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Lots of big news this week! Beyond Good and Evil HD has finally made its way to PSN. PlayStation Plus Members get access to the “free” Uncharted 3 Beta. Duke Nukem Forever is now available in demo form.  And there’s plenty of great PSP deals thanks to the new Dual-Pack deal.

Information on all this and more awaits you after the break.


Had enough Black Ops? Well too bad! A third map pack is finally upon us, and in record time.

With Treyarch’s third offering, we’re graced with an airplane hangar, a golf course estate, a drive-in movie theater, a military installation, and a jungle themed zombie level. Is this set of levels enough to make Anihilation worth the plunge? Read on to find out. Read more… »

Sucker Punch’s absurdly spelled PS3 exclusive inFamous hit store shelves back in 2009. While some gamers preferred Prototype, Activision’s superhero title that launched around the same time, for the most part it was agreed upon that inFamous was a fairly good game in its own right. Now here we are in 2011 and Sucker Punch has taken another swing at Cole “Lightning Man” McGrath’s story.

Have they hit a supercharged homerun, or do some of the same issues that kept the first game from being truly great rear their ugly, mutated heads?


The guys over at THQ and Volition put this short video together to showcase Saints Row: The Third‘s open-world sandbox gameplay. From what’s in this video and what we saw of the title back at E3,  it really seems like these developers know what people want from sandbox games: hilarious, over the top action.

While I’ve already made it clear that I’m not one for Grand Theft Auto and the like, I’m finding myself really excited for Saints Row: The Third  – even if that just means dicking around the city of Steelport.  If this awesome video has you as stoked for it as I am, remember to look out for Saint’s Row: The Third come November 15th.

By now, fans will know what to expect from a Suda 51 experience. This self proclaimed “punk rock” developer has become famous for abstract games that buck trends, break all the rules, and lay on heavy helpings of satire and adolescent humor. With Shadows of the Damned Grasshopper Manufacture takes that excellent existing culture and mixes things up considerably by combining forces with industry giant Electronic Arts, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

Shadows of the Damned follows leather-clad, Latino demon hunter, Garcia Hotspur, in his journey into the depths of Hell to rescue girlfriend Paula from the clutches of Fleming, Lord of the Demons. Good, now that you know the basics on this bizarre tale, join me after the break for the full review.


The development of Duke Nukem Forever has been anything but easy. The original development team, part of 3D Realms, had been working on the game since 1997, suffering budget cuts and staff reductions before eventually being disbanded in 2009. A handful of the original team continued working on the project, forming Triptych Games and with the assistance of both Gearbox Software and Piranha Games, the game finally reached completion. After so long in development it was inevitable that Duke Nukem Forever would have a tough time living up to fan expectations. The game needed to feel nostalgic and yet still bring the franchise into the 21st century; reminding players of their love for the Duke Nukem series, whilst introducing something new and fresh. In a very competitive FPS market, anything short of brilliance was going to disappoint, and unfortunately we received something unquestionably average. Continue reading for the full written and video reviews. Read more… »

The new Catherine trailer focuses on Vincent’s difficult romantic struggle. He must choose between a mature relationship for which he’s unready and an exciting fling with a younger woman. The choice is tearing him apart. While its a dilemma that’s challenged many men, Catherine is certainly breaking new ground for narrative in videogames.

If you’re really looking forward to Catherine‘s release, check out the “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition, which includes the soundtrack, an art book, boxers, t-shirt and pillow. I’ve been following Catherine for a long time, and can’t wait to get my hands on it, but I’ll pass on the special edition underwear. Luckily, the wait won’t be too much longer. Catherine will be available in stores on July 26th.

Killzone 3 receives its third DLC pack, From The Ashes, today. The map pack features two entirely new maps and two “re-imagined Killzone 2 ‘retro’ maps”. The new map pack will be available for a mere $4.99. However, if you’ve yet to splurge on map packs there’s a better deal in town.

Killzone 3‘s new DLC Bundle Pack includes the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack for just $9.99. While I’m not one to splurge on new maps for every shooter I play, this sounds like a fantastic deal. I may just have to take Sony and Guerrilla Games up on this offer.


Alien Zombie Megadeath, a new Killzone 3 map pack, three new PSP minis, a host of deals and bundles and more are now available via the PlayStation Network this week. The full details await you after the break.


Today EA Sports presented fans with a look at NCAA Football 12 during a one hour live stream which can be seen above. This year presentation is the biggest focus as team entrances are enhanced, dynamic exposure lighting is added, game tracks are provided which recap highlights of specific players, and much more. For those simulation gamers like myself, you can rest easy as both Road to Glory mode and Dynasty mode have seen some intriguing additions as well. All in all, NCAA Football 12 is looking to be a strong step in the right direction for the franchise.

Be sure to check out the demo on June 28th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 where you can engage in two matchups between Oregon @ Texas and Alabama @ Florida State. If that isn’t enough, sharing the demo with friends will unlock Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the full retail version of NCAA Football 12. And after seeing Virginia Tech’s Nike Pro Combat uniforms last year, you’d be crazy not to share the demo with friends.

Cole Phelps is back with his first ever Arson desk DLC, and this one’s a doozy. Unlike most of your cases, which are a slow build, this one literally starts off with a bang.

In the cold dead of morning, the Nicholson Electroplating plant explodes in a thunderous eruption of twisted metal: and it’s up to you to find out what happened.


Survival horror FPS is one of the only genres left in gaming that isn’t over-saturated. While there are plenty of tactical and arena shooters, horror is a mostly overlooked genre, headlined by very few titles such as the Bioshock and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series. Thankfully, F.3.A.R., gimmicky title and all, is here to help add to the scarce collection of first person horror.

So is the genre’s latest worth checking out, or are you better off just watching your favorite scary movie and calling it a night? Read on to find out.