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You won’t find Pauly Shore in this (bio)dome. Well, if you do, he won’t be as fun as he used to be. Deep Silver and Techland have released this screenshot and more to herald Dead Island Riptide, coming in less than 15 days.

Not all are focused on the scenery, as you will see.


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Review: Guacamelee
By: | April 9th, 2013

Most people are sold on a game the moment the phrase “Metroidvania” graces their ears. A tried and true formula, 2D open world games are still fully in demand, as it’s incredibly easy to screw them up, and they’re just as difficult to create.

But to simply call Guacamelee a Metroidvania and be done with it would be a disservice.

It’s a whole lot more than that . Read more… »

With PAX East behind us and GDC in full swing, it is understandable that Capcom be on a tear of announcements and new content. With a little hop from Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2, over DuckTales Remastered, and back into the realm of Umbrella Corp, they deliver unto us a brand new gameplay video for the Resident Evil Revelations console and PC port.

Rachel, the blonde, squirrely-voiced Federal Agent with luscious locks ever covering her eyes, gets all the attention as she shows off her skills in Raid Mode. A climactic and quasi metaphysical video it is, as she winds up coming face to face with … well, you’d just have to see.


At face value, God of War: Ascension is a wholly unnecessary game. To be blunt, it’s a prequel to a prequel, and doesn’t really offer up anything new for the franchise outside of the multiplayer component. In that regard, people who have grown tired of the God of War formula will find nothing to sway them here.

Everyone else however, will find a solid bit of entertainment ripping apart hundreds of virtual abominations.


If you’re a fan of JRPGs, you probably know what to expect from the genre — a sprawling open world map, a rich engrossing story, and colorful characters. Of course, the dark side of JRPGs tends to rear its ugly head as well — long hours of tedious level grinding, difficulty spikes, and superfluous, pointless content.

Roughly translated, “Ni No Kuni” means “The Another World.” But it had another meaning for me. Not only was I whisked away to the wondrous world inside of the game, but it actually brought me to a world of wonder within myself. It was enough wonder, in fact, to make me completely forget about the dark side, and embrace all of the light this game had to offer. Read more… »

After a seven year hiatus, Sly and the gang have finally returned in an all new HD release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, in the spirit of the franchise, has a sufficiently wacky setup: world renown loveable thief Sly Cooper, and his gang of misfits, have to travel through time to rescue his ancestors and stop an evil force from screwing with the space time continuum.

Does it sound like a Saturday morning cartoon plot? Yep, that’s Sly Cooper alright. Read more… »

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Got your blunderbusses ready? (That’s a gun in Borderlands 2, right?) Hope so because the third out of four planned DLC packs, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC today!

However, PS3 Borderlands 2 players in Europe and Oceania will have to wait until tomorrow to sally forth in search of big game.


Up until now, gameplay videos for Remember Me have sampled the unique ‘memory remixing’ mechanics, missions, and scripted events to be expected from Capcom and DONTNOD’s upcoming action adventure. The latest Kid Xmas trailer, however, is all about how the main character Nilin can kick some tail.

It’s time for the Christmas show! If we can steal the words of the boss highlighted in this video.


The new DmC Devil May Cry trailer has Dante stomping down the easiest streets that you can walk on. It also has him smacking a soda can out of an innocent, little girl’s hand.



Embark on the most epic of epic quests. Live out the tale of the fabled black knight and slay all manner of grotesque beasts. Tarry an evening with a mad, macabre, evil queen. This is Black Knight Sword.

For anyone familiar with the brand, this latest title from Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture will surely satisfy one’s appetite for blood and derangement. For the uninitiated, it can be put another way; to play this game properly, you must let go your grip of reality and let Black Knight Sword tug you slowly into madness. You’ll be glad you did.


The latest doomsayer “magic date” is tomorrow, 21 December 2012. Last time it was 22 August 2006. Oh, and remember the whole 1999 Y2K theory?

Ok, I’m not saying that the world won’t end tomorrow. I’m not saying that it will. What I’m saying is, if you were to bet one way or the other, what would be the odds? Deep Silver, the folks behind upcoming Dead Island Riptide, worked it out. We have the release date somewhere down there as well.


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Review: FIFA Soccer 13
By: | October 19th, 2012

One of the key elements of the FIFA series has always been iterative improvements. Taking the core gameplay elements and making tweaks to them – but always with realism in mind.

FIFA Soccer 13 is no different this year: but the series may be in need of something new and fresh in the coming years to keep an upgrade relevant. Read more… »