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After a brief hiatus, the Limitcast returns with a very special episode. Recorded live just moments after the conclusion of Gamer Limit’s Piece of Heart charity gaming marathon, this episode serves to recount the highlights from the event and ensure that a certain guy on guy lap dance is never forgotten.

Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, and Nick Simberg as they huddle around the microphone for a bit of in-the-flesh action, joined remotely by Paul ”Charlie bit me!” Clark.


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A few months back, it was suggested that Gamer Limit host a video game marathon for charity.  And why not?  It’d give us an excuse to hang out with other writers, stay up all night playing video games, and – best of all – raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Thus, Piece of Heart was concocted by the twisted minds behind the scenes of your favorite gaming website.  Other marathons had been attempted before (the Mario Marathon springs to mind), but this one was unique.  Two teams, one American and one Australian, race to complete the five main Ratchet & Clank games within a grueling 48-hour period.  The winner gets bragging rights and the ability to make the fallacious claim that we helped the children more by being better at video games.

Long story short, we made our goal and raised $1,005 dollars for Child’s Play.  But the actual marathon… now that was something else.  Follow me on a magical journey as I take you on one gamer’s Piece of Heart adventure.


PoHHeaderAs the last post mentioned, staff participation is all focused on the marathon at the moment, even those not playing are in the chat keeping the camp fires burning. Well, that and urging on any silliness, drunkenness and all over kinds of ness.

We have seen sleep deprivation turned into a challenge of who can stay awake longest; our very own Chase Cook has been on the receiving end of cake to the face, corndog to the face and a Nick Simberg to the…everywhere.

The score currently stands at Team America winning the first game, with the second and third being classed as a draw. At the moment of typing this Australia are winning the fourth game, but with James playing can they hold on to the lead?

We are hitting the home stretch now, so watch the Ratchet and Clank marathon here, tune in, get chatting and most importantly; donate.


Over the past five years, the Penny Arcade sponsored charity Child’s Play has raised over 5 million dollars in donations for sick kids in children’s hospitals throughout the world. This year, Gamer Limit has decided to lend their time, hands, and controllers to help this excellent cause through our Piece of Heart gaming marathon.

Starting at 5PM (CST) on December 4th, Gamer Limit staff members will convene at locations in both the United States and Australia for a 48 hour gaming marathon to help raise awareness and donations for Child’s Play.

Both locations will be hosting live video streams of both participants and game footage as they race each other through the majority of the Ratchet and Clank series. Tune in at any time during the event to root your team on, participate in contests, and even listen in during a live recording of the Limitcast.

The event begins in one week, so bookmark the official event site. Contests, live chat and live streaming of video and audio will all appear on the separate event page.

Hit the jump for information on pre-donation!