Chronicles is arguably one of the best and most overlooked games on the PlayStation 3. If you own a PS3 but don’t own Valkyria, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl as it’s one of the hidden gems the PS3 has to offer. Now if you’re like us who played and loved the game, then you were also excited when Sega announced all three Valkyria Chronicles DLC packs will be coming to the west.



Have you ever found yourself strolling around PlayStation Home, wondering where the one stop spot for all your athletic needs is?  Wonder no more, a recent EA press release informs that the “EA SPORTS Complex” is on its way to the PS3′s virtual neighborhood.  The area will allow gamers to enter game tournaments, check out trailers, and learn more about their favorite sports titles. Read more… »


Honestly? It’s just about like any other opening cinematic for a video game. It is designed to suck you into a new world, new story, and new gameplay. It is like every other game out there… until it crosses streams with the music.



It hasn’t been officially announced yet, however, earlier this morning was taking pre-orders for Guitar Hero: Van Halen.  It also had an ultra specific release date of July 28, 2009. However, this has since been taken down and replaced with the usual Guitar Hero titles.  What is that sneaky Activision up to this time?

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For PlayStation 3 owners not quite content at the prospect of swooping mysteriously around lampshades and elbowing goons in the face as the Caped Crusader in Batman: Arkham Asylum, perhaps the thought of controlling a certain somebody else may tickle your fancy? Either way, it can’t be bad that Eidos and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have today officially announced that you’ll be able to exclusively play as Batman’s arch-enemy The Joker in their upcoming third-person stealth/beat ‘em the hell up title.



The Final Fantasy XIII Demo released this month has fans of the series squealing for joy, however Motomu Toriyama (Director) has been talking about a number of improvements set for the final game. A list of said alterations has been given out to certain Japanese publications, and compiled by a fansite, then translated via 1UP. Check out the list inside. Read more… »


The downloadable 24-person battlefield experience from DICE is going to be shipping out for duty in June, although no specific date has been announced. Battlefield 1943 is set to use the same engine from Bad Company, and take you back to the earlier days of war.