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In the near future, Global Warming is causing natural disasters and widespread disease across the planet. After a comet hits nearby, you awaken to find the world you know has become infected by a mysterious virus that has sent the small town of Silver City into chaos.

As if government troops and horrific monsters weren’t enough to worry about, you soon realize you are among the infected. Your only chance of survival lies in a strange little girl and you’ll need to work together if you want to make it out of Silver City alive.

Sounds right up my alley. I’ll be looking forward to Amy‘s release on PSN later this summer. If you want to check Amy out, a video showcasing her impressively good looks awaits you after the break.

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The mastermind behind games like Killer 7, Flower Sun and Rain, and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is back and his latest game, Shadows of the Damned, is making its way to stores tomorrow. If you’re a fan of Suda 51, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, or Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, you’re probably already sold on this one.

If not, you can expect a review from Gamer Limit by the end of the week. In the meantime, check out the latest trailer that the boys at Grasshopper Manufacture and Electronic Arts have put together for Shadows of the Damned‘s release.


Ever since its first trailer released several months ago, Dead Island has been one of my most anticipated upcoming games. The sheer irony of a lush island paradise marred by walking human decay carries a rare yet growing appeal. Now the game is almost upon us.

At E3, Gamer Limit spent some quality time with the title, along with representatives from Techland and Deep Silver. After about 40 minutes poring over the nooks and crannies of the fictional island of Banoi, I must say that no other game captures the elements of survival and fear quite like Dead Island. It’s enough to make this my E3 top pick.


American McGee’s Alice was one of the most celebrated PC titles of all time. Not only did it introduce mature subject matter in a world of mostly senseless shooters, but it also helped define atmospheric platformers for years to come.

Fast forward to the present – Alice: Madness Returns, a follow-up released nearly 11 years later, is finally here. Read on to find out whether or not it measures up to the original. Read more… »

Cole Phelps is at it again – this time, with another DLC case. Taking him back to his earlier years as a traffic detective, with partner Stefan, A Slip of the Tongue will involve as much mystery, intrigue, and degeneration a traffic case can possibly involve (hint: not much).

While it’s nice to revisit Cole’s earlier career, A Slip of the Tongue lacks the “punch” to really justify itself as paid DLC. Read more… »

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E3: The complete rundown
By: | June 12th, 2011

Over the course of the next couple of days, Gamer Limit will be pounded with content from the Electronics Entertainment Expo. And in the interest of organization and your sanity, this post will act as a complete rundown of up-to-date content from E3. So hit that break and take in all of the news from the gaming nerd mecha that is E3. Read more… »

Licensed games rarely live up their source material. Too often publishers will rush out titles to coincide with the release of a major Hollywood blockbuster or give developers too little time and funding, relying on the power of name recognition alone to sell units, rather than quality gameplay. Luckily, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine bucks this trend.

Hit the jump for some hands-on impressions of what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting titles you’ll see on consoles this fall.


Join myself, Francisco, and Kyle as we run through everything at E3 from the press conferences, to hands-on and eyes-on impressions, to our thoughts of E3, and, of course, our personal game of the show. Sit back, relax, and take in the almost two hours of audio magic. Also, be sure to hit us up with your thoughts on E3 2011 in the comments section.

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Limited Look: InFamous 2
By: | June 11th, 2011


This week brought the release of the sequel to Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed title InFamous. While fans of the first most likely, without hesitation, have purchased InFamous 2, those who have their concerns should check out this limited look. Should you be one of the few that have yet to check out InFamous, be sure to take advantage of Sony’s Welcome Back program as it is easily one of the better deals in the short list of options you have there. Enjoy this limited look at InFamous 2 and expect the written and video review on Sunday or Monday.

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E3: SSX Impressions
By: | June 11th, 2011

The final thing I did before the Los Angeles Convention Center closed its doors and the ESA bid us adieu (until next year) was see EA’s latest installment in its extreme snowboarding franchise. Gamer Limit was whisked into a small dark room with a small group, sat down on a benches (made of snowboards!) for a look at the newest Snowboard Super Cross title.

Little did I know it at the time, but SSX was about to become my most anticipated title of 2012. Hit the jump to find out why.


Street Fighter X Tekken, one of the last frontiers of crossover fighting games, showed in full force at E3. The Capcom booth hosted 6 consoles and a big screen mainstage, complete with fighting sticks and long lines of eager gamers. The Capcom version of this double crossover, the demo featured familiar art style and gameplay from the latest installment of the Street Fighter franchise.

As expected, the biggest adjustment for fans of both titles has to be made when playing Tekken characters. However, it still promises an experience that is on track be one of the greatest crossovers yet.


With the solid addition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, the future of the Tiger Woods series was looking bright. The addition of focus was an innovative change that felt extremely refreshing and greatly changed the way players approached each and every shot. This year, we see the addition of the caddie and the Masters as its “selling point”.

That iconic green jacket is a dream for every PGA golfer out there and it is now your turn to walk this very road. But is the Masters event enough to take you away from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11? Is the caddie system as innovative as focus was last year? Well, these questions only raise more questions so follow that annoying, yet necessary break. Read more… »